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Leadership speaking: the software of your employees

Leadership Speaking: The Software of Your Employees

As a professional leadership speaker, I am firmly of the belief that motivation is the ‘programming language of the soul’. Professionals like myself can improve the lives of employees, and thus the bottom lines of businesses, using worships and keynote presentations. In today’s ultracompetitive business environment, with the added stress of the economic state, keeping your employees motivated and optimistic is more important than ever. Anything done in a business environment requires multiple interactions between various people and groups, and all of those interactions have motivational implications. Each time you communicate with a superior or subordinate, you convey your mood to them, and that mood will affect their own, whether either of you realize it or not. Getting the attitude in the workplace aligned correctly causes a mutually-supporting environment where each interaction reinforces the positive attitude of each person by exposing him to the positive attitude of the other. In this way, a single well-performed motivational exercise can have a profound and long-lasting impact on a company. Make no mistake – motivation, and motivational speaking, are complex and sometimes ambiguous subjects that are as much art as science. That said, it is a strong tactic for managers and companies as whole entities to have motivational speakers come and present to them. New managers, or managers who have not studied motivation, will benefit from a motivational speaker not just in terms of being motivated themselves, but also an exercise in learning how to motivate their subordinates. It’s rare that modern managers stop and consider how we interact with others, and the impact that others have on our behavior and values. Some mangers have an appearance of success, but are despised by many, and cost the company dearly in terms of morale. Having a leadership speaker come and present may not only help those who the unfortunate manager has harmed, but also show that manager how his attitude has hurt his company by convincing him to examine his interactions with his coworkers. Motivating people is serious work, with influences from the psychological and environmental to the spiritual and physiological. The factors that count in to an individual’s motivation vary from individual to individual and indeed from hour to hour. Only a trained professional motivation leader has the knowledge to use the ‘programming language of the soul’ to acquire the desired effect — a harmonious, effective workplace that will maintain its own upbeat efficiency for months to come. John Hersey is a successful business owner, published author and motivational leadership speaker. John writes one of the most recognized leadership blogs in the business world:

Iuid: the enhanced item traceability program

IUID: The Enhanced Item Traceability Program

The Unique identification (UID) program was launched by the Department of Defense in 2003 to simplify the item tracking process under the DoD. The UID program is associated with tracking, personal property, Government property and property under the possession of the contractors. IUID or the item unique identification program is a subset of UID and it aims at the personal property of the DoD. The prime goal of the IUID is to enhance the item management and tracking of the delivered items to the DoD by marking unique item identifier.

The IUID program ensures that the items are marked with globally unique identification. The UII, according to DoD, is “identifies an item with a set of data that is globally unique and unambiguous.” All the goods delivered to the DoD should be marked with UII by the contractors. The UII is a set of data that is encoded into 2D data matrix barcode symbols. The MIL-STD-130 has provided the instructions for the data and the manufacture of UID nameplates. The contractors are required to follow the instructions and construct the UID nameplates so that they meet the standard and the requirements.

IUID marking methodology is a business critical operation and the DoD contractors need to know it’s basic so as to get their UID marked items accepted by the UID Registry.  In fact, the suppliers should understand the IUID marking program that enhances item traceability, asset visibility, and lifecycle item management and accountability. If the service provider of UII marking understands the capabilities of different marking methods, it is not too difficult or expensive to achieve IUID program compliance. The DoD only requires a permanent marking solution to the items with the help of the contractors.

2D Data Matrix Marking

While developing the IUID marking system, the most important consideration is to determine the most effective way of marking the items and applying the 2D data matrix symbols. The UII data are expressed in a 2D data matrix barcode symbols. The UID marking standard has specified the exact size and font type of the symbols and the supply should ensure that the symbols are in accordance with the standard before making it to UID Registry. Many contractors outsource the IUID marking to the subcontractors. However, it is the responsibility of the contractors to check the quality of marking.

The IUID marking program allows two important methods of marking- Direct part marking and application of UID labels.

Direct Part Marking

The direct part marking allows etching the symbols directly to the items or parts. However, the process is allowed considering the structural tolerance and composition of the item. The advantage of the marking is that it is a durable and one step process. However, the downside is if the data is entered incorrectly the item is wasted.

UID Labels

This is the ultimate IUID marking solution of the items under the DoD. They are constructed with metallic and non-metallic materials and affixed to the items with fasteners such as rivets and screws.

How to beat the recession

How To Beat The Recession

Many economists continue to warn that we could be heading for a second recession. Although we may have just emerged from one of the worst downturns ever the conditions appear to be showing all the signs of a “double dip” recession. This means that the economy would recover very briefly then dip straight back down again.

Throughout history there have been times of great prosperity, growth and abundance but there have also been others of decline, suffering and extreme struggle like in the Great Depression. Globally like the seasons the economy also runs in cycles.

In today’s modern language an economies downturn means higher inflation, soaring interest rates, high unemployment, markets losing value and not enough money to go around.

However in economics as in physics there is a well known law that states that “what goes up eventually must come down.”

The truth is that money does not vanish it simply changes hands and we need to educate ourselves to understand why money changes hands and what factors influence the performance of the markets. What we need to do is to position ourselves in such a way as to acquire some of the money as it moves.

There are some simple steps that can be taken to protect ourselves during these difficult times merely by educating ourselves on how to save and invest our hard earned money wisely. At school we were not taught how to save or invest money wisely and as a result many of us enter into adult life by following the trail and getting into serious debt. What we now need to do is to educate ourselves on how to get out of debt. Here are some tips on how to reduce your debt:

Cut down on your current spending

Many of us could reduce our outgoings considerably merely by looking at cutting down on items that we are currently outlaying a lot on money on. One such commodity is gym membership.  How many of us join gyms and after the initial enthusiasm hardly use them afterwards? It is still possible to stay healthy and fit by taking brisk walks or jogging which are free. You could also ensure that you walk short distances rather than making an unnecessary journey in the car.

Many of us could also save money by downgrading our television packages or by merely reducing how long we turn the heating on for. If we feel cold we could resort to putting on a jumper or snuggling underneath a cover which would still keep us warm but would save us a lot of money.

There is also a need to resume home cooking to save money and stay healthy at the same time. Processed supermarket meals are very convenient but are also very costly and often unhealthy. The same applies with snacks and meals offered in the workplace. A simple measure that can be taken to save money is to take your own snacks and drinks to work hence avoiding the temptation to purchase the more expensive alternative offered at the workplace.

It is important to rethink generally how we shop for groceries we need to ensure that we only buy the items that are on our shopping list and that we shop around for cheapest offers available for those products.

Pay off your debts

The best way to make use of any cash that you manage to save is to use it to pay off or reduce your debts. With interest rates being so low, paying off credit cards and loans which have high interest rates will be of greater benefit than saving.  You also need to ensure that any remaining balances are on the best credit deals available especially as many credit card companies still offer interest free periods so that you can still trim further some of those outgoings. If you are fortunate enough to be benefitting from the current low mortgage interest rates you could also use the money being saved to pay off higher interest rate loans. Additionally you could consider paying a payment protection plan for your mortgage. Some of these schemes can be costly but can offer protection and peace of mind should you be unfortunate enough to be made unemployed.

Invest your money wisely

Saving in a bank or building society is no longer as secure as it used to be. Even well known banks are currently struggling to trade therefore caution is needed when using them to invest your money. It is therefore recommended to spread your money around and not to invest too much into one organisation. One good place to consider investing is the government savings and investment bonds as these accounts are backed by the government’s own savings bank and do offer savers tax free options.

There are also different investment options available which currently offer more returns for your capital. For example you could look into the option of   investing into gold or old coins.

Earn some extra money

One advantage with interest rates being so low is that there has never been a better time to start your own business.

There are some excellent
home based opportunities available. The main advantage that working from home offers is that the set up costs are low and you also save money and valuable time from not having to commute daily to work. Many on line business opportunities have educational and financial packages available that not only offer valuable training on how to set up your own business and create wealth but also educate you on how to best invest that wealth hence helping you to make even more wealth and creating more personal freedom. Be careful however before you commit to any company or business that  you  carry  out thorough research to ensure that it is a genuine business opportunity that will work for you and help you prosper.

How does a door closer work: an overview

How Does a Door Closer Work: An Overview

Door closers are a common sight in most commercial buildings.  They are mechanical devices typically installed to ensure that doors get closed after patrons, residents and other building-users open them.

Local building codes usually determine what exits must be outfitted with door closers.  Some may require all doors have them.  At the very least, most regions require them on fire doors.  The reason for this is that fire doors are to remain closed at all times when not in immediate use.  This helps to ensure that, should a fire break out in the building, flames do not spread from one part of the building to another before firefighters can bring the blaze under control.

Door closers are either surface mounted or concealed, and are so-named due to how they are installed on (surface mounted) or within (concealed) the door.  Surface-mounted devices appear as a small box attached to the top corner of the door.  A jointed “arm” extends from the top of the box to the frame where it is bolted in. A concealed device is mounted within the material of the door itself, meaning that the only part visible to the eye is the arm.

Door closers come in two major types: manual and automatic.  The most common is the manual type.  Over seventy percent of those found in commercial buildings in North America are this type.

Additionally, manual door closers may be overhead or jamb mounted.  The overhead style is more common, particularly on older public buildings.  This type looks like the typical box and arm device. 

A jamb-mounted device is installed on the inner frame of the door and the inside edge of the door.  The mechanism is only visible when the door is open.  Once it closes, a jamb-mounted device is invisible on both the interior and exterior side.

Manual door closers (whether overhead or jamb-mounted) work on the principle of pneumatics (air pressure) and stored energy.  The device stores the energy that is generated when someone pushes the door open.  It then uses this energy to close it without any additional human force being applied.

Closing speed can be controlled and adjusted as desired.  Some use hydraulic dampers (these are most common,) others employ spring mechanisms.  Sets of screws are adjusted to achieve desired closing and latching speed.  (Many regions have building codes which mandate closing speed on door closers, usually in deference to disabled patrons who may take longer to enter and exit.)

Automatic door closers, as the name suggests, use electrical power instead of stored energy.  This style is less common, due to the amount of power required and the interest of economy and conservation.  Automatic devices are typically found on buildings where particular entrances/exits are highly controlled and monitored and buzz-in/out is employed, such as residential care homes.

Door closers that are intended for use on fire doors must be fire-rated.  Devices that are fire rated have been tested by a recognized testing facility to ensure that they can withstand heat/flames.  They must be able to hold fire at bay for as long as the fire door itself does; a typical one is usually required by law to contain fire/flames for a minimum of three hours.

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