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How a mentor can explode your sales

How a Mentor Can Explode Your Sales!

If you are contractor with very humble beginnings, you really have nothing to fear. You may not have the experience in the area of business, but is clearly gifted in the technicalities involved in construction. Perhaps it may be the other way around. Bottom line is how can you actually increase your sales? Well, with some training and mentoring, it wouldn’t be really difficult to achieve your sales targets.

Everybody has to start somewhere. And what better way to start other than to be taught by the best and the most successful in the industry. Being mentored can take place in a several ways. One is to enrol in some sales training or business management or marketing course. Some courses are short ones you can take in a couple of months. Choose an institution that has a wide range of industry experts that could give you sound advice when it comes to business. This will probably take some of the time off in running your business, but the knowledge and the inputs you will get from your instructors will certainly be worthwhile when you get back to work.

Perhaps you prefer even shorter sessions. If this is the case, then you may choose to attend some seminars or workshops specific to the construction industry or perhaps general business administration and brand management. Mentors or trainers will give you some perspectives you may not have seen in the past. They can give you some tips on how to market your business more effectively. They can help you generate leads by different means you would otherwise have explored because you are too afraid to risk anything. Most mentors based their business success through experiences, but what’s great about this is that most organizations today also base their facts from research. These trainers have done their homework before facing you. They know and they have the tools to succeed. All you need to do is to come to them and ask for these tools.

It is important that you know the credentials of your chosen mentor. Some mentors don’t really have the credibility or the experience to lead you to a greater business experience. You have to make sure that their credentials have spoken for the truth that comes with their teaching. The advent of technology and your social network will make it easy for you to do this. Just simply Google the best coaches out there and ask your friends and families for recommendation, and you’re one step ahead towards your mentoring venture.

A contractor’s prerogative is first to produce quality work. However, how will you be able to produce quality work without any sales that will require your skills in construction? If you are not a born sales man, then fear not, because we have mentors now or others call themselves as consultants that will provide training and mentoring in order to equip you and help you reach your targets. Just look at the newspaper or search through the internet and you will find websites, and blogs of different organizations or groups of consultants who can provide you with the mentoring service that is exactly what you need.

How to make money and make a difference – part 2 of 2

How to Make Money and Make a Difference – Part 2 of 2

Looking for a way to earn money from home while making a difference in the world? If your search turned up futile for a home-based business with a mission for global change, you could always find an easy-to-run business that frees up more of your personal time, allowing you to contribute to causes you support. Alternatively, you can start your own business with a mission to make a difference. Here are some ideas to consider.

The Big Picture: What kind of difference do you want to make?

You could either approach this from looking at the world’s most prevalent problems (hunger, shelter, environmental, etc.) or you can target something you personally are passionate about (helping children, troubled teens, sports, crafts, nature preservation, etc.) and work from there. First, get an overview idea of how you would like to make an impact.

Get Specific

Once you have a global idea of what you’d like to do, get specific about how you want to contribute. For example, if you chose “the environment,” you might get more specific and say “recycling.” Now we can begin to see what kind of business you could craft around this specific aim.

Start Local

Even if you have aspirations of global change, it pays to start local. Gather your local resources, including family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and branch out to community leaders and decision-makers. Identify the greatest local problems involving your issue and make a list of potential solutions. For example, if the biggest recycling problem in your neighborhood is that most people don’t recycle, then think of some potential solutions. You may choose to interview some people to gather pertinent information (for example, go door to door in your neighborhood on recycle day, knock on doors where the recycle bin isn’t outside, and ask people what would it take for them to recycle consistently? Make a note of the answers you get and find a way to solve that problem.


Next, look at your list of solutions and see which ones could be monetized. This step may require input from a colleague or associate, or a business-minded person. This step focuses your attention on which solutions could become profitable (since the purpose of your business is to make money and make a difference). It might involve crafting and selling products made from recycled or sustainable materials, or it might involve providing a service or creating a completely new concept.

Global Impact

Before launching your business, consider its potential for global impact. If you truly want to make a difference on a global level, it would be wise to consider this angle before choosing a business name, creating marketing materials, or developing a brand. Leave yourself room for global expansion. For example, “Sacramento Recycling Solutions” doesn’t necessarily fit for a global company in the same way that “Recycled Solutions” would.

Good luck with your entrepreneurial endeavors and congratulations on your decision to make a difference.

How to take the headache out remodeling your office space

How To Take The Headache Out Remodeling Your Office Space

Thinking about remodeling your office space but the mere thought of relocating your computers, office equipment and files is making your head throb? Relax. What if you could turn your entire office space over to the contractors and simply move out?

In fact, you might have to move if part of the remodeling process involves the removal of lead or asbestos.

Does such a move sound like a giant hassle?

It doesn’t have to be. At least not as bad as dealing with the noisy remodelers, their ladders, avoiding their paint cans and trying to talk with someone while loud hammering noises are pounding outside your office space.

Then again you may be worried about the cost factor of renting a temporary office space. Never mind the time involved in trying to negotiate a fair price for office space for only a limited amount of time. Or maybe you are doubtful that it is even possible to rent a short-term office space that is fully-furnished, fully functional and will best present a successful image to your existing and new customers. You realize that conventional commercial office space leases costs a small fortune and often involves a lengthy, complicated contract.

If you find yourself stuck in this dilemma, it’s time to contact an executive suites provider in your area. Executive suites is not the name of a building…it’s a plan. Actually an ideal plan for anyone needing office space for a short period of time.

Executive suites are located in cities all over the world. You can rent them for a day, week, month or however long it takes until your remodeling or construction work is done. There is no complicated lease contract. Just a simple, flexible and very affordable rental agreement. Best of all, you don’t have to wait forever, with one phone call, you can move in immediately.

Know your focus: target audience

Know Your Focus: Target Audience

Consumers share numerous common interests and beliefs. Anything ranging from soccer to photographer and everything in between, the connection can be just about anything. The same interests that bond people are the same things that help connect them to businesses. Before a company can promote a product or service, they need to choose an appropriate target audience.

In marketing and advertising, target audience (also known as target group or target market) is the most important group of people that an advertising campaign is aimed at appealing to. Deciding on a target audience helps to establish a significant foundation for any business. Once it is understood who your target audience is, learning more about them will make easier for a company to market.

A target audience can be selected by collecting information that deals with either demographics or psychographics.

The more a business knows about their target audience, the more persuasive a business will become. It is best to understand the problems that they may have and the language they speak.

For example, if you are a social network website which allows your visitors to post blogs, videos, statuses, and comments, more than likely your target audience will consist of individuals who enjoy writing (bloggers; young or old), taking photos (professional and amateur photographers), and those who like to record their minute-by-minute life happenings (teens; adventurists). 

Examples of Different Target Audiences:

  • Web Designers
  • High School Freshmen
  • SUV Lovers
  • High-Income Families
  • Videographers
  • Tiger Woods Supporters
  • Time Warner Users
  • Mountain Bike Riders
  • Young Adults (Ages 21-24)

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Joint venture your way to the top

Joint Venture Your Way to the Top

Copyright (c) 2008 Christian Fea

Joint ventures are a great way to team up with another company or person who is looking to achieve similar goals. By using your resources in a joint venture arrangement, you can save time and money in achieving your dreams. Before you set up your joint venture arrangement, decide what exactly it is that you want to accomplish from the project. Are you looking to access additional information and resources, do you want to tap into new markets that your potential joint venture partner is already tapped in to, are you looking to extend your marketing reach? What is it that you hope to accomplish? By having a defined target at which to aim, you are more likely to hit the “bulls-eye” and create a winning joint venture plan.

Joint venture vs. partnership: Benefits

Because the main difference between a joint venture and a partnership is that a joint venture is normally temporary or project based, there are tax advantages that can be realized. First, each member of the joint venture retains ownership of his or her property. Secondly, members of joint ventures are taxed on the joint venture profits according to whatever business structure has been established for each business. Also, those participating in a joint venture can choose to use as much or as little of their Capital Cost Allowance (CCA) claim as they would like.

Let’s use an example of an inventor looking to bring an innovative product to market. Normally, an inventor will not have the resources and distribution channels needed to mass-produce his product. Thinking creatively, the inventor decides to research manufacturing companies with capabilities he believes are needed to produce his product. By joint venturing with the manufacturing company, the inventor now has access to additional funds, production resources, and distribution channels that could take months or even years to develop on his own. The manufacturing company has acquired a new product to provide to its existing and potential customer base, thereby potentially creating an additional stream of revenue. However, both parties have retained their autonomy in regards to how the profit share is utilized on behalf of each joint venture entity.

Joint venturing your company

Suppose you don’t have a great new invention to bring to market. Say your company is service-oriented, providing consulting services to the small business sector. Your dilemma is reaching gaining greater market exposure to your target market. How can you accomplish this without spending an arm and a leg on advertising? How about joint venturing with a bank or credit union that is currently servicing your target market? They may be able to offer your services as a resource that will help the businesses they are financing to succeed. Naturally, the bank is interested in the success of the businesses they’re funding, and a part of a successful business is a great marketing strategy. You reach a broader target market, the bank assists the businesses in which it has a vested interest, and you both retain autonomy.

There are a myriad of joint venture opportunities available. You can joint venture your way to the top if you’re willing to think outside the box, outline specific goals for your joint venture agreement, and follow through on the execution.

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