How to become an independent sales rep

How to Become an Independent Sales Rep

1. Two key questions. If you are interested in becoming an Independent Sales Representative, there are two key questions that you need to ask yourself:

a. Do I have the financial stability to go 2 – 3 months without receiving a commission check? When a principal is looking to outsource their sales functions, they are either looking to enter into other territories or need assistance to service and improve existing client relationships. Question 1 is of particular importance for a new and untapped market. The reality is that there is a sales cycle associated with all products which, most often, span weeks or even months. Principals will rarely pay commissions based on unfulfilled orders. Payment schedules can also typically range from COD up to Net 45 days. Including the time to make the first sale, delivery, payment to principal, and commission check mailed, it can be several months before you receive your first commission check.

b. What Industries Do I Have Experience In? Principals expect prior experience with a certain product range or industry type. This holds true in virtually all industries. To start out successfully, it is important for you to have contacts to make initial presentations. Principals may be willing to give you a line but without experience, it can take a significant amount of time to develop sales.

2. Start Your Business. As an independent rep, you should start your own business (LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, etc.). There are many advantages ranging from tax benefits to liability protection. It is suggested that you speak with an accountant to determine what the best option is for you. Most accountants or lawyers can help set up the business for you. There are also many online sites that can perform this function (depending on services provided, typical pricing ranges from $100 – $500). Example:

3. Business Plan. Rather than sending out a Resume, principals will be impressed if you have put together a business plan which will detail your goals and objectives. The best thing about being an Independent Sales Rep is that there are only two primary functions: Sales and Customer Service. The principal takes care of all other aspects which include manufacturing, research and development, quotations, invoicing, shipping, and quality control. The business plan doesn’t need to be long but should detail simple points such as:

a. Industries Covered

b. Territories Willing to Cover

c. Revenue Sources

d. Preferred market segment

e. Sales focus (OEM’s, end users, distributors, resellers, etc)

f. Product/Service focus

g. Organization structure – Will you be alone or do you plan on having employees?

h. Facilities
* Will you be a home-based business or will you have an office?
* Will the office have storage for consignment or warehousing?

i. Policies and Procedures

4. Finding Lines Available. With steps 1 – 3 behind you, your objective now is to find product lines. A few sources include:

a. Trade publications and trade web sites.

b. Trade Shows

c. at

5. Landing that Line. After you have identified several lines available, it is important to research the company and get a good understanding of their products and needs. Fundamental needs include the following:

a. Principals are looking for reps to help develop a relationship between themselves and the client. The basic focus is building strong relationships.

b. Principals want their reps to be professional and prepared. For new reps, a marketing plan can really be a big advantage.

c. Principals need to know that you will be giving their products time and that you are prepared to cover the required territory.

d. In the absence of an established revenue stream, principals need to know that you are financially stable. The last thing they want to do is spend time and money over several weeks to wind up having their rep drop them for financial reasons. By conveying your goals to meet these needs, you will stand a better chance of landing that line to represent.

6. The Sales Process We break down sales into two primary functions:

a. Getting Appointments. We consider the process of getting good face to face sales time with a new customer as 50 percent of the sales effort. For many businesses, the purchasing power can fall on one of several positions. In a manufacturing facility, for example, purchasing can be the responsibility of Purchasing, Maintenance, Engineering, Plant Managers, Store Room managers, Inventory Control, Office Managers, etc. One of the hardest things to do in a complex business environment is to get the right people to listen to your presentation.

b. The Sales Pitch. At the start, this is an area where the tools available to you become most valuable. For any new rep, the absolute best resource to help you become successful is to bring in your principal’s sales manager. While this method may not be practical for all cases, it should be considered where applicable. Long term, it will be your responsibility to perform sales presentations. For the first few months, however, the principals will be very happy if you can set up sales presentations which will maximize their time and efforts. It serves as an excellent method of training and will show your principal that you have the ability to get to the right people. Having your sales manager make some initial presentations will also help improve closing rates and shrink the overall sales cycle. The other advantage includes credibility.

7. Set up a web site. It’s easy and a great way to promote your new business.

8. Keep your new principals happy. The best way is to make sure they know you are actively promoting their products include:

a. Write Call Reports.

b. Get quotation requests.

c. Ask lots of questions.

d. Request travel time with your sales manager, if applicable.

Information on strapping machines

Information on Strapping Machines

Generally speaking, strapping tools and plastic or metal strapping bands are an industrial requirement and aren’t usually used in home settings. There are many home-based businesses that use these strapping machines from time to time in the packaging and shipping of their products, but the general homeowner would be better off using strong tape or twine for any sort of strapping of material around the home. Because of the size and material costs for strapping units and the strapping material itself, the homeowner wouldn’t get as much benefit out of having one of these bulky units around the home. Innovation and consumer demand will provide a smaller, cheaper and more cost-effective way to provide strapping operations in the home or home-based business, but at this time there doesn’t seem to be any real call for this form of portable, cost-effective strapping unit.

Steel strapping units are generally used in more industrial areas and businesses. Any sort of home strapping unit would most likely make use of the cheaper plastic strapping that is available. In this way the homeowner could package up whatever needed to be strapped easily and economically. As it stands now, there aren’t many ways for the homeowner to strap items together except for tape, twine or heavy cord. There are companies that specialize in the sale of oversized rubber bands that allow for many items to be wrapped together, but this isn’t really strapping them together in the strictest sense.

The strapping machines that use metal banding provide a very strong wrapping system but the straps themselves are sometimes sharp along the edges and if the strap gets banged up in transit, sometimes jagged edges can happen. This makes the handling of the steel strapping something that needs to be done with a lot of care. Some specialized training is required to properly use a strapping machine. If used by amateurs, the strapping can sometimes be bound on too loosely or not fastened off properly. Both of these mistakes can mean a dangerous package that may shift or completely topple over in transit.

There will most likely be a strapping machine that is meant to be used in and around the home or garage, but at this time it’s not generally available to the public. If enough business owners start to demand that a machine of this sort should be created, then you can be sure that one will quickly be made to fill that need. Right now however, there is just not enough use for a strapping machine to be in and around the home on a regular basis. There’s no sense having a machine around your home or garage that you rarely use, when a simple roll of duct tape or some heavy cord will do the trick just as well. When a strapping machine is brought to market that the homeowner can use cheaply and cost-effectively, you can be sure that others will also come out with the same sort of machine. Until that time, industrial strapping machines, whether using metal or plastic strapping, will be the choice of homeowners and businesses alike.

Is making income from home for you

Is Making Income From Home for You

When I get out of bed I earn a six figure income from home. Isn’t that a statement we all wish we could say and actually have it be true? Well the reality is that earning a living from home is not the fast and easy afternoon delight that many scam artists want to make you believe it is. Working at home is just as hard and sometimes even harder than working outside of the home. Making a good income from home is indeed possible but it is just as difficult as making a living outside of the home, and work from home brings with it a whole new set of challenges. It is not as stress free as some people seem to think.

The good news is that there are honest and legitimate jobs that you can do from home. Home based businesses have always been a choice one can make but most people want to just work and get a paycheck at the end of the week. This is indeed possible, you just have to make sure that you steer clear of the scams that are out there just waiting for a chance to take your money. There are many ways to accomplish this but the biggest way to weed out the scammers is to follow that old advice that your mother might have given you “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is”. Many work at home scam artists feed on the desperation that a lot of people have to make income from home. Many people want to work at home to give their children a better quality of life by having a parent home with them instead of shipping them out to a daycare. They feel that by doing work from home jobs they will have more time with their kids. That can sometimes work out and sometimes not.

One of the biggest challenges to making an income from home, aside from finding legitimate work, is time management. It is very easy to get sucked into working all the time when you do your work from home. If this happens then the whole reason for working from home has just become null and void. It takes a certain type of person who can manage their time and stick to it and you won’t really know if working from home is right for you until you give it a try. If you are spending all your time working because you cannot seem to get away from the work now that your office is in your home, then your quality of life and that of your family is going to suffer. Additionally when you are trying to make an income from home it is sometimes difficult to have other people take your work seriously. Family and friends can be sources of constant interruption because they cannot understand that you are indeed working and cannot socialize with them. This is the second biggest challenge of working at home and is something you need to fix as soon as possible if you want to keep working. Letting your family, friends, parents and whomever else intrudes on your work time know that you really have a job and need to be left alone at certain times is imperative to your success.

Ivybot review – ivybot scam

IvyBot Review – IvyBot Scam

A lot of talk has been going on about the new IvyBot Forex trading robot. Naturally, the most important question is whether the IvyBot is a scam or does it really work IvyBot Review.

This is an understandable question since there are a lot of useless Forex products out there which are hardly worth the price being charged for them. Is the IvyBot any different IvyBot Review.

What we’re looking for are results, and in this case, the results speak for themselves: IvyBot has been run on data since 2001 and to this day, over 8 years worth of testing data. In each year, it has never fallen below the 400% profit margin. These are highly impressive results and they make it clear that IvyBot does work.

Of course, there are times when the market goes wild and behaves in an unexpected manner. When this happens, it is hard for any robot to deliver continuous IvyBot Review profits. Needless to say, you will experience some losses with Ivybot from time to time. However, these losses are unlikely go on as what makes this robot special isn’t just the unique trading models on which it runs but how it is updated on a weekly basis by a team of professionals to ensure that it behaves as it should in current market conditions.

These weekly updates are the key to make this IvyBot Review robot perform as it should for a long period of time. As the market changes so does your main trading tool. If it’s a robot which isn’t updated, you may be in trouble, but if it’s updated as this robot is, then you will likely experience good results.

Ivybot has excellent reviews and testimonials so I am sure it will perform well. As it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee and is easy to test, you IvyBot Review have nothing to gain and all to lose.

Read a full insiders review here IvyBot review
Read a full insiders review here IvyBot scam
Read a full insiders review here IvyBot

Leather conference folders or e

Leather Conference Folders or E.Leather Conference Folders? The Facts and Figures

Leatherette could be a thing of the past once the amazing E.Leather fabric is more widely known throughout the Promotional Merchandise world. This article gives you all the facts you need to help you make a choice next time you are asked for Real Leather products.

1. Where does E.Leather come from?

E.Leather is a by-product of numerous manufacturing process where leather is used. The basic materils is extracted from excess trims of leather, split hides and leather shavings all of which were previouslyy discarded as general rubbish. An amazing 83% recycled leather content is created when these scraps of leather are intergrated with a textile core and most importantly no adhesives are used in the process.

2. Is the manufacturing process Environmentally Friendly?

The production process uses a state of the art Thermal Oxidiser that meets stringent EC regulations, this process recovers the solvents used as energy thereby reducing natural gas use by 50/70%. In addition the use of our air to air heat exchangers also recovers significant amounts of energy. Gas is used for drying heat which reduces CO2 emissions per KW by up to 50%. All the electric motors used in the process are low energy, high efficiency units and are rated at EFF1 where available. The resulting product is supplied on rolls which ensures minimal wastage with a very high cutting yield. Constant reviews of production processes are expected to shortly result in a closed loop recycling process.

3. How is E.Leather actually manufactured?

The shavings, trimmings and off cuts are collected and ground down to produce individual leather fibres. A strong textile core is laid between two webbed rolls- the top layer is formed of fibres from shavings and the bottom layer is formed of fibres from trimmings and hides. The leather fibre webs are interlinked with the textile core using the process of hydro-entanglement. This process excludes the use of any adhesives and helps in giving the fabric a natural feel. The fabric is then dyed and afterwards dried and colour coated.

4. What colours and Textures are available for E. Leather Conference Folders?

There is a standard stock range of colours that is wide enough to cater for 99% of all requirements however Pantone matching to corporate colours can be easily achieved subject to minimum quantities. Texture is very important with especially with leather and there will be different requirements depending upon the use that the E.Leather is put to. For example you are unlikely to want a very soft, light finish when making promotional drinks coasters whilst a fashion handbag would feel very uncomfortable manufactured from a firm unyielding finish. It is possible to create a number of different grain finished with this process which adds yet another dimension to this excellent fabric.

5. Give me some good reasons why E.Leather should be my preferred choice.Leather for my next order of Conference Folders

1. E.Leather is an Environmentally friendly product 2. The finish is totally consistent and has no marks or blemishes 3. Because it is made on rolls it is cost efficient in terms of cutting yield 4. It is very durable and has excellent fire retardant properties 5. E.Leather can be dyed to match any pantone colour. Designers can create endless variations of grain finish and colour 7. It’s easy to wipe surface makes cleaning it a simple task. The manufacturing process reduces is extremely Eco friendly 9. Manufacture is in the UK so minimising the associated Carbon Footprint 10. The fabric lends itself to numerous branding techniques

There is no doubt that E.Leather is here to stay and from an environmental point of view that is a very good thing. Buyers of Real Leather products should think seriously in future about making a preferred choice between both products. It’s not for me to make that choice for you but do please consider who you are buying these Leather Conference Folders for and what is their position in relation to the environment. If they are pro environment which they should be then by supplying them with an E.Leather product you will be demonstrating the fact that you are cognisant of their stance and are prepared to go out of your way to support it.

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