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How often should you contact your list

How Often Should You Contact Your List?

One question that people have once they have a list whether that be past customers, newsletter subscribers, or leads is how often they should be contacting them.

There’s really no hard and fast answer to this question, but I can tell you that most people are so afraid of contacting their subscribers too often and annoying them that their err on the side of caution and don’t contact their people often enough.

You need to remember that if you’re not constantly reminding people that you’re still there, that someone else will, and that person will likely forget about you.

For example, if you’re not contacting your subscribers at least once a month, you’re just not contacting your customers often enough. A lot of people think that contacting subscribers everyday is way too often, but there are certainly areas where it works. I am on a list right now where every weekday I’m sent a short little email, and I read it everyday. However, these aren’t marketing and sales pitches, but rather little motivational blurbs – they’re short and take me less than a minute to read.

A good rule of thumb that works for a lot of people is to contact your subscribers once every 2-5 days. That’s often enough that they’ll remember who you are but not so often that they’re going to think they’re being bombarded with messages. Feel free to play around with this number and see what works best for you and your subscribers.

Also remember that not every contact that you make with your customers needs to be an advertisement for something. While sending free content to your subscribers or past customers may seem like a bad financial move, it can be a way to build up good will with your past customers or current subscribers, and when it comes time to buy, they’re going to remember you, and will be far more likely to do business with you.

Is debt consolidation loan right for you

Is Debt Consolidation Loan Right for You?

As interest rates seems so low in decades, the consumers take on additional debt to ease existing debts. The goal is to consolidate various higher-interest balances into one, easier-to-handle and less-costly package.

Debt consolidation loan is a loan that is used to pay off other existing debts, resulting in just one monthly payment.

This type of loan is commonly used to combine unsecured debt, making it easier to manage your overall budget and stick to a repayment plan.

But be careful. Debt consolidation loans are not always the right choice for everyone, although it has proven to be helpful to those who were in extreme debt.

Consumers who take out a debt consolidation loans or other type of loan to pay off debts, end up with the same, if not higher, debt load within two years.

However, if you’re at the end of your credit rope, debt consolidation may be something to consider despite its risks.

A major appeal of consolidation loans is convenience. Instead of paying 10 different creditors who are charging different rates at different times of the month, you take out one big loan and pay off all those accounts. Then you make a single payment on that loan once a month.

But be sure that the costs of the new loan will be less than what you’re already paying various creditors. For many consolidation-loan candidates, their current credit woes mean they won’t get the lowest-available interest rate. Also, expect the lender to increase the rate when there is nothing to secure the loan.

The object of getting a debt consolidation loan is to ultimately improve your financial situation.

Loans that require you to pay high fees, or promise large debt reductions are extremely risky and should be avoided. Never pledge secured assets such as cars or houses to obtain a debt consolidation.

If you have a previous history of large debts, a lender may only consider offering a secured loan. Therefore, you need to use your property as security against the loan, reducing the lender’s risk. You should be very sure you will be able to pay the loan repayment; otherwise your house could be at risk.

Shop around. Debt consolidation loans are a common option for people in extreme debt. Before you decide if it’s right for you, carefully evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of such a loan and take advantage of the plentiful information resources available.

Length of your business plan

Length of Your Business Plan

How long should a business plan be A business plan needs to be whatever length is required to excite the investor, prove that management truly understands the market, and detail the execution strategy. From surveys of investor needs, Growthink has found that 15 to 25 pages of text is the optimum length in which to accomplish this. Anymore and the time constrained investor will be forced to skim certain sections of the plan, even if they are generally interested, which could lead them to miss essential elements. Any less and the investor will think that the business has not been fully thought through, or will simply not have enough information to make an investment decision.

Many management teams feel that their company is too complex to describe in 15 to 25 pages. While this is sometimes true, the business plan is not meant to tell the whole story. Rather, the company must be boiled down into its essential elements. If the investor is interested, there will be plenty of additional time to tell the whole story.

Business plans, like other marketing communications documents, should be visually appealing and easy to read. This can be accomplished by using charts and graphics and by formatting the plan for readability. Effectively using these techniques will enable the investor to more quickly and easily understand the company s value proposition within fewer pages.

While the body of the business plan should be 15 to 25 pages, the Appendix can be used for supplemental information. The Appendix should include a full set of financial projections, and as appropriate, technical and or operational drawings, partnership and/or customer agreements, expanded competitor reviews, and lists of key customers among others.

If the Appendix is long, a divider should be used to separate it from the body of the plan, or a separate Appendix document should be prepared. These techniques ensure that the investor is not handed a thick business plan, which will make them queasy before even opening it up.

To summarize, the goal of the business plan is to create interest   not to have an investor write you a check. In creating interest, the full story of your company need not be told. Rather, the plan should include the essential elements regarding why an investor should invest and spend more time examining the business opportunity. The shorter length does not mean that your business plan should take less time to prepare. Rather, it will take more time. As Mark Twain once said, If I had more time, I would write a shorter story. Likewise, condensing your business plan to a concise, compelling document is challenging and time consuming. Fortunately the rewards are significant.

How to avoid common traps when purchasing used medical equipment

How To Avoid Common Traps When Purchasing Used Medical Equipment

If you have been thinking seriously about purchasing used medical equipment you should feel confident that you are making one of the best choices you can for your clinic or facility. You should feel confident that you are providing your patients with the widest range of testing and treatment options that you can at prices that will not drive you out of business.

Legitimate used medical equipment auctions can easily put buyers together with sellers of the used medical equipment that they need. You may be dealing with sellers of used medical equipment from across the country. This is good because it allows you the largest selection of used medical equipment possible. It does, however, raise the question of how easy it will be to ship, receive and pay for the used medical equipment you have purchased.

If you select a used medical equipment auction site such as Medflip you can feel confident that they will make the process of purchasing said used medical equipment as simple and straightforward as possible. The listings on the website are very complete. There is a good description of the individual makes and models of used medical equipment and many listings include extra information as well. This can range from servicing information to images of the individual pieces of used medical equipment.

When you are reviewing a particular listing for a piece of used medical equipment, there are a few different areas that you need to look at carefully. You want to look at whether or not there will be any additional charges for shipping the piece of used medical equipment you have purchased. You also want to make sure that you are paying attention to the payment methods that the seller will accept for their used medical equipment.

If you are not interested in competing in an online auction format, you may be interested in sites which offer a buy now feature. This allows you to pay a predetermined amount for a given piece of used medical equipment so that you do not have to wait for the auction to close. It can really be great if you are dealing with specific time constraints and need to be sure that you are able to secure a particular piece of used medical equipment. This may make a huge difference for purchasers who want to know exactly what they are getting.

You may also want to make sure that if you want to be able to find items quickly and easily that you pick a used medical equipment auction site that has the expertise to deal in medical equipment. You may have questions about items you are purchasing or be looking for advice about features. If you know that you are dealing with a dedicated used medical equipment site you will find advice that is both relevant and trustworthy.

Trying to build a clinic or practice can be time-consuming and more involved than you might expect. Finding a website that gives you the expertise and selection you are looking for may be the best way to ensure your chances of professional success.

Internet home business – your dream job

Internet Home Business – Your Dream Job

1. Why the Internet home based business is a great option

Internet home businesses have been around for a years, but now they’re becoming more popular as more people would like to have the freedom of working from comfort of their own home without a boss standing behind and taking control of everything.

People want to make money while they sleep or they are out of home traveling and keeping in mind that cash keeps flowing in even when they aren’t working at the moment. Many people think that running a home business is a good idea to make some extra money and often consider to turn it into the full time job. Working from home is also a great way to supply the additional profit stream that people often need as they find income from their full time job insufficient. The good thing is that the possibilities of online home business are actually unlimited. An average person can generate extra income, control his own destiny and freedom running away from the corporate politics and rules in the workplace. Starting business at home can offer the income, flexibility and control as well as offer the opportunity to make people dreams come true.

All of this is possible in thanks to the evolution of the internet which is so fast that it now offers amazing home-based business opportunities for regular people to work from home and enjoy a good source of income online. Besides Internet is a medium making communication much easier which is one of the main factor deciding about successful online business and reaching potential customers.

2. Difficulties in getting business off the ground

No matter how great option home based business is, starting it off successfully is not easy. However some people get excited and don’t realize that running home business is difficult, and there are often barriers on the way that have to be passed to get positive results. Another problem is that many newbies hope to get started quickly and earn big money within a short period of time. This is wrong approach that usually drives most of beginners to confusion, disappointment, skepticism and finally giving up their business.

That’s why nowadays not to many marketers are successful working from home. Those are usually people who didn’t give up, worked hard, stayed motivated and passed all the barriers and the most important thing is they realized that Home Business is a LONG DISTANCE RUN which means that results don’t come immediately.

3. Are you Ready?

Working from home is seen by many people as the ideal job situation. However to get into position of full time worker you need to have what it takes to be the one.

If you are ready to give up a great deal of your free time and spend it on hard work, if you are motivated to focus completely on your business not getting distracted by anything else, if you are prepared for eventual problems you may face on your way to success and try to do everything in order to solve them then You are ready to take a step forward into the better future.

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