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Instrumentation engineering in the process of automation

Instrumentation Engineering in the Process of Automation

These are the days of automation. Most of the works that were performed manually or using primitive tools have now been automated with the use of machinery with advanced technologies. Instrument engineering is the process through which the equipment that are used for designing and configuration of systems that are automated.

Process automation is widely used in chemical or manufacturing plants. The basic objective is always to enhance the productive capacity of the plant concerned. Side wise the process also aims at improving the reliability and optimizing the stability of the plant.

Instrument engineering is also known as instrumentation engineering in some circles. Industrial automation means the process of managing industries in a self dictated manner. Such self dictating could be made with the use of computer technology or some other processes. However, the major media for automation today is the information technology that performs the task mostly by way of intelligent programming.

An instrument engineer has a much wider scope in performing the task than he used to have in the days of mechanization. In the process of mechanization, people were assisted with the supply of tools and machineries so that they could meet the manual requirements of the task in hand. In the said process that was an improvement over the manual labour in the sense that such labour put up either by human beings or animals were replaced with machines. Obviously the tasks were performed in a better way but it was no where near the efficiency of the modern day Instrument engineering.

Automation is thus a further progress and improvement over the process of mechanization. You must appreciate that mechanization was not mere use of hand tools but included steam, electricity or power driven machines. For example, instead of hand held lathe, people used power driven lathe machines to carry on different tasks with metals and tools. Such instrument design was superior to the earlier native tools used by the people.

Gradually however, mechanization started falling short of the requirements of modern fiercely competitive commercial world. Engineers and scientists therefore were on the constant look out for some thing better and faster to deliver the desired results. The search for such means resulted in the evolution of the concept of Instrument engineering, the process of automation.

The Global economy is highly influenced by the process of automation. The task of an instrument engineer is cut out to day. They try to join together the automated equipments and tools based on mathematical analysis and create complex processes for an ever increasing range of such equipments in all spheres of social activities.

It does not mean that the prophecy regarding man being dominated by machine is going to come true in near future. Even today no such instrument design has been devised that could match the efficiency of many human limbs. For example, till date no automated machine could be devised that would replace effectively the function of human eyes. It becomes even more difficult when it comes to identifying abstract senses like human social patterns, languages and reproduction abilities inherent in living beings. These are feelings and no machine can exactly identify their intensity perfectly however modern they could be or whatever advanced technologies they might have applied.

How an event planning companies can make your event memorable

How An Event Planning Companies Can Make Your Event Memorable

Functions and events are important for companies to reach their public-consumers, trade partners, suppliers, investors, and employees. In the past, companies usually formed committees to handle and organize their functions and events. With today’s fast-paced corporate atmosphere, however, companies can no longer afford to give choose employees additional workload that would take them away from their initial responsibilities when they need to handle the functions and events increases to generate publicity and launch dissemination campaigns.

Arrangements of Function and Event Planners
Thus, a relatively new profession emerged – the event planners, otherwise known as function planners, meeting managers or organizers, event organizers, conference coordinators and special event coordinators.

The major responsibilities of event planners are to plan and organize events. From corporate functions such as trade shows, product launch, sales conference, and annual conventions to competitions, festivals and award nights to grand celebrations like Christmas parties, wedding ceremonies, anniversaries, etc.

Company Event Planning Needs Careful and Proper Management
Event planning encompasses conceptualization, budgeting, logistics preparation, and implementation. This career needs communications, time management and organization skills as this profession entail substantial coordination and management. Logistics, for one, includes selection and reservation of event venue, d?cor, acquisition of permits, manpower, entertainment, facilities, tables and chairs, guests, security, food, parking, transportation, and cleanup.

With the aid of event planning companies, corporations are able to hold distinct events and corporate functions without having to handle the intricate details. Commissioned on a per project basis, companies don’t require retaining employees for these specific functions. With effective event planning and event management techniques, these companies can save your time as well as money, priortising your important needs when broadening your chances to secure the right site and suppliers.

As the technology has developed very far, there are plenty of event planning companies that are offering event organizing services that suits your budget as well as needs.

NYC Venue Guide is dedicated help you to find a perfect event planning company according to requirements. They have a huge host of event planning companies to select from. If you are looking for event planning company then NYC Venue Guide is the right to find one for you.

The key to a great event is a great event planning company!

Internet businness, is it for me, and where do i fit

Internet Businness, Is it For Me, And Where Do I Fit

For heavens sake, are there any legitimate work at home business opportunities? Most certainly!! Is the good news answer, for you people that are willing to apply yourself and be honest enough to dedicate a realistic time schedule, that suits you and your family’s lives, absolutely. How ever, for you folks that are looking for the quick fix, “I made $10,000.00 last week for doing nothing, stop reading this article and scroll the internet and I am sure you will find your marketing soul mate, who is more than happy to take your credit card details and re-lease you from your hard earned funds.

So to sought the wheat from the shaft, also, to think of an article title, because as I write I am thinking,” in what category would this be featured, because there are many areas that this article could apply to, so here are my considerations.

I whole heartedly (as “yawn” as that sounds) believe in internet marketing business as a legitimate way to earn a living, Why, because I do it my self, and I am not an expert, also, for the record I have no hard luck story to tell, as I have a bricks and mortar business, which I have run for the past five years.

So to the title, what are we writing about, would sing. Internet business, and where do I fit, or Internet business and is it for me. Well if you have made it this far through my article, it is made for you and it will fit you. How do I know? Because you’re still reading. What needs to be looked into by all of us individually is “what can I do? How and where would I learn? As we all know time is money and wasting time, is wasting money.

Without being told, we all know that if you are shown the correct ways, and are guided (hand held if you like) you will learn more and have more fun on that particular journey an altogether more positive experience.

What then can we consider, and apply ourselves to, in this internet world. This is to vast of a question I know, because any one who is reading this article is completely different to the next. That is true, but if there is a common ground of internet business novices then we are all the same, and therefore learn from the same platform (but at different levels).

What then is required,” a one stop shop”, for want of a better term. to save time, money and to decide for your self, if you are an e-bay person, a affiliate marketing guru, an individual that has invented their own product or service and wants to run their own web site promoting that particular field, or maybe a writer or teacher who wishes to use the internet as a powerful marketing arm to reach more people.

The considerations are endless and also exciting but to broach any, in the computer world (unless you are a complete expert) with out your hand held is like a ship with no course destine to hit rocks.

Thank you for reading, and happy sailing

Irap’s accelerated review process (for projects under $50,000)

IRAP’s Accelerated Review Process (For projects under $50,000)

The National Research Council of Canada, through its Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) offers support to small and medium-sized Canadian enterprises to help them develop and commercialize technologies and products. They have recently introduced an Accelerated Review Process for small projects aimed at companies with less than 500 employees. With this program they can provide up to $50,000 in funding. The eligible activities include a wide range of technology, business and market oriented projects.

While IRAP is a federal organization, each provincial office tailors its approach to suit local conditions so the types of project supported and funds available may vary in your region. The following is a list of example projects in Ontario:

  • Small R&D project limited in scope and nature
  • Assessment of technology needs for adoption of technology
  • Lean manufacturing/productivity studies
  • Technical feasibility studies
  • Design: product design, engineering design, design for manufacture
  • Prototype engineering
  • Engineering process analysis
  • Productivity enhancement studies
  • Development of business, sales and marketing plans and image creation (branding)
  • Development of e-commerce enabled website (or upgrading website)
  • Development of international strategies
  • Development of supply chain strategies
  • Competitive market research and competitive intelligence studies
  • Feasibility studies / assessment for new service and product venture
  • Financial / corporate restructure for improved growth potential (e.g. investor readiness)
  • Intellectual Property (IP) assessment, planning and strategy assistance
  • First patent application (not CIPs nor other country fillings)
  • Licensing and commercialization strategy
  • Research and technology evaluation-related travel and expenses
  • Diagnostics (business or technical)
  • Other projects not entirely technical in nature

Kingsford Consulting can provide business planning, market research and strategy development services that might be covered by NRC-IRAP funding. Please note that in order to get approval for governmental funding of consultancy services, several requirements and regulations apply and each business needs to go through a formal application process.
Feel free to contact us if you would like to find out more.

Published in May 2009.

How to modernize your workplace with online fax

How To Modernize Your Workplace With Online Fax

Copyright (c) 2009 Titus Hoskins

More and more individuals are setting up home offices and workplaces in order to save money by running their businesses from home. Instead of making the daily commute to an outside workplace, many small business owners are operating right out of their place of residence. In these troubling economic times, running a home office makes good sense because it is a simple way to lower your operating costs and expenses.

One aspect of operating a home business has seen a major revolution in recent years. We are talking about faxing services which are a downright necessity when it comes to running any business. No matter how big or small your business may be, you simply must have a business fax number where your clients and customers can reach you. This is where online fax has entered the picture and turned everything upside down.

Online fax is simply using your present email system and your Internet connection to send and receive all your faxes. Once you sign-up to an online fax service provider your faxes are sent as email attachments, usually in PDF or TIFF format.

Online faxing is revolutionary in many ways:

- connects all your faxing with computers & the web

- you can send/receive your faxes any time

- you can send/receive your faxes from anywhere

- you can send/receive your faxes simultaneously

- there is no need for an extra fax phone line

- there is no need for a traditional fax machine

- it is much more cheaper than traditional faxing

Internet or online fax is often viewed as the modern way to fax since it is directly linked to your computers and the Internet. It updates or brings your faxing into the whole computer age and the age of the Internet. It is faster, easier and more efficient than the traditional way of faxing… no more paper jams, no more missed faxes because of busy signals, no more messy inks and toners and no more late night trips back to the office to retrieve that all important fax.

By using Internet fax you can modernize your home office and make your business more competitive, especially if you depend on faxing to bring in orders and sales. Your business will be open 24/7, 365 days of the year. This will obviously make your business more productive and competitive.

Online fax is also said to be much more cheaper than traditional faxing. Some online providers claim their services are 90% cheaper, but this percentage seems a little excessive. However, there is no arguing the fact that online faxing is much less expensive than a traditional fax machine, especially when you take into consideration: there is no extra fax phone line, no cost of a fax machine and maintenance, and no cost of papers, inks and toners to pay out each month.

In addition, if your faxing is very minimum, you can get an online fax service for around $5 to $10 a month. But remember, rates and fax plans do differ slightly, so it pays to shop around and compare before you sign on the dotted line. Checking out the over-all quality of any given service is also especially important, but you probably already knew that, didn’t you?

Another great benefit of using this modern way of faxing, most services are completely scalable for businesses. You can quickly scale up your services to include more fax lines if you should need then and all this can be instantly done without having to install extra hardware – i.e. more phone fax lines and machines. Overall, online fax is indeed one way any small business owner can modernize his or her workplace. It can help propel your company or business into the age of the computer and the Internet; while at the same time, making your company better able to compete in this very competitive dog-eat-dog business climate.

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