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How to get the most out of sales during the holidays

How to Get the Most out of Sales during the Holidays

The holidays are fast upon us and as work at home moms we know how it feels to have just one more thing to think about! Meant to be a time of excitement, joy, memories and fun, often the holidays drive the home based business mom over the edge and into the land of stress and craziness.

But you, Direct Sales Mom, have what many of those stressed out moms need this time of the year. You have the gift of GIFTS! Without having to battle the lines at Kohl’s or the mall, moms can email or call you and have their holiday shopping done without even leaving the house! By adding a little sparkle of “extra mile” to your already excellent customer service skills, you can help busy moms everywhere bring back the joy and fun this holiday season.

So, let’s talk about what you can do in your direct sales business to help these over the edge moms starting today!

** Give them a simple organization gift – Send out a blank wish list sheet to your customer mailing list. Offer it as a gift to new subscribers to your newsletter list too. This can be as simple as a chart with columns and rows for “Name” and “Gift” for them to keep track as they shop. It’s a nice gesture and could be just what an overwhelmed mom needs to help her get organized with this part of the season. You can create one yourself in word or excel, or search the web for some fancier templates. Just make sure it has your resource box on there, “Compliments of…” so they know who to call!

** Offer gift-wrapping and “delivered to their door” service for moms who purchase gifts from you. Yes, it might cost you a little more, but think of the help you’re giving to another mom and the potential for future business you’re generating by the sacrifice.

** Group your products into gift packages. Get creative here ladies. Take a good look throughout your catalog and create lovely packages of complimentary products at various price points. Do the thinking for your customers to take away one more layer of stress. Go beyond just suggesting and up selling and create packages with package pricing so all they have to do is call or email you and say, “I want 3 of that $15 package you mentioned on your email”. Offer the gift-wrapping above and include that in your package pricing to make it even easier for them.

** Provide gift certificate services so your customers can give your catalog and the certificate as a gift. Not only does this help your customer with her stress level, but it gives you the opportunity to win over a new customer as well.

** Most of all brainstorm about what would help YOU feel more relaxed about your holiday shopping this holiday season and then see how you can help other moms in the same way.

Make the most of your holiday selling season by reaching out and helping others. You’ll be glad you did!

How to get the best deals on brittany villas

How To Get The Best Deals On Brittany Villas

If you want to experience villa holidays you may be interested in booking Mallorca villas, Brittany villas or accommodations in one of many different exotic and relaxing locations. However, even though Brittany villas and Mallorca villas can be incredibly affordable when compared to resort or hotel accommodations, there are a few ways that you can make villa holidays more affordable.

One of the best ways that you can make villa holidays more affordable is by booking them through a reputable website. A good website will be able to offer you multiple choices in accommodations so that you can pick the one that fits your budget best. Because Brittany villas and Mallorca villas are both in popular tourist locations it should be possible to find amazing accommodations that have the amenities you need at affordable prices.

You may also want to think about when you are travelling. With Brittany villas and Mallorca villas, the weather is not as big a deal as it is with other locations but you still want to try and vacation when the weather is nicest. Unfortunately this may cause a couple of unexpected and unwanted effects. The first is that if you are travelling during a tourist high season, the prices of everything including Mallorca villas or Brittany villas may increase. The availability of villas may also be reduced and this may cause you to have to pick villas that are too small or which are breaking your budget.

However, if you make travel plans that fall near the high season but not directly in it, you may find that you can rent Mallorca villas or Brittany villas that are absolutely amazing but at a lower cost. This can also mean that you have the chance to pick from a wider selection of Mallorca villas and Brittany villas. If you shop around you also get the chance to pick the amenities that you want the most. This may include a specific number of bedrooms or bathrooms or even swimming pools. In fact, swimming pools are one of the top amenities that renters of Mallorca villas and Brittany villas look for.

You need to think about how many rooms you will be getting in the Mallorca villas and Brittany villas you will rent. It may seem tempting to try and save money by getting the minimum amount of space that you need however that decision may come back to haunt you. You need to make sure that there are rooms for all of your guests especially if you will be staying for any length of time. This will allow your guests to feel like they have their own space and this can keep tempers from flaring like they might if there is less room than you really need.

A good website can help you review different Mallorca villas and Brittany villas so that you can compare features and amenities. You want to make sure that you can get the best price on your villa rental so that you can sit back and relax without worrying about how much your vacation is costing you.

How do i search for someone's criminal history to check peoples past

How Do I Search For Someone's Criminal History To Check Peoples Past

It will be worth all your efforts when a person lookup for public police arrest records because the results that you’ll be getting from such task can be rather good to the individual. Such result may tell a person whether or not your partner is saying the truth. It will also help you will look at on the specifics about your potential babysitter, or perhaps do a criminal record check on a future employee. Whatever is your purpose in looking, everyone have to make sure that we choose the right provider that provides you with the precise information that you will need.

Although there are many so called “free” criminal criminal record check services, most of them deliver questionable information. Other times, these website pages exclusively appear to be zero cost, because they generally end up asking for your credit card. Many times people go to one of these internet pages, the individual put in a name and they give people one answer and if go to another web page they give the individual a completely different answer. Whereas we can see these totally free services cannot be trusted.

So, what are your options?

Anyone can use Google or Yahoo to retrieve the record. Many newspapers employ a police a fire section, which they publish via the internet and the search engines can dig up this data. Unfortunately, if the person you will are looking for has a rather common name, there might be 1000s of results so be prepared to put in long hours. For this reason, it would be helpful if the individual knew more facts about this individual, like their middle name, phone number, ssn, current address or birth date. To search the telephone number and the address somebody can visit on the net telephone directories. To seek their date of birth, everyone can investigate over the internet birthday directories. This method is time consuming, yet at least it’s free of cost.

An offline technique anyone can use is to visit the court belonging to the jurisdiction the person lives in and fill out an application requesting their record. It usually takes a few days after filling out the paperwork, to gain find out to this data. The problem with this technique is that you can’t make sure that this individual has invested in all his life in a certain place, so if she or he has committed a crime in a different state the individual will never know about it.

When you’ll investigation for those CA Police arrest records, anyone should trust just those internet websites who have gain access to to a huge data source of government, private, and criminal records so that researching will be quick plus you’ll purchase the most accurate result which is better as compared with what you can request from the government or any of those cost-free searches internet sites.

Therefore, researching for these public police arrest records in California by means of a fee-based service determines your privacy and safety when searching. You’ll completely be equipped with the vital information that that you need before hiring an applicant, trusting a business partner, or being involved in a relationship with a certain individual. That you also have to remember that a great investigation site charges nothing if the result of your search is zero.

How horse sense can save you money

How Horse Sense Can Save You Money

W.C. Fields:
“If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull.”

Doesn’t that seem to be the theme of a lot of pushy sales copy? One has to wonder, what’s in it for me?

Learn to use horse sense to make decisions. Here are the three horse sense rules to use, along with your common sense, to survive the avalanche of outrageous sales pitches, outright scams and abundant junk that’s out there.

Horse sense rule one

Here’s a couple of quotes that say it well:
W.C. Fields:
“Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people.”

Author Unknown:
“Horse sense is stable thinking”

We live at such a hurried pace, in the world of instant gratification and constant fear that opportunities will pass us by if we don’t pull out our credit card right now.

Whoa Nellie, let’s get back to some common sense.

Do you want to start an affiliate marketing business to support every crackpot offer you see?

Or would you like to get smart and pick and choose the best.

Evaluate before you buy, do your due diligence.

Read reviews, ask questions in forums, get educated and think before you buy.

Those $27, $47, $97 offers add up.

I speak from experience. The sales letters are designed to make you panic. They want you to act on impulse. All sales people are trained in these techniques and yet they are the easiest people to sell. We’re a goofy club.

I hope this article will help you rein in your impulses and get you started making common sense buying decisions.

Here’s the formula:
 Read the pitch, then read it again. What are they really offering?
 Read reviews, lots of reviews
 Contact one of the people who gives a testimonial. Check it out.
 Look for contact information. Do they give you a phone number, an email address or a fax number?
 If not, then buyer beware.
 Sleep on it.

I bought ebooks written by three of the big name gurus in early 2000.

But my franticness, my fear of missing out, caused me to look for something better, quicker, easier.

My fear of failure and my conceit caused me to go on a spending binge, buying lots of  get rich scams.

Will Rogers:
“Common sense ain’t common.”

I’ve come a full circle and repurchased those first three programs. Now I’m  making them the framework of my affiliate review business. Guess what, I’m finally profitable.

I wasted a lot of time and money frantically chasing get rich schemes, looking for an easier, softer way.

My horse sense kicked in; I’m currently a recovering get rich quicker addict.

I never buy without at least sleeping on the idea.

My credit cards are literally locked in a box. I have to get the key and open the box before I buy. That’s enough time to start my evaluation thinking.

“Reckless buying arouses the suspicion that much of the horse sense of the good old days was possessed by the horse.”

Horse sense rule two

Evaluate before you buy – don’t rush – sleep on it.

Do a Ben Franklin.
Make two columns, list the pros in column one and the cons in column two. One list will be longer then the other. This graphically clarifies your decision.
There are a lot of good programs out there. I’m simply  suggesting you use some good old-fashioned horse sense to pick the ones you buy.
 Evaluate – read reviews, check out forums, contact the people giving testimonials, contact us at a1 affiliate review.
 Compare – run google comparisons and reviews. Look at side by side comparisons.
 Read more reviews – Take time to read reviews and weigh the benefits.
 Follow through – wait two days, see if it’s still a worthy purchase.

Harriet Beecher Stowe:
“Common sense is the knack of seeing things as they are, and doing things as they ought to be done.”

Follow one plan at a time. 

Ask yourself, if I buy this, will it derail my work plan?

You do have a work plan for the day, week, month and year, don’t you?
 Evaluate – Look at your Ben Franklin.
 What did your google search turn up?
 I know it’s only $27 but 100 of those purchases equals $2700.
 Keep your credit card locked up, by the time you get the key you may have changed your mind.

W.C. Fields:
“A rich man is nothing but a poor man with money.”

Horse sense rule three

How many leaders can you follow? Find one you like and stick to their plan. After you complete it, try another one if you’re not making money. 

Don’t spend all your time chasing ideas and never creating your business.

You’ll find a pattern in all the information. Some gurus express it better then others.

  What’s their track record?
  Can you talk to them?
  Do they answer emails?
  Is there a contact fax or a  phone?
  Do they give you an address? Or are they incognito?
  Read Scam alerts
  Read forums
  Read Reviews
  Google them

Find a mentor that you can relate to and believe in. Get excited and follow their advice.

Dale Carnegie:
“Flaming enthusiasm, backed up by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success.”


Return to common old horse sense and build yourself a profitable business.

“There is just as much horse sense as ever, but the horses have most of it.”

So to sum it up:
  Slow Down
  Follow through

Dale Carnegie:
“ One reason why birds and horses are happy is because they are not trying to impress other birds and horses.”

Copyright © Wee Dilts 2009

How good is medical transcription as a career

How good is medical transcription as a career?

They are also keen on knowing whether entry into the profession is possible when they are still students, or whether they have to get their degrees to be part of the transcription profession.

There are several companies providing transcription services to international clients. Transcription services may be general transcription services, Medical transcription services, or legal transcription services. Because of the power of the Internet, the location of the service provider hardly matters these days and a person located anywhere in the world can accept a transcription job from an employer situated across the seas. Many of the service providers in this field are in eastern countries while most of the clients are in countries like USA and the UK. Basic knowledge of the language with good grammar and punctuation, and good listening skills are the more important qualifications needed for this job. As a part time work, it is ideal for those who do not have full time jobs, or are students, or have other time constraints as in the case of stay at home moms.

Medical transcription consists of listening to oral examination reports, medical history of patients, or diagnoses of diseases given by health professionals and doctors, and then transcribing them into written medical reports or administrative records. Medical transcriptionists generally listen to these recordings with a headset and go on typing the text into a word processor. Some editing of these verbal explanations will have to be done by the transcriptionist in so far as it is necessary for clarity. The transcribed material is returned to the concerned doctors for approval and signature. Medical transcription has been in existence from the 1960s and nowadays Voice Recognition System software is being increasingly used for transcribing the recording. This has made the job of a transcriptionist lighter.

Theoretically speaking, there is no special qualification needed to get a job in the field of Medical transcription. However, to accurately convert an oral medical report into a printed permanent record, a transcriptionist must have a reasonably good grasp of human anatomy and physiology, diagnostic procedures used in hospitals, abbreviations that doctors generally use, and medical jargon in general. An expert transcriptionist should also be able to detect any contradictory piece of information that an oral recording might have, and countercheck and verify the fact with the concerned official.

There are Medical transcription training centers in some hospitals, and there are online courses, or distance learning courses, that train people in the requirements of Medical transcription and give certificates at the end of it. Some companies insist on particular eligibility requirements for their employees, while others employ people who can manage to transcribe irrespective of the certificates they have. Besides understanding the fundamentals of medical science and pharmacology, a transcriptionist should also learn to use a transcriber and use the foot pedal to stop and repeat in between when necessary. These skills can be acquired with some efforts, and Medical transcription will provide a satisfactory career for you.

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