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How to increase visitors for your website

How To Increase Visitors For Your Website

Many businesses are promoted through internet. There are thousands of websites that are very beautifully designed in such a way that the business is promoted well. But in case the customers are not driven to visit the site it is pretty useless having such a website for business promotion. For this, a decent strategic plan is required. This plan has to be properly executed with some patience for the desired results. Instead of practicing completely new plans, some already experimented and tried plans can be used. This will definitely show a steady increase in the number of visitors visiting the site. For more tips on how to drive more business to your website read this article.

Check out some of the websites that have the same purpose. Let these websites not be your competitors. But some space for advertisements in these sites. This is for the promotion of the products as well as services. Also make an advertisement banners that will lead to your main site when the visitors click on it.

Create some contests with good prizes so that they are interested. Design the contest in such a way that the entry is either by giving a right answer for the question asked about your product or even commenting on any of your blogs. Such contests must be exciting with exciting prizes. This will allow the visitors to suggest this website to their friends and family members as well.

Once the website is made very attractive, promote it. For promoting, put up advertisements on some social networking sites like the Twitter or even the Facebook. For promotional purpose, give free e-books for the people who become the fans of your site. This e-book must have content that is relevant to what you deal with.

You can also participate in active blogging of other blogs. This will make the readers aware of what you do. You can post some conversations and network with the rest of the forum members. It is also important to connect with fans and the followers of social networking site. Let the posts be very thought-provoking. By doing this, your position will be authoritative. Once they start agreeing with your views, the chances of them buying your product will increase. The address of the website must be included everywhere. It should be present on the business cards and other places where people read like letterheads of your organisation. It can also be included in your mail. Have some options on the website that makes the visitors share the information posted in your site with their friends and other bloggers. They might also share it with friends on facebook, Digg as well as stumbleupon.

Start the feature of newsletter. This can be sent weekly or monthly depending on the visitor

How about a business in credit repair

How About a Business in Credit Repair

There’s an enormous amount of business in credit repair! No matter how good or bad the economy is, there will always be those with money problems, and they will seek a means to improve their credit score. When the economy is at its peak, people feel very positive in regard to their finances, job, and social status, and for that reason tend to spend without reservation – the result being that they begin to experience difficulty with their credit rating! And thus, in time, they seek out companies who repair credit in hopes of finding a means to quickly improve their credit score and regain their floundering financial reputation.

However, there will be a great deal of business in credit repair from people who are not so imprudent with their money. The truth is not all those who encounter a dip in their credit score have been negligent. There are those who, through no fault of their own, run into bad debts because of unforeseen conditions that catch them unprepared.

For example, a sudden death in the family, chronic illness, accidents, natural calamities and so on. Such a state of affairs can bring about a decrease in one’s credit worthiness. A lot of times such people feel desperate to right their credit and they reach out to credit repair companies for guidance more than anything else. For these people it’s critical to restore their status as financially responsible people.

There’s a wealth of credit repair business even during a recession. During a recession a lot of people find themselves unemployed and unable to pay their bills. To make up for lost income they must either borrow money, or start defaulting on payments. Whatever the case, the end result is bad credit. And at that point, getting a loan on good terms just isn’t going to happen.

The business of credit repair is an outstanding prospect for novices and veterans alike. Why? Because the only real requirement is a sincere desire to help other people solve their problems, a bit of know-how regarding credit, debt, debt management, negotiation and so forth. Using the Internet you can find some good information to educate yourself about the business.

Focus on learning the ropes in regard to improving bad credit, and do so quickly. This involves various processes such as raising a dispute with the credit bureaus, teaching your client sound financial management, and debt negotiation.

It’s clear why a business in credit repair is considered as a “green” job that can be launched on any level and be extremely profitable no matter what the external economic factors are. After all, it’s not too difficult to learn how to repair credit as long as you honestly want to help others solve their problems and don’t mind working hard. The business in credit repair is a business that will always prove a lucrative profession, in good and bad economic times.

How to get a job: make your own rules

How To Get A Job: Make Your Own Rules

Job hunting can be a tedious endeavor full of ups and downs. You may feel frustrated about the lack of current opportunities. If you look at the situation another way, however, a job search can be a great experience. If you’re motivated enough to think outside the box, you may be able to find a job that’s the perfect fit for you. The job hunt process is very familiar. You read want ads then mail a resume and hope to get an interview. Once your part is done, you have to sit by the phone and wait while the employers deliberate. You and other people on a quest for a job don’t always have to follow the same steps. Here are some ideas to consider that may just put you a step ahead of other competitors in the job market. Be proactive rather than reactive. Everyone in the job market can reply to an advertisement for an open job. Try contacting businesses even if you’re not sure that they need a position filled. In this way, you put yourself on the business’ radar for now or in the future. Remember to read up on the the company’s current issues. An employer may realize that you’re a good fit to immediately deal with those issues. Don’t be boxed in by specific qualifications. Businesses often use stipulations like years of experience or a particular certification to discourage people who aren’t dedicated to getting a position. Stipulations for being hired are often just guidelines that employers use. Even if you don’t meet every criterion, apply for a job if it’s one that you really want. Remember that every business operates differently and will teach you after you’re hired. Selling your special skills to a company is a great strategy. Be innovative in your approach. There’s nothing wrong with some traditional methods of job hunting as long as you make the process work for you. In today’s market, it’s important to have a presence in the real world as well as online. Creating a unique website is an example of a way to let your name and qualifications be seen. There’s no right or wrong way to find a job. The key is to use strategies that get results for you. Remember two things that can boost your chances of success: do whatever it takes, and put your own spin on it.

Is the ebay fee increase actually good for business

Is The eBay Fee Increase Actually Good For Business?

Much of my email from readers this month concerned the recent announcement from eBay that it will increase many seller fees on February 18, 2005. Since many business people use eBay’s online store system as their primary ecommerce point of sale, it’s no surprise that most of the emails I received were of the angry variety.

One email in particular caught my attention because it urged me to visit a website to sign an online petition protesting the fee hike. The email directed me to and upon further investigation I found that 22,548 digital signatures had already been collected (as of this writing).

Thank goodness not all of them had my email address.

This will be the fifth rate hike in as many years for the auction giant and should really come as no surprise. Price hikes are a normal course of business. It was the size of the hike that has many sellers upset.

The rate hike involved the following fees:

  • A basic eBay Store will now cost sellers $15.95 a month, a 60% increase from the current $9.95 a month.
  • Closing commissions on most items sold through eBay Stores will increase by 50 percent.
  • Gallery photo fees will increase from 25 to 35 cents.
  • The Buy It Now fee will jump from a flat fee of 5 cents to 10 cents for items priced over $10 and 25 cents for items over $50.
  • Final value fees will rise from 5.25% to 8%.

Many of the emails I received pointed out that small sellers are making very little profit as it is so the increase in fees will only serve to drive these sellers completely out of the eBay business. Some sellers accuse eBay of purposefully trying to run them off, but I doubt that’s the case. eBay has no reason to drive away the small sellers, but that realization never occurs to those who feel they are being priced out of the market.

Not everyone is too concerned over the fee increase. Jim Cockrum, eBay Powerseller, publisher of “Creative eBay Selling News,” the world’s largest newsletter on creative eBay selling, and author of one of the best selling eBay books of all time “The Silent Sales Machines Hiding On eBay” has other opinions.

“I don’t see the eBay fee increase as a bad thing,” Cockrum said in a phone interview. “I actually see it as just the opposite – it’s a good thing because eBay is eliminating my competition for me. Who leaves eBay when eBay increases seller fees? It’s not the customers (or shoppers). They don’t go anywhere since they aren’t affected. Only a handful of the weaker sellers leave eBay when fees go up.”

Cockrum recommends that sellers use eBay in non-traditional ways to build their online businesses so that future fee hikes will not have an affect on their e-business.

“Selling on eBay continues to be one of the more popular ways to make money online, though very few people are getting rich with an eBay business alone,” Cockrum said. “Many Powersellers don’t make enough profit to cover their costs. The key to really making money with eBay is not in selling items at auction, but to use eBay to drive customers to your other online ventures. If you do that, the rate hikes do not affect your bottomline nearly as much.”

Not everyone shares Cockrum’s enthusiasm. Many small sellers think the government or a regulatory board of some kind should get involved to help keep eBay fees in line. This probably won’t come to pass anytime soon, but who knows. I can remember when a little company called Microsoft had free rein before they killed off all comers and came to monopolize their market. eBay seems to be headed in the same direction.

The threat of regulation may be the reason eBay is now attempting to smooth the ruffled feathers of the miffed masses. eBay announced this week that they would give a one-time $15.95 credit to eBay store owners and reduce minimum listing fees for inexpensive items from 30 cents to 25 cents, effective immediately.

Too little, too late? Could be. Many sellers believe that eBay may be writing its own obituary with such stringent price increases and such little thought for the smaller merchant. The online petition predicted the long term effects of the fee increase to be:

  • Smaller sellers will stop selling on eBay and try to sell somewhere else online. They will never have the chance to expand themselves on eBay.
  • Larger sellers may consider starting their own online store or sell elsewhere.
  • Prices of auctions will increase. Buyers will turn back to retail stores. The idea of eBay is that you can find things cheaper there, even when adding shipping and handling together.
  • Discourage new sellers, decreasing competition (which is what the eBay market thrives on for pricing).

Only time will tell if the predictions come true, but for the short term many smaller sellers are closing down their eBay stores and moving up the street to

Here’s to your success!

It’s all about the connection

It’s All About the Connection

How well connected are you these days? One of the best ways to build a business is through networking. Now, I’m not telling you something that you don’t already know, right? Most business owners belong to at least 2-3 associations or networking organizations, such as Amspirit, EWomen, and LeTip. Obviously, by attending regularly and getting involved in your networking groups, you have the opportunity to meet prospects and strategic alliances. Through networking, I’ve met many of my clients, invitations for speaking engagements and even profitable partnerships. My JV partner, Meredith and I, met through, yes, you guessed it, networking. (eWomen Network)

There is just no doubt about it! Good things happen when you get out there and connect with others. People do business with those they know, like and trust. While there are many, many obvious benefits to live, in-person networking, there’s a new kid on the “networking block”, and it’s called Web 2.0.

Basically, Web 2.0 has opened the doors for networking and you don’t even need to get dressed up to do it! Through various online social networking sites, such as Facebook,Plaxo,Linked In,and Twitter our world has suddenly become even more accessible and connected!The beauty of online social networking is the “six degrees of seperation” concept.By connecting with your contacts, you then have the ability to widen your sphere by being introduced to their circle of influence, and this pattern can replicate itself many times over.

Are there any downsides to the new phenomena of online social networking? Sure, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of online networks available and by learning this new system.Just as anything we learn for the first time, there is a bit of a learning curve. You definately want to be strategic and smart about how you use these new tools.

Here are 2 quick tips to leverage your online social networking:

1. Hire a savy web 2.0 person to help you set-up your accounts so that they are all connected to your blog. It’s actually pretty easy to do yourself, but you’ll save yourself tons of time by having someone set it up and walk you through it.By using a “hub” such as Hello Text, you can reduce the amount of time updating your communication to your network.

2. Do your homework, learn the “rules” and the basic protocol for Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. A couple of excellent resources include Nancy Marmelejo, of and Mari Smtih of have the programs to help you master Web 2.0 quickly.

It really is a brand new world out there and the best ways to increase your visiblity with your target market and like minded individuals is to plug into online social networks.

Please join me on the web and let’s get our networks connected! You can connect with me at Linked In & Facebook.

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