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How to deal with a boss having a toxic attitude

How to Deal with a boss having a toxic attitude?

Toxic attitude boss is very dangerous for employee. A boss with a toxic attitude creates a aggressive environment in the workplace and is the curse of those who must contend with such employers on a daily basis. Toxic bosses prevent staff doing their jobs and prevent employees fulfilling their duties.

They thrive in a toxic work environment. Unpredictable moods, conflicting demands, inconsistent orders, random decision-making, inability to plan strategically, inability and unwillingness to communicate and co-operate, obstructive  the list goes on. Here you can get the information about how to deal with boss having a toxic attitude.

Dealing with a toxic boss is in no way easy. While sometimes you may be able to grin and bear it, at other times you may want to shout. When you are going to deal with toxic boss, at that time you need to prepare mentally.

First select a day and time where your boss will not be rushed for time or have meetings most of the day. You want the meeting to be as relaxed as possible. Put your best smile on and request to meet with your boss.

Concentrate on your job and not on them. Keep your relationship strictly professional. Many people are afraid to confront a toxic boss and this is probably the best thing you can do. However, it takes courage to confront someone who has power. The first thing to do is to ask for a meeting with the boss when you know they will be in the office and free of interruptions.

Do the best possible job that you can. If you’re doing your best and they still aren’t satisfied, then perhaps a change is warranted; due to their lack of appreciation or your proficiency level for the job.

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Instant fx profits new announcement

Instant Fx Profits New Announcement

I must update you on this very important announcement made by our Sage of Forex Trading, Mr. Kishore M.

Yesterday, I received an email from Mr. Kishore M about the worldwide launch of his Instant FX Profits online coaching course on 3rd April 2010, 0:01am Eastern Time Zone.

This much anticipated & highly acclaimed Instant FX Profits online coaching course is finally coming to us soon. His official website for this global launch has started with a time clock COUNTING DOWN now >>

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In Mr. Kishore M’s email, he told that he has condensed his over-a-decade forex trading experience, intensive seminar contents, and all time-tested & proven forex profit strategies into this Instant FX Profits online coaching course. To live up to his high standard for this 2010 global launch, he makes sure every single bit of his knowledge, skills & experience for more than 10 years are included inside this coaching course.

Despite remarkable achievements he gained in January 2009 global launch, he & his team never get complacent with this achievement &continue to improve the content, quality & values inside the online coaching course. New powerful & updated forex trading strategies are added also. Instant FX Profits online course is deemed to be the best Forex Trading course in the world.

AND it is the world’s ONLY forex trading course that is CERTIFIED by a tertiary institution, Metropolitan Business School of United Kingdom (MBS). It is NOT an academic course on theory. It is a coaching course that Mr. Kishore M shows you step by step how to profit from LIVE forex market using his proprietary trading strategies.

Remember the exact date & exact time of his launch: 3rd April 2010, 00:01am Eastern Time Zone.

Be patient, his official launch website is still counting down >>
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Here’s 10 HIGHLIGHTS of Instant FX Profits online coaching course:

#1. You get to learn 10 proven forex profit strategies in step-by-step videos, includes propriety trending strategy which are highly guarded in the investment industry.

Main profit strategies include:
~ Instant Pip Profit Strategy
Note: a student made more than 1000% profits using this strategy

~ 100% Accuracy Profit Strategy
Note: 100% winning trades for a specific currency pair each month

~ Non Farm Payroll Profit Strategy
Note: To profit from monthly statistic of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

~ Pip Breakout Explosive Profit Strategy
Note: 350% profits within half a day

~ Pip Maximizer Strategy

~ Pip Divergence Strategy

~ Pip Retracement Strategy

#2. The trading strategies inside are tested and proven over a decade of Kishore’s trading & training experience in forex. To him, complacency is not an option. The lifetime membership area is ever improving with strategy updates & addition of new contents.

#3. Instant FX Profits online course is 2-3 times less than actual cost of live workshop. It is cheaper, more convenient and you learn everything at your own pace.
Mr. Kishore M is now giving a chance to let anyone access his complete trading materials & more than 20 hours of trading strategy videos. During this global launch 2010, he is giving out 5 figure-worth of bonuses if they were to purchase separately.

#4. No other training materials needed with this jam-packed training course.
Do you know that most forex trading courses require you to buy their “upsells” in order to learn more? On the front, they give you a low price but at the backend, they will upsell you on the basis that the previous course is not complete.
You do NOT need to buy anything else with Instant FX Profits online course. It is complete, progressive and has hand-guiding session. It has all you need to become a profitable trader. No more confusion as all training materials and strategies align themselves together.

#5. Instant FX Profits course is the world’s only forex online coaching course which is certified by a tertiary institution, Metropolitan Business School of United Kingdom (MBS).

#6. Lifetime updates to all materials through membership area. You will get constant updates from Kishore on his trading systems,strategies and other news. In fact, Kishore started with less than a few strategies and have increased them to 10 now. They are meant
for you to make profits from various types of timeframes and market conditions.

#7. Any age group or background can pick up the training materials to make money. Do you agree that trading becomes profitable when it is simple and systematic to execute? This is the objective that Instant FX Profits online coaching course has adopted. They are the reasons why students like retirees and senior elderly are making good money in the market. If they can do it, so can you!

#8. Free charting website for you with all the setup parameters that Kishore personally uses To trade profitably with someone’s trading system, it is the best if we follow exactly what he does. You get free access to his charting website with all his setups. You will get the exact entry and exit points from those setups. No more trading dilemmas from human interpretation. Its either you take the trade or not.

#9. Access to Daily Alerts for one year to help traders to trade confidently. This component alone is worth at least 2x of the course price.
Don’t believe? Check around reputable forex websites that provides trading signal services. They easily charge from $199 to $399 per month. And you are getting this service from a master trader, Kishore M, free for 1 year. Moreover, reading the Daily FX Alerts help you understand how Kishore trades. You become more confident when you realize how simple and profitable trading is with his trading strategies.

#10. Lifetime chat support & email support. When you become a member of Instant FX Profits, you become their lifetime member. Most forex websites only recognized you as Current-Paid or Non-Paid member. You don’t get access to their websites materials after you stop paying. That is the cold truth.

I know you can not wait to have his official launch website being LIVE. I know because I feel the same. However, we can only check out the website again sharply on 3 April 2010, 00:01am Eastern Time Zone >>

==> Visit Official Instant FX Profits Website

According to Mr. Kishore M, all the details will be revealed on his official launch website on the launching date.

According to Mr. Kishore M, there are highly exclusive bonuses included only for this coming launch. The bad news is that ONLY first 196 fast action takers are entitled to it. More info on this will be released.

In an email to the people on your list

In an Email to the People on Your List

Q: I’ve heard you say on a teleseminar “Find what your market wants to know and how they want it delivered.” My question is how do I do that, especially if I am on a shoe string budget?

Great question and I’ve got great news. You do not have to spend much at all to find out what your list wants. In fact my favorite method is perfect for the shoe string budget.

Just 2 questions

There are two questions to ask the people on your list. You do not have to conduct some fancy kind of campaign in order to do this – all you need to do is ask in an email to the people on your list.

If you ask these two questions, for more detail go to: and take action on the answers, you will set yourself apart from 90-95% of the marketers out there.

In an email to the people on your list, you want to ask:

1. What is your biggest challenge? What do you find the most difficult? What keeps you up at night? What is keeping you from achieving the success you desire?

These are all really the same question asked in different ways. Don’t assume you know, ask.

Very few of the marketers on the internet, even if the ask the first question, ever ask the second question.

After you have the answer(s) to the first question, then ask:

2. How would you most like the information and solutions delivered to you?

Give them some options. If in text, do they want it in a traditional book, and ebook, an article, etc? If in audio, do they want it on a teleseminar, an audio CD, a downloadable mp3, etc?

You get the picture.

Answer and take action on the answers to these two questions and you will be on your way. Internet marketing or not, for more detail go to: business involves some level of interaction between the business and its customers. You can be talking about how two things are connected, or a romantic or personal relationship where there is much more involved. These relationships bear a certain depth, which is important for effective Internet marketing, too. These are the ones that are getting hits repeatedly. These are the ones that are getting repeatedly read. And the more articles you can create that are generating hits, the better it are for your list building exercise. Another method of generating traffic is to advertise in e-zones. This might cost you a few dollars, but when visitors come to you from this source, they are already subscribers, and they are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

How to succeed as a conscious entrepreneur

How To Succeed As A Conscious Entrepreneur

Copyright (c) 2009 Christine Kloser If there’s one thing you and I should know about success, it’s that it doesn’t happen alone. I once heard Loral Langemeier say “There’s no such thing as a self-made millionaire.” She’s absolutely right. There isn’t. There couldn’t be. Ask any person who has hit six or seven figures in their business and they’ll all tell you they didn’t do it alone. I know this is true for me. When I got really serious about being a successful and conscious business owner (about 3 years ago), I set out on a mission to learn from those who had already achieved what I wanted to achieve… success with a purpose. I became extremely curious about how other people did this because I wanted to learn from them, model them and implement what they taught me in my own life and business. This journey led me to interviewing dozens of highly successful conscious entrepreneurs, each of whom gave me nuggets of wisdom that deeply affected my life. My mission for this article series is to share these nuggets of wisdom with you in hopes they will help you reach your goals and dreams. Insight #1: “Business Is Your Highest Spiritual Understanding Demonstrated” Wisdom From: Neale Donald Walsch, Author of Conversations with God I remember the moment vividly. I was conducting an interview with Neale Donald Walsch with a hundred listeners on the line… and I began to cry. I had basically gone through all of my interview questions for Neale and still had 15 minutes left in the interview. So, I asked him, “Is there anything else you’d like to share on this topic?” (Praying he’d say something to fill the next 15 minutes of time.) It was then that he told me, and everyone listening, “business is your highest spiritual understanding demonstrated.” This was the moment everything changed for me. It was the first moment I “got” that business and spirituality are not mutually exclusive. Up until that moment, I had hoped, imagined, dreamed and envisioned that I could be a deeply spiritual person in my life and have a profitable, purposeful business based on spiritual principles. When Neale shared this statement with me, my hopes and dreams turned into KNOWING. That is what made me cry. I finally knew it was possible, and I wasn’t crazy for thinking Spirit and business belonged together. Something To Think About: What would be possible for you if you allowed your highest spiritual understandings to be demonstrated through your business? Insight #2: “Just Believe” Wisdom From: David Neagle, Creator of Experience the Reality of Success Before learning from David Neagle, I honestly felt that a six-figure business was the biggest business I could imagine for myself. Even though I considered myself a “big thinker”… I was still thinking small. (And, I believed I had to do all the hard work required of a big business owner.) David helped me realize that nothing could be further from the truth; that if I simply believed that a bigger dream was possible for me, the details would be revealed. And, that’s exactly what happened. It was David who first truly helped me understand the power of my mind to create my reality. I had always known this was true but doubt kept creeping in… or if I’m being 100% honest here, doubt used to whack me on the head on a regular basis. When you believe (not only in yourself, but in the power of the Universe) things begin to unfold. I know this sounds simple; it is. But, it’s not necessarily easy (especially when what appears to be “reality” is telling you to run and hide). But, the journey of believing is worth it, and it can change everything. Something To Think About: What old belief do you want to let go of (one that no longer serves you)? What positive new belief would you like to replace it with? I feel so blessed that 3 years ago I began to learn directly from the dozens of mentors and experts I’ve interviewed. It’s their wisdom that continues to help me stay focused and calm when things get tough.

How do you know if your ads are working

How Do You Know if Your Ads Are Working?

In order to create the most effective ad for your business, you will need to test different versions of your copy and track the effectiveness of where you advertise. Experiment by changing the copy, tweaking the looks, rearranging the layout and testing where you place your ad.

Changing The Copy

Try several different headings for your ad. Just a one word change may have a significant effect on the response rate. Test different versions of your copy to find the most effective wording.

Tweaking The Looks

Change the font style, font sizes, and font colors. Emphasize important words and phrases by placing them in italics, making them bold, changing their color, and highlighting them. Add a border, a different border color and/ or a different border style. Try different combinations of these and find out which combination works best.

Rearranging The Layout

Rearrange the components of your ad to see if it affects the response rate. Add a short testimonial or two to see if that has any effect. Try adding more than one call to action link.

Testing The Placement

Track and test the response rate for your ad. An ad in one
e-zine may result in 100 clicks while an ad in another may only result in 50. You will want to know where you get the best response for your advertising dollars.

You will want to track your ads for these four reasons:

1. To save money.

If you know where you get the best response from, you won’t waste money by advertising on places where you get a poor return.

2. To maximize your profit.

While advertising on one place may bring you a better response than advertising on another, you need to take into account the cost of each ad. If you get 200 responses from one advertising source but each response costs you $4.00, it may be better to advertise on a place where you get 100 responses that only cost $1.00 each.

3. To improve your ads.

By testing different versions of your ad, you will find the most effective one. To obtain a true test of a particular ad, you will need to know how may people were shown your ad, how many people acted on your ad, and the result of that action. (For example, your ad was shown to 1000 people of which 100 clicked on your ad link and 2 bought your product.)

4. To find out what works and what doesn’t.

You will want to know what components of your ad work and which don’t. You can only find this out by tracking different versions of your ad.

While knowing how many people click on your ad and how many sales you make is important, you will want to know how much each click and sale actually costs you. In order to maximize your Return On Investment (ROI) you should monitor the following:

1. How many unique visitors each ad or promotion generates.

2. The number of sales each ad or promotion generates.

3. Which ad or promotion generates the most traffic to your website.

4. The Cost Per Click and Cost Per Sale of each ad or promotion.

5. The Click to Sales Ratio which will show you the quality of the traffic you’re getting.

6. The ROI for each ad or promotion.

You will also want to track where your traffic is coming from. You may get traffic from an e-zine ad, from a forum post and from a banner ad. One of these sources may bring you a significant amount of traffic while another brings you little or no traffic at all. By tracking every ad and promotion you place, you will find out where to direct your advertising efforts, thereby saving you both time and money.

Only about 1 of your competitors. At the same time, you will boost your bottom line as you will no longer be wasting money on useless advertising.

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