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Input devices: restaurant point of sale equipment

Input Devices: Restaurant Point of Sale Equipment

Studying the Types of Input Devices: Restaurant Point of Sale Equipment

Point of Sale Equipment: Keyboards and touch screens

One of the first choices you will have to make about your POS equipment is whether to go with a touch screen or a programmable keyboard. Most businesses choose touch screens. The only market where programmable keyboards are mostly used is grocery stores, since it has the ability to program individual keys for specific item codes and prices.

Many of the available touch screens today are designed by restaurant owners, it focuses more on meeting the needs of a restaruant that’s why they are more intuitive to use and “user-friendly”. They also provide more flexibility in the user interface and programming. You will find most touch screens these days are based on flat-screen LCDs instead of traditional CRT monitors. While LCD touch screens are a bit more expensive (typically $600 – $1,000 instead of $400 – $500), they are sturdier, use less electricity, and saves up space. They also look much better. With both CRT and LCD displays, avoid “overlay” touch screens that are added on to regular monitors – they are more prone to breakdowns and add an unnecessary complication to your system.

About keyboards, some has the standard 101-keys model similar to any computer. Others are smaller, more POS-specific devices, such as the flat-panel membrane keyboards you often see on fast food chains. Often, they come in with built-in magnetic stripe readers for credit card processing. Programmable keyboards usually ranges between $150 and $300.

It doesn’t matter which POS equipment you use, make sure you consider the environment where it will be used. Both keyboards and touch screens are available with varying levels of spill and dust-proofing.

Point of Sale Equipment: Bar code scanners

POS scanners reads an item’s barcode and sends the information back to the computer. They typically connect to the system through Y-connectors called wedges that make them function as an extension of the keyboard. It can improve the speed of transaction as well as accurately stores information.

Low quality, cheap scanners are based on charge-coupled device (CCD) technology. They cost less, but usually have a very short range – the item being scanned needs to be 1 to 3 inches from the scanner. In a typical retail setting, that should be fine.

When it comes to laser scanners, they offer better scanning with the ability to scan bar codes at long ranges. You may find some laser scanners that automatically turn themselves on when scanning and then turn off again, this is called “autosensing”. Omnidirectional scanners send out 15 or 20 lasers simultaneously, which can easily scan a bar code at any angle. And the top of the line are embedded scanners, which are omnidirectional scanners that are located below a counter, as is common in supermarkets.

Wondering what types of POS scanners to use when serving different volume of customers? If the counter line has only one or a couple of customers, the CCDs or entry-level laser scanners should meet your needs. A fairly constant flow of customers might call for an autosensing model, and very high volume businesses should investigate omnidirectional or embedded scanners. Prices range from below $100 for the most basic CCD scanners to $350 or more for omnidirectional laser scanners.

Point of Sale Equipment: Handheld POS terminal

The latest type of input device is the handheld, wireless terminal. Essentially a PDA, it can easily take orders and transmits it wirelessly it back to a base station. A great advantage this POS equipment can provide to a restaurant is that they increase the amount of time servers spend on taking orders on the floor and interacting with customers, because they never have to go back to a terminal to process orders.

Newer still are write-on handhelds: instead of trying to compress a touch-screen interface onto a tiny PDA screen, these devices allow servers to simply write the orders down. Handwriting recognition software parses the order then sends it directly on to the kitchen and bar to prepare the orders.

These handheld terminals are more expensive compared to a traditional touch-screen order terminal. However they can make up for the cost by allowing your servers to spend more time upselling customers with more desserts and drinks. If you are evaluating handheld terminals, make sure you ask about the “drop test” – units are rated for toughness according to how much of a fall they can survive. To find out if your business is a candidate for handheld POS terminals, compare multiple POS equipment vendors to learn what products and services they offer.

How to have a kauai getaway – on a budget

How To Have A Kauai Getaway – On A Budget

So you want to visit Kauai, Hawaii, one of the most beautiful places on the earth, but it just doesn’t seem possible financially. I’ve been there and it is certainly worth the visit, so it is just a matter of figuring out how to make it happen.

As you plan your getaway to Kauai, Hawaii, it would be wise to think about the best times of year to travel. I’m not talking about the weather; I’m talking about traveling during the least expensive time of the year. Numerous people dream of taking a vacation in Hawaii, and while the location of the islands makes it a gorgeous spot all year, there are periods of the year to vacation that are significantly less costly than others. If you know when to travel and different opportunities to save money, you should be able to have an incredible Hawaiian getaway on a budget.

Here are some examples. During the fall, when school has just gone back, is a great moment to travel because typically, airfares and hotel is less expensive. The low-season in Kauai is mid September through mid December and January through May. During the high-season air, car rental and hotel tend to go up, especially in the summer months. Many times this period of time can be full months in advance. Because of this, you should getaway during the low-season when you can get a bigger savings. What are some of the other benefits of traveling “off-season”? Well, consider not having to share the small island with as many people or the exceptional weather that they have in Kauai year round. Seeing as Hawaii is one of the best locales for sunshine and vacation activities all year, there is not a compelling rationale not to visit in the off-season.

Beyond the considerable savings on your accommodations and airfare, here are a few other opportunities to keep the cash in your wallet.

More Ways to Save in Kauai

Rent a vacation home rental

Most people choose hotels in Kauai to enjoy for their vacation getaway. However, this is a more costly route and they don’t present the same comforts and privacy that a villa or condo could offer. In additional, hotels in Kauai are extremely costly, considerably more so than an equivalent cost of renting a condo or home for a week or more. There are a tremendous amount of villas, homes and condos to rent on Kauai with amenities like ocean front view, tons of extra’s, luxury kitchens, and so much more. in addition, there are villas, cottages and homes you could rent with anywhere from one to 8 bedrooms or more, accomadating just about any size group that you can bring with you.

Should you have an interest in renting a Kauai vacation home or villa, there are many places online that you can search to find a tremendous amount of options offered. This will allow you to locate the options that are the perfect size, with all the options you would like, without destroying that pocketbook. Don’t forget that when you take your vacation will be key in how expensive, or inexpensive, it will be. Try to figure out a time to visit in the off-season when it will cost less than if you go in the middle of the primary travel season for Kauai.

Finally, consider other options while preparing and taking you Kauai vacation. Don’t eat out every meal if you don’t have it in the budget as that can get expensive. When you get to the island, visit the grocery store, pick up the items that you need to help keep you and the family fed for however long you are going to be on the island. Eating out 3 times a day gets expensive. The beauty of a vacation home rental is that you typically have a kitchen and a full size refrigerator. Eating out only one time every one to two days can save you hundreds of dollars over a week’s time. Other ideas for cost savings are searching the web for travel discounts, being careful not to get the shopping bug while on the island and maybe just find a few keepsakes of your vacation.

If you put these things into practice for your Kauai getaway, it can potentially save you thousands of dollars over just a 7-14 day trip.

How to make your internet business a real gold mine

How to Make Your Internet Business a Real Gold Mine

It is a big challenge for you to decide to launch an internet business and make money online. The challenge is the high risk of failure that is associated with internet businesses.

It is only a minority of those who starts internet businesses succeed. It is estimated that only 5% is expected to meet with success while 95% of starters give up in failure. An attitude of ‘never give up’ and a cast iron focus are what are needed to lead you to success in your internet business. However it is a success worthy of achieving as the resulting rewards will be great.

Launching your internet business is like launching a vessel in high seas. It is you who will set sail on unknown waters by navigating the vessel called internet business on its course. You have to set sale through rough seas and heavy winds etc., slowly and steadily towards the destination.

Like Columbus you are the Captain of your ship, sailing to unknown territories and the master of the fate. With great efforts and overcoming ups and downs that challenge you on the way, navigate the vessel of your internet business, which becomes part of your life, to the shores of Financial Freedom. Because, it is a challenge as well as an opportunity for you to entre the Global Market through the internet and carve out your own niche in the vast market arena internet provide.

Your internet business will be successful when it is built around a particular niche in the market. Initially you and your business have to make a unique presence felt in the market to get noticed. That is where your website comes in to play as an attention grabber. This is achievable through unique content and classy presentation and your formulation of right strategies to captivate subscribers and make sales.

Usually, any business venture is full of ups and downs. The business ventures, whether an internet business or an offline business, goes through bad and good periods at one stage or the other. Market forces, economic conditions, political situations all are there to challenge your business to the maximum.

An internet business will encounter a greater sequence of ups and downs due to the stiff competition that prevails. There are lessons to learn from all the up and downs that your business will face. Use these lessons in your continued march towards success.

Life itself is a marvelous gift and you live it to the fullest by taking up challenges and making them opportunities to take you closer to your success.

Here are a few valuable lessons that will keep you in good stead till you succeed in your internet business;

1) When you fall learn how to bounce like a rubber ball greater the fall higher the bounce back.

2) The success always comes to the one who persevere.

3) Stick to your vision, your dream with a deadline, as to where you want to be by succeeding in your business.

4) Think and plan ways of reaching your vision and set short term goals and accomplish.

5) Improve your internet business through continuous improvement step by step only and not trying rash short cut methods for a leap and bound progress.

We learn from our failures with deep absorption the lessons on how and why not to do certain things in certain ways. We all know that challenges are there to be met and overcome. Even learning from experience is a challenge. Making money is a challenge. Bringing up children to be good citizens is challenge. Doing a job well is a challenge, making your business a success is a challenge. The challenges are there to be overcome.

Specifically, the challenges are there to bring the best out of us to keep us on the right course. ‘There is no drama without a conflict’ a famous writer remarked once. The interest of life’s drama is kept alive by the conflicts in the form of challenges and overcoming them.

On the internet there are a lot of information products being sold and exchanged. That is due to the demand for information. Information gives us knowledge. The knowledge is Power. Do not forget that the knowledge is the power that can change life and change its fortunes as well. It is knowledge that can add value to your internet business and enable you to used untapped energies to attract prospective customers and make your internet business a gold-mine for you.

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