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How to make winning money online with web analytics

How To Make Winning Money Online With Web Analytics

Instead of looking at web analytics as a tool to make improvements to your web presence, you must look at web analytics as what it would cost your company if you ignored its significance. Would I have your attention, if with the use of web analytics it is possible that your next e-mail campaign would result in 50 percent more revenue than your last e-mail. Think of how much revenue your business is losing because you don’t take advantage of web analytics.

Many companies don’t realize the potential for positive impact that web analytics can have on their business. Often, our ignorance prevents us from acknowledging the potential of web analytics. Companies with defined analytics programs are realizing double-digit growth in new Web site visitors, returning visitor traffic and conversion rates.

With growing pressure to make your marketing efforts, more profitable web analytics is becoming more-and-more critical. Let’s say you suspect that your website has to improve its usability. With web analytics, you can measure the effectiveness of your site usability. Then, based on the intelligence you gather, you can make the necessary changes. Due to the improvements you have made you may be able to improve your conversion substantially. As a result, you can measure the value of web analytics in terms of revenue.

The barriers to entry for adopting analytics technologies that can dramatically improve online businesses have never been lower. There are many inexpensive and even free options to start web analytics integrating into your business processes. Web analytics is not about technology. It is much more about people. Before you invest money in web analytics, you must invest in people. People within your organization must realize the importance of measuring your web presence.

Every business with a web presence must build a strategy around web analytics. Our goal is to get the highest possible value from KPIs. According to Forrester B2B, tech companies have realized 500-800% return on a 100K/yr in house analyst. Retail businesses realized 1000-3000% return on the same 100K/yr web analyst.

In the early days of online business, websites were built with ill-defined goals and very little consideration for ROI. If you want to succeed online today, you should not spend a dime without commercial benefit. Unless your decisions are based KPIs measure through your web analytics efforts, you are most likely to fail. You cannot compete without knowing exactly how effective your initiatives are. In every business, the focus is on the bottom line, and the same is true for web analytics.

Imagine how much more revenue you could be generating by analyzing the proper KPIs. Even better, imagine how much money your business is losing by not taking advantage of web analytics. Today, we have to necessary tools to make decisions based on data instead of intuition. We have to have a strategy to measure success and failure to maximize ROI. Always look at how much something costs. A bad business decision may cost loss of revenue. A business without web analytics will result in continuous bad decisions that is very likely will result in a failing business.

How to write a sales letter

How To Write A Sales Letter

Let me be blunt for a moment – writing a killer sales letter that makes a ton of money takes time and effort. And it’s rare to hit a “home run” on your first attempt.

The best copywriters I know – they’re the best because they do it so often – so don’t be discouraged if you find it particularly difficult on your first attempt.

Over time, it starts to come naturally – as if it’s part of your DNA, or that it’s just like breathing or walking.

But when you’re just beginning, there are a few simple steps you can take to make copywriting a sales letter a much easier task, and get a much better result from your sales letters.

Step #1: Preparation Matters

Preparation is really the key to writing a great sales letter. And the fact is, 95% of the effort you will put into a sales letter happens in the preparation stage.

It’s not uncommon for top copywriters to spend several weeks preparing to write a sales letter, and just a few days writing.

So how do you prepare?

Well, the first thing that you can do is to get inspiration.

Look around in your industry, and beyond, for examples of written advertisements. Read as much as you can, and scan and save the ads that you find particularly persuasive, in one folder.

Click upload & convert scanned ads into text/RTF files and save them. Next open converted text/RTF ads files & hand write each line next to converted line of text… word for word.  

I know, it sounds tedious, but the best way to write great sales letters is by writing great sales letters. So I repeat, open each converted file and write word for word by hand – right next to each line underneath.

Don’t believe me?

Write a headline of your own… at the same time scan & convert txt/RTF 50 headlines from the pro’s … then go back and write another headline of your own.

Is the second one better than the first?

You’d better believe it!

Step #2: Work out who you’re writing to.

We’re still in the preparation phase right now…

Grab a pen and paper, and write down the answers to these two questions:

  1. Who am I writing to?, and;
  2. What do I want them to say yes to?

The more specific that you can be in your “Who am I writing to?” answer, the more targeted your sales copy will be, and the more of those people will buy.

Step #3: Work Out What You’re REALLY Selling

A wise marketer once said “Sell the sizzle, not the steak!” People don’t buy “steaks”.

The easiest way to do this is to take out several sheets of paper, and start writing a long list of EVERY feature that a customer might experience when they’re buying your product… Everything from “no interest finance”  to “free delivery” to your “defects”

Step #4: Why Should I Care About That?

Don’t assume that your customer knows why they need your weather stripping feature, Spell it out for them!

  • Feature Benefit

e.g. “No interest finance – saves $1,000′s off the lifetime cost of purchase, means you can afford to buy now.” etc

  • Benefit Feature

e.g. “Save Money on All Orders with Free Shipping”

Here’s a tip: It’s EASIEST if you go find about 50-100 feature-benefit points from other convincing sales letters ( google them & convert online at above site and tweek one of them),

Step #5: Start Writing Your Sales Letter Tip: Don’t waste your time (and the reader’s) telling stories – get straight to the point.

The easiest way to write a great headline for your product is to re-write existing great headlines for other products, and tweak them so that they suit your product.

Write dozens, and pick the best one and then Test Test Test!

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How to make a small exhibition stall

How To Make A Small Exhibition Stall

Exhibition’ in its literal sense, is the space in which public display objects are kept in open to attract the attention of audience. Sometimes in American English they are called as “exhibit”, “exposition” or “show”. On the contrary in UK English they are always called as “exhibitions” or “shows”, hence the individual item kept in these shows are “exhibit”. Basically there are two types of exhibitions these are pop-up exhibits and panel displays. In all exhibitions the products are kept to attract the common attention towards the products or services offered by a company. The exhibition displays come in variety of sizes, styles and costs. The selling and display of products in an exhibition depends on the way it is presented before the visitors. Different trade organizations buy places in these exhibitions in exchange of high prices they pay. The area bought directly depends on the price paid.

In a small area a large crowd of customer attention can be drawn if the products on sale are displayed clearly and attractively. Now how to make a small exhibition stall presentable? This can easily be done simply by appointing a good event organizer specializing in exhibition and display stand industry with a wealth of experience. There are many famous event organizers in the United Kingdom that can be appointed just on a phone call. Rock Solid Promotions is one such famous organization in London, United Kingdom.

Even a small area can rightly be utilized with proper use of space and right selection of furniture or trade show stands. Visit the Rock Solid Promotions and get your work done in no time. Rock solid has all that is required in any exhibition. Some of the items are listed as below:
Premium quality back and side wall graphic production.
Set of Black or White uprights and crossbeams with company name and web address.
A high exhibition floor (3cm) offering a professional image with cables and wires concealed below for aesthetic and safety reasons.
A set of floor coverings in varied designs.
High Voltage overhead lighting creating a bright, warm and welcoming atmosphere.
A large, lockable ‘D’ shaped modular stands with plenty of storage space inside.
An A4 brochure stand.
A bar table and two bar stools
Transportation to and from any UK mainland exhibition venue
The set up and dismantling of the stand by Rock Solid’s in-house production team.
So how to make a small exhibition stall properly utilized is no more a matter of concern. No matter what type of trade show display is used, with good atmosphere and right selection of furniture they can attract customers and give a professional look to any event.

Jackson hole realty consulting

Jackson Hole Realty Consulting

The little corner of northwestern Wyoming known as the Teton Valley is quite possibly one of the most stunning areas in the country, if not the world – and Jackson Hole realty services can help you to claim your piece of this magnificent area. If you are in the market for Jackson Hole properties, you’ll find the services of Jackson Hole realty invaluable.

Getting Started

Jackson Hole Realtors start out by discussing with their clients just what it is they are looking for. There are many different kinds of Jackson Hole properties available at any given time, such as:

•    free-standing homes
•    luxury residences
•    condominiums
•    business and investment propertues

Once this has been determined, Jackson Hole realtors go to work finding the a number of properties that may interest their clients. This is the main reason that you should utilize the services of a locally-based Jackson Hole realty service; these professionals are familiar with the area and know what the market for Jackson Hole properties is like.

Another reason to go through Jackson Hole realtors is that they can scope out the property beforehand and determine in advance whether or not it is in fact a property that would interest you. This in itself can save a great deal of time.


Once your Jackson Hole realty professional has located a number of properties s/he feels would be of interest, the client is then given a tour so that s/he can inspect these Jackson Hole properties personally and determine which one(s) s/he will make an offer on.

Before actually making such an offer however, there is much to do. Jackson Hole realtors work closely with their clients, discussing terms of the offer and making preparations for the negotiations that are to come.


Chances are that unless the seller is “motivated” to sell, the client’s initial offer – presented through the Jackson Hole realty office – will not be accepted. This is a normal part of the process, and in most cases, a counter-offer will be made. The negotiations will go back and forth until buyer and seller agree on a price, and transfer of the property can proceed.

In any event, you normally won’t have to worry about doing this directly, and in fact may never meet the seller in person. Negotiations over the sale price are handled between Jackson Hole realtors on your behalf – all you have to do is give your approval.

to prepare the terms of your offer.  After the terms are understood, your Jackson Hole Realtors will make the offer to the seller.  

Finishing The Transaction

Once a selling price has been agreed upon, there is a massive amount of paperwork to be done. This, too will be handled through the Jackson Hole realty office, and the people who work there will walk the client through every step. If you are planning to buy property in the Teton Valley, you could do all of this yourself – but it is much easier and safer to retain the services of a Jackson Hole realty service.

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