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How to improve your business using simple techniques

How to improve your business using simple techniques?

The best way to improve your business is to keep your customers happy. You can do this by providing the best quality products and services at competitive rates. Be sure to provide good, courteous and helpful customer service or people will be put off and stop visiting your store. There are some simple and cost free methods to please the customers and draw them to your store time and again.

Know each customer by name

If you look at your old customer as if he is a first time visitor, he may not feel pleased. It will please him much more if instead of saying: “What can I do for you?” you say:  “Hi, John, what can I do for you?” You can establish a kind of personal rapport with your customer if you address him by his name. It flatters him and makes him feel important that you know him by his name.

Send them handwritten messages

It is quite common for big businesses to send formal printed greetings on important occasions like Christmas and New Year Eve. The customers just have a cursory look at the messages and throw them in the waste paper basket. What if a customer receives your hand written message of greeting you on his birth day!  Sending handwritten messages is time consuming, but their impact on the customers can be very deep.

Send them useful and interesting information

Quite often we find a piece of information or a tip that is both useful and interesting.  It may be about how to reduce high blood pressure naturally without using medicines, or, some other similar type of useful information. Have it photocopied and send it to your customer along with your hand written message. Your customer will really appreciate it.

Introduce them to someone you know

You often know some one who is good Samaritan. Or, one of your friends is president of a social service organization who can prove to be really helpful to your customer. Introduce your friend to your customer and tell him how he can benefit by being a member of that organization. These small acts do not cost you anything except your time, but earn you lots of good will from your customers. Your customers are bound to spread a word about you to their friends and acquaintances. Personal recommendations are more convincing and bring in lots of customers.

How to find the perfect cell phone

How To Find The Perfect Cell Phone

You and your new cell phone are about to become attached at the hip. But how do you know you’re entering into a good relationship, or one that will cause you endless frustration? The key to a great cell phone “love affair” is knowing how to find your perfect match. Tips for Finding the Perfect Cell Phone Know all the latest features. People who are unhappy with their cell phone generally fall into one of two categories: they either have a cell phone without enough features to keep them happy, or they own a phone with an overwhelming numbers of features – most of which they will never use. To strike a balance – and purchase the perfect phone it is best to write down everything you want in terms of features and then set out to find the phone that most closely matches that list. Make sure it matches your lifestyle. Every cell phone is different. Some are built tough – while enjoy a sleeker but less durable look. If you’re the kind of person who takes their phone out to the job site, or is always shoving it in your back pocket or the bottom of your purse, then get a phone with a flip cover or a tough exterior. For everyone else, who treats their phones like rare Faberge eggs, you can go for a modern design that’s more form than function. Find the right provider. Your relationship with your cell phone provider is going to last a good long time, so there are some questions you should have answered before you sign on the dotted line of any agreements. Ask your friends and neighbors about the quality of cell phone reception in your area. Find out if the copy offers roll-over minutes – or charges extra when you go over your monthly allotment. Finally, work with a company that will allow to upgrade your phone without picking your pocket. The technology is going to change in the years you are with your carrier, and you want to be able to change right along with it. How “smart” should you be? Smart phones from Blackberry, Apple, Palm and other major companies are all the rage right now. Millions of people have become addicted to their multi-use capabilities that include email, web browsing and even GPS. But do you need all this power? Data fees can add up fast so you don’t want to make the investment unless it is going to be more just another adult toy in your collection. If you use email for business, or are always traveling, then a Smart Phone might be a great investment. For the rest of us, there are plenty of cool, feature-rich traditional cell phones on the market. If you want to be cool, then be cool. Finally, there is no denying that most of us think of our cell phone as an accessory not unlike a sweet leather jacket or a designer purse. For those of us who want great looks from our cell phone, the current market does not disappoint. If you want a cell phone that is the height of modern design, search the current market – it will not disappoint.

Is a cleaning business the right business for you

Is a Cleaning Business the Right Business for You?

The needed qualifications depend, of course on what type of cleaning service you decide to start. But remember that for any type of service business, you need a determination to make the business a success, the willingness to please the customer and of course the dedication to provide a thorough cleaning job.


Another vital requirement for both the owner and the employees of any type of cleaning service is honesty. This is very important as it forms the basis for trust between the client and the service provider. Remember that you will be working in other people’s homes and therefore your clients should be able to leave their homes in “your hands” without any problem at all.

Types of Cleaning Business

A maid service is the simplest form of business in terms of necessary cleaning skills. Others like carpet cleaning businesses, Janitorial services and other niche cleaning operations usually requires the use of specialized equipment and cleaning solutions. A maid service usually caters to the residential market while a janitorial service caters to the commercial market. Starting a janitorial service will require additional research on your target market and in hiring specialized staff from the outset itself.

Administration –managing the business

Besides carrying out the work, it is also important to have some basic business skills for a cleaning service operator. This means understanding the administrative requirements of running a company, managing time efficiently and building relationships with employees and customers. Initially you may start off by yourself and by hiring some part-time employees. As you expand, it will be necessary to hire specialist staff for specific roles such as an Accountant, marketing executives and customer service representatives.

Another very important consideration before you actually start your cleaning business is making sure that this kind of work is right for you. Physically you need to be in good shape. Cleaning is pretty hard work. Good customer relation skills along with basic office and accounting skills are needed.

Make sure you research all aspects of the cleaning service business: Customer service, advertising, taxes, employees, insurance and bonding, pricing and how to do a professional job. Cleaning professionally and simply cleaning your own home is entirely different. It will take time in order to learn how to do a professional job. A client expects to find their home spotless when they pay for your services.

How to unblock a toilet

How to Unblock a Toilet

The toilets occasionally get blocked. If the toilet is slow in going down or is not flushing at all means that your toilet is blocked. Blocked toilets are dreadful, and most inconvenient. The worst part is its smelly and whole of your house starts stinking. Definitely blocked toilet is a very unpleasant site.

But to get rid off all the mess, you need to unblock the toilet. The blocking mostly occurs due to some strange objects in the pipe or due to the use of hundreds of toilet paper. Sometimes though it may be sewer system blockage. Here are simple DIY tips that will assist you in one of the most unpleasant jobs.

The tools that you will require are a pair of thick rubber gloves, Plunger, clearing rods, bucket, auger, some kitchen towels, etc.

The first thing is spread some kitchen sheets around the toilet. This is just in case if water flows out while unblocking the toilet. The next step is to check the water level. If the water level is too high then remove the water using a jug or via siphon using a hoarse.

Then, the next step is the use plunger. The plunger is the key tool to unblock the toilet. You should use the plunger with the right technique. Press it hard and pull it out slowly. Repeat the process till you hear water flowing. This is the indication that the blockage is removed. Continue the process to remove the blockage completely and flush the toilet.

If this method does not solve your problem use other DIY tools, like the toilet auger or plumbing snake to remove the blockage. Use a disinfectant after removing the blockage.

If using these methods does not work, then probably you have a serious problem. It could be a blocked public or private sewer. To find the exact problem you will need an expert. Immediately call your plumber, find out the root cause and it fixed.

Is it possible to balance money with ethics

Is it Possible to balance Money with Ethics

If you thought ethics and money can never go hand in hand, think again. With terms like sustainable food and ethical consumption gaining worldwide attention, millions of investors across the world are making investment decisions that will reflect their values. They are supporting business organizations that have been able to strike a balance between profit making and social responsibility. The fact that the financial bottom line is no more the sole criteria to measure the success of investment decisions, the concept of ethical investment has gained tremendous popularity in the last few years.

Ethical investment has resulted in a “triple bottom line” under which economic, social and environmental consequences are taken into serious consideration in the process of investment. Sustainable investment is all about knowing what your money is doing. It goes beyond the sole objective of expecting a reasonable return on the money being invested.

Religious organizations making moral based investment is a thing of the past.  Sustainable investment may have reached the common investor after a long time but it seems this concept is now here to stay. Number of individual stocks and collective funds are available out there for people who want to invest with a conscience. However, experts recommend investors to determine their attitude to risk before putting money into companies with high risk factor such as renewable energy. Every ethical fund has different goals and policies and it is essential to conduct a research and choose the one which meets your requirements.

Environmental and government laws target business activities that are exploiting and polluting natural resources but what about the mutual funds, pension plans and banks that are providing finance to such companies? Integrating ethics and investment together is not as hard as projected by many companies. Its time investors realize the impact of funding businesses that are adding up to climate change and carbon footprint. Worse might follow if financial institutions fail to exercise any reforms in saving the economy from the climate crisis. More investment needs to be directed towards good work and making a positive difference to the environment and communities.

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