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Learn to how start a karaoke business

Learn to How Start a Karaoke Business

Would you like to karaoke every night, or at least several times per week?

Do you enjoy being the one working the karaoke machine?

Has your entrepreneurial spirit led you to look for a fun business?

If you answered these questions with a resounding “YES!” then becoming a karaoke DJ may be just the thing you have been searching for! Getting started as a karaoke DJ may be easier than you think, too!

What exactly is involved in starting your own karaoke DJ business?

Most importantly, you need some good quality equipment: a professional level karaoke machine, microphones, speakers, a monitor for the lyrics, a large karaoke music library, speaker stands, and cords. Some clubs have their own speaker system you can plug into.

A lot of them now have large television screens, too, so if you have a karaoke machine which utilizes a television to display the lyrics, you don’t have to provide the monitor. So in some locations you can get away without bringing the speakers, speaker stands, or the monitor, but very few clubs provide their own karaoke machine or their own karaoke music.

If you would like to cut down on your expenses, and on the amount of equipment you need to haul in and set up at each gig, a great suggestion is to look into The SongStation Karaoke Machine. This karaoke machine is high quality, and provides a lot of features to simplify your karaoke DJ business:

-> It’s small and light, the size of a slim-line DVD player.

-> 5 minute set-up: It plugs right into a TV for the monitor, and either uses the television speakers or hooks up to the club’s speakers with ease.

-> It includes the largest karaoke song library in the world, with 53,000 titles inbuilt into the system.

Using The SongStation Karaoke Machine would set you up as a professional karaoke DJ right off the bat.

What else do you need besides your karaoke machine to start your business?

A dynamic personality to cheer on the crowd and get them going is a big plus! Also, a good singing voice is an asset, because sometimes it’s YOU who sings the first karaoke song!

You also need business cards with your contact information to help market your business. To get the business started, you want to talk to every club owner you can reach. Places like bowling alleys are also starting to catch the Karaoke bug, and often enjoy setting up one night a week as Karaoke Night. New retail businesses may want to host a Karaoke Night to start bringing in their customers.

Radio stations are candidates, since they host promotional events all the time. Locate your local wedding planners, event planners, party planners. Leave your cards with caterers, florists, wedding photographers, videographers. Even your local churches and school districts may enjoy having a Karaoke Night fundraiser. Party supply houses might let you leave a stack of business cards at their registers. The supply of new leads for your Karaoke DJ business is endless. Everyone loves a good Karaoke Party!

And last, but not least, you can always run the ad: Have Karaoke Machine. Will Travel.

So with a little guts, a little gusto, and a karaoke machine, you can soon be on your way to Karaoke DJ happiness!

Learn more about dotcomsecret reviews

Learn more about DotcomSecret Reviews

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How to successfully pitch a reporter to get interviewed and obtain media coverage

How to Successfully Pitch a Reporter to Get Interviewed and Obtain Media Coverage

When I was up against a book deadline and needed a couple of people to interview who had achieved business results from podcasting, I put out a call through a service called Help a Reporter Out ( This free service functions very much like paid reporter lead services such as Profnet or Travel Publicity Leads. Generally media people put out such calls either when they need interview leads extremely soon (like a deadline in two days) or when they have rather unusual interview needs that can’t be satisfied through the usual channels (such as looking for someone who has diabetes, owns pets and is gay or lesbian).

Someday you may be in a position to pitch a reporter, so I’d like to help you understand what to do and what not to do in this situation, and why, so you can seize the opportunity to meet the reporter’s needs and receive valuable media coverage. Here is the meat of the request I made:

“Need phone interviews by end of the week with 3 podcasters who can cite specific, tangible business results achieved through podcasting. Tell me briefly the topic of your podcast, your URL, your results and your phone number. Thanks.”

I received 30 replies. Of these, five stood out as excitingly fulfilling my criteria. At least half of the rest put themselves completely out of the running by ignoring my stated requirements, while several others were wasting their time and mine in their reply for other reasons.

I’m not sure how I could have been more clear and explicit about what information I wanted from respondents in order to screen them. I said I wanted potential interviewees to tell me the “specific, tangible business results achieved through podcasting.” Anyone who did not say exactly how they’d gotten new opportunities or earned money from their podcast got eliminated. Perhaps they had a great story to tell, but they hadn’t pre-qualified themselves with me to tell it. Instead they said, in effect, “I’m the one you want. Call me.” One wrote, “We are number 1 in the world, business results are amazing. I am so busy I would rather speak on the phone.” As far as I’m concerned, that’s hot air and does not show willingness to help me with my story.

This may sound “Mickey Mouse,” but whatever details are in the reporter’s request are there for a reason, and it doesn’t work to ignore them. I saw much the same thing happen when I judged a couple of business contests. The application form asked several questions that numerous otherwise appealing candidates left blank. These people were disqualified. The time and in some cases money they’d spent entering the contest was for naught.

Besides those who neglected to specify their podcasting results, a few people wasted their time by sending me contact information for someone who they said met my criteria, such as their boss, their client or someone they knew of from afar. For someone on a tight deadline who receives sufficient responses directly from interviewees, this doesn’t work, either. From the underling or PR representative’s suggestion, I have no way of knowing whether or not their referral is actually available to talk during my time frame. If you know of someone who fits a reporter’s request, always forward it to that person and urge them to respond right away instead of replying on their behalf.

Another bunch of people wasted their time writing to me because they did not have a podcast of their own but rather provided podcasting services for a fee. I’d said, “Tell me briefly the topic of your podcast,” and they’d violated that portion of my request.

One of the top five respondents whom I emailed back right away to set up a time to talk by phone took more than 24 hours to reply. “Sorry, your email landed in my spam folder,” he said. “Here’s when I’m available today.” Unfortunately, by then I’d already completed the interviews I needed. Unfortunately too for another respondent who met all of my criteria: He initiated contact after I’d finished all the interviews.

My advice on getting publicity by replying to reporters’ requests boils down to this: Reply promptly. Explicitly address the stated criteria in your reply. Volunteer only yourself. Check for the reporter’s email or phone call so you can follow through on having caught his or her interest.

Paradoxically, by treating the media person as a prince or princess, you position yourself to become a star.

Human relations employment

Human Relations Employment

It is important to know the job descriptions of the positions that are available in a particular company. As an applicant it is through job descriptions that you know the kinds of things that are expected of you by a prospective employer. Employers are able to relay the qualifications that they are looking for through the job description.

The job description is usually included in a job posting in the newspaper or on the Internet for people to fill vacant positions. The best thing to do if the job position isn’t included in the job posting is to call the company to ask what the job position is. Conducting an online search for job descriptions of a position that is similar to the position that you are looking for may also be accomplished although the preferred method is to call the company.

Jobs in the human resource (HR) department are highly desirable. Today, there are 3 possible positions that are available in companies when it comes to the HR department. These positions include the HR manager, the HR person, or a position looking for a career in the human resources.

An HR person is responsible for coordinating people for special events or projects and the activities within the numerous departments in a company. This coordination also includes ensuring that the activities or events are accomplished with the best possible quality and that they remain strict about following a schedule that is set by the company. The HR person is responsible for the supervision of the other department employees to ensure that they are following the procedures and policies of the company. HR representatives are also responsible for the evaluation of each department and making recommendations for changes to make sure the employees follow the company policies among other things.

Two of the primary responsibilities of the HR representative are to interview and hire employees. The HR representative has one of the most important jobs in the company because the people that are hired will determine the performance and productivity of the company. Therefore, the HR representative must be able to assess the efficiency of an individual through a series of tests or interviews that should be conducted. In order to completely fulfill his duties, the HR representative must learn how to analyze the types of people that the company needs.

Finally, any career in the human resources department is about interfacing between the employees and the company to help ensure a good relationship between the two and also achieve a working environment that is successful. The main responsibility of someone who works in the HR department includes training and recruitment of the employees in order to meet the company’s objectives and goals.

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