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Key factors involved in finding the right buyer for your home

Key Factors Involved in Finding the Right Buyer For Your Home

Homes are not the most liquid of assets and a lot of effort goes into selling an apartment. Even though one can hire an agent to help make the process easier, one needs to be extremely cautious during the process and keep the following things in mind when selling an apartment:

Make sure your apartment is in good form: as home buyers have many options available to them is it important to ensure that the complex you are planning to sell must be in a good shape with no visible drainage issues or chips/ cracks in the walls. Thoroughly check all part of the property to make sure that it is clean a tidy maintain your complex clean and. The property might also need some beautification along with basic repairs like fresh paint, latest fixtures, maintaining green lawns etc. to make your apartment impressive to the buyers’ eyes and thus lead to a quick sale.

Property attributes and pricing: it is important to think from the buyers point of view when selling an apartment and try and deduce what possible changes or additions can be made to make your property be a ‘hot buy’ for the buyer. Also, pricing should be at par with the value that the apartment offers to ensure that exorbitant prices do not keep buyers away. It is better to charge a reasonable price and ensure a quick sale rather than keep looking for higher prices indefinitely. One can also enlist the help of legal property dealers to arrive at a fair price of the apartment on the bases of location, size, amenities etc.

Consider tax payments that need to be made on a property sale: some part of the amount you get for sale will be deducted by the government as tax. Thus, it pays to plan in advance to look for options that might be able to fetch you maximum tax benefit and not have to hold up the sale after the deal has been finalized because of this. To understand and assist you with the legal jargon the services of professional can be availed to help make the process hassle free and quick.

Beware of cheaters: lastly, take utmost care to ensure that you are not cheated or duped. Do not sign any legal papers without carefully going through each line in the document and enlist the help of property dealers if need be. The importance of this cannot be over emphasized as this market is fraught with fraudulent practices and it will be wise to be on your guard. If one keeps the above mentioned basic points in mind it will ensure a quick house sale leaving both the seller and buyer completely satisfied and help avoid any hassle later on.

How to make money in your neighborhood

How to Make Money in Your Neighborhood

Most of the time when it comes to making money it seems that people forget about their neighbors. Well the fact of the matter is that your very own neighbors can become a very lucrative investment in making money. Not only will this create a sense of community with your neighbors but it will allow you to actually talk to the people that surround you day in and day out. I noticed this the first time when an older gentleman that lived down the street from me approached me about house sitting for him. My first impression was “why me, why not a high school kid that lives down the street or the paper boy”. He wanted someone that was older and more mature to trust and actually be responsible for holding the key to his home. He did not have any close family to house sit why he was going to be in Europe so he said I would be doing him a huge favor. I didn’t mind watering his garden and, mowing the lawn for two weeks and picking up his mail and newspaper ect. It was only two houses away from mine and I did that kind of stuff around my house anyway so it would not be much more work for me to do one more house.
After the two weeks had passed we had arranged for me to turn in his key to him a day after he got back. Truth be told he seemed a little on the cheap side to me so I did not expect to get anything for doing him this favor, it was just a favor. I was surprised to find out that he was so pleased that he handed me an envelope with $500 in it. I tried to return it and tell him it was no big deal but he insisted and would he offended if I didn’t take it.
The next week I was approached by another neighbor around the corner from me who asked if I would be willing to do the same thing for her. Apparently my neighbor was so pleased with the work I had done around his house for him (trimming plants, watering, mowing, and bringing in the paper and mail) that he had been telling everyone he talked to what a great job I had done. She said she would pay me $1,000 up front for a week her family was going on vacation. That entire summer I would come home from work and I found myself home sitting for 8 of my neighbors. I made $7,800 over 3 months just doing basic house chores with the occasional neighbor that requested feeding and walking of the family pet. This was a great way to not only get to know my neighbors and help them out but also make some pretty good money. Ever since then I have always been the go to guy to take care of their homes in any situation. Still today at least once a month I get calls asking if I could do some kind of chore to help or to house sit. By doing this I have created a sense of community and trust among the people that live in our community. They know they can always depend on me. I also can’t complain about the average $850 a month that I’m making by doing simple things for people in my neighborhood. I would recommend to get out there and talk to your neighbors it can do wonders for your money making.

Keeping yourself safe during a fax blast

Keeping Yourself Safe During A Fax Blast

It is unfortunate, but understandable that many states these days are starting to place laws against unsolicited faxing. This means that if you are planning a fax blast, you need to be careful. You don’t want something small, like trying to advertise a sale, end up putting you in trouble with the law, or with a bunch of fines and fees hitting your pocketbook. This is why it is always best to plan and prepare for a fax blast.

In case you are unfamiliar with the term, a fax blast is simply a mass fax that you, or a marketing company, send out to a huge number of clients, customers or businesses. Normally a fax blast would be used for some kind a newsletter, notice of a sale or some other form of advertising.

The first thing that you would want to do when organizing a fax blast is to gather up a list of the all the clients and fax number that you have. If you don’t have many, you may need to hold off and start to collect a couple hundred more. If it is simply because you don’t have a fax number for each client you may want to call each customer and let them know you are updating your database and see if you can get a fax number from them that way. If there is really no way you can get the numbers before your fax blast, you may need to rent a list from your local broker.

Once you have your list, make your flier or ad. You will need to make sure that you add either a fax or phone number that each client may call after the fax blast to be removed from your faxing list. Normally most companies will not mind being updated on new products or sales that you are offering, but they need to have that option. Another way of doing this is to ask each customer when they come into your place of business. Again, most customers will consent to receiving notifications of sales or simply newsletter of new products and information. This is simply a way to ensure that you are not going receive any customer complaints when your fax blast heads out. This is especially important when you are planning on making it a regular occurrence. Things like newsletters, monthly sales, or frequent product updates are great ideas for a fax blast, but should always come with customer approval first. If you are only planning on sending one fax per year or something like that, it becomes slightly less important.

Once you have sent you ad to the marketing company and you have set the date for your fax blast, you just have sit and wait. Normally you will get responses to your faxes relatively quickly. Once the fax blast as finished, normally the marketing company will let you know, you should ask for a report of how the fax blast went. This report should include all of the number that they sent the fax to and how many of them never went through. This serves two purposes for you. First, you can make sure that the marketing company didn’t charge you for the faxes that never went through. And second, it will show you the numbers that are no longer active, so you can erase them from your customer fax file.

As long as you are careful and plan well a fax blast can be the advertising spark your company needed. A fax blast will reach far and wide to keep your in touch with your customers and attract new clients.

Keeping up with the challenges of running a home business

Keeping Up With The Challenges Of Running A Home Business

Copyright (c) 2009 Luie De Von

Running a home based based business can be very challenging. Maintaining or improving its popularity can be one of the toughest challenge you have to face and overcome. The competition is very strong since more and more aspiring entrepreneurs are trying their luck in this kind of industry. Below are some online marketing techniques to make a successful home business lasts:

Build a strong reputation. Making a name in the industry and establishing a strong reputation guarantees you the top spot in the market. How can you build a strong reputation? First of all, pay attention to the quality of the products or services you offer. Make sure that you are able to provide excellent customer service at all times. Ask for endorsements. Encourage your customers to endorse your company to their friends or relatives. Remember, word-of-mouth is one of the strongest and most effective marketing strategies that can help your business. A satisfied customer of your company will be the one to recommend you to others.

Still, asking your customers to do the recommendation will make a big difference. Try to offer incentives or discounts to customers who have successfully endorse your business to a new client. Convince your clients to help you in marketing your business.

Offer e-books. Offering free downloadable e-books from your website is a great way to attract new prospects. Make sure that your e-book contains valuable and accurate information that can be of help to your audience. Don’t forget to introduce your company at the end of your e-book. This helps you build rapport with your audience and establish brand recognition.

Build your own opt-in list. Instead of buying bulk list from brokers, it is best if you build your own opt-in list for it can generate better results. Offering e-books or newsletters help you build your own opt-in list continuously. Each time a new visitor to your website decides to subscribe to your newsletter or downloads your e-book, you can request for their e-mail address. Doing so enables you to build a list that contains names and emails of people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. These people are the best candidates for your marketing campaigns.

Follow up on your prospects. Each time you do a marketing campaign, don’t forget to do a follow-up afterwards. It doesn’t matter what type of marketing campaign you launched- whether you used post cards, or e-mails, or other marketing tools- the important thing is to follow-up on your prospects.

Remember, you can’t expect to generate sales right after your first attempt. It may be necessary to send out you postcards to the same group of people for about two to three times before you start getting positive response.

Furthermore, don’t forget to follow-up on your old or existing customers as well. If it has been awhile since you’ve heard from them, why not send out a postcard or an e-mail just to let them know that you’ll be happy to hear from them again?

How the silent treatment creates customers

How the Silent Treatment Creates Customers

Sooner or later you will have to ask someone to buy something from you. Whether you have a retail store, and a couple has been admiring an expensive couch for the last 20 minutes, or you are a consultant or coach who has just finished an initial conversation with a potential client, the question is waiting to be asked. “So, are you ready to buy?”

I’ve found that this is a very sacred time, when a potential sale is approaching. Because it is so sacred, after you ask someone to purchase, the moment can feel very pregnant indeed. The air can suddenly seem so thick you could cut it with a knife.

As a business owner, the worst thing you can do is splash into this space with more words. It’s time to be silent and wait for their answer. After all, you asked a question, it’s their turn now. It’s best to be silent and wait.

But why is it so tempting to jump in?

When you ask the question, what you are really doing is painting a picture of the future. They don’t have a couch, and you’ve just painted a picture of the future where they suddenly have a couch. They also have less money than they did before (having spent it on the couch.) It’s a future they haven’t lived in yet.

But they’ve already been considering the purchase for at least 20 minutes, possibly much longer, why should your question add to the situation? Because they can’t create that future on their own: they need your help. When you show up and ask the question, all the pieces line up to make this potential future a reality. It helps them step towards the future they want.

Suddenly, it’s real.

Sufi teachings, as well as quantum physics, teach us that reality is being created anew in every moment. We’re all 99.9% empty space, with some charged particles bouncing around inside. The experience of our physical reality is constantly in motion, being given life again and again and again in every new version of the Now.

Mostly we live in oblivion of this (thankfully). It would be pretty hard to get through the day if you had to experience the utter nothingness and miracle of rebirth every time you sit down to eat your grapefruit.

I’m not going to suggest that every time someone considers buying from you you need to deliver an ecstatic moment :-) . But I do believe that whenever we consider taking an action that could significantly change our lives, strong emotions come to the surface.

Your question is the catalyst.

When you ask the question, you suddenly took a powerful potentiality and –boom– solidifed it. And your future is at stake too- in a few minutes you may no longer have a couch, and your business may be $2000 richer.

Once you ask the question, the most effective thing you can do is give your potential customer the silent treatment. Just be quiet. Shhh. Zip it. Don’t say anything.


Shush! :-)

Why it’s so hard to stay silent: Sympathy versus Empathy

Sympathy is “feelings of pity and sorrow for another’s misfortune.” Empathy is “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.” Most of us are trained, in challenging situations, to go into sympathy.

Example of sympathy: “I’m so sorry the garbage truck smashed your car.” Example of empathy: “I saw what that truck did to your car. I’m guessing you are pretty angry and upset.”

The difference? The sympathetic statement focused on you- how you felt about your friend’s car. The empathy focused a statement of witnessing “I saw what the truck did to your car,” and then your best reasonable, heart-felt guess on how your friend feels about their own car. In sympathy, you steal the spotlight. Empathy you give the other person centerstage.

So how can you keep silent? And what does it have to do with your business?

Keys to the Silent Treatment, and an example

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