Legal translation service – what you need to know

Legal translation service – what you need to know

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When it comes to translating a document, you have two choices: You may go to a self-proclaimed talented freelancer or you may approach a reputable company that follows industry standards. Costs of working with a freelancer may be less, but the risks are proportionally higher. A sad experience of Coors illustrated this, when their ‘Turn it loose’ slogan ended up as ‘Suffer from Diarrhea’. Talk about being lost in translation!

However, when it comes to legal documents, there is only one smart choice, and that is working with certified and experienced translators. Since law is very much dependent on the culture of the land and on the particular subject that is dealt with by the document, inaccurate or wrong translation may have dire consequences. That is why businesses invariably turn to reputable translation companies that work with certified and experienced translators.

Legal translation services may be required by any business or individual, though they are most commonly required by law offices and courts, especially for court proceedings on an international level. So, when lawyers deal with foreign documents, legal translation services are a must. What’s more, if the translated document is to be legally valid in another country, it has to be translated and certified by a “sworn translator”.

A sworn translator is a person who has been certified by his or her country’s government with the power to execute a sworn translation. This is different from a certified translation. In the latter case, the translator is highly competent and is a member of an association or club (like the American Translators Association in the US). While this offers a guarantee of the quality of work, it is not legally binding. The document may be well translated, but it will not have any legal validity. A legal translation service will provide you with a translated document that bears the seal of a local civil court which identifies the translator as being a sworn translator. Any translation that is produced by a sworn translator may be deemed as being a legal document when it bears the official seal and signature. Every page of such a document will be signed and sealed in this manner.

Most businesses documents need legal translation services only for certain documents that require legal validity in a foreign language. For instance, a translated birth certificate, degree certificate, patent certificate, proof of identity, official documents or a company’s articles of association require legal translation services when they are rendered into a foreign language. Only then will such documents be accepted as being legally valid in the foreign country.

As businesses grow, the demand for corporate documents to be legally translated is on the rise. Sworn translations may be more expensive but it is the very nature of accuracy and legal validity that make them costly. And smart businesses are happy to shell out the extra price. Better safe than sorry, especially for legal documents.

How to use factoring to finance your trucking company

How To Use Factoring To Finance Your Trucking Company

Financing a business, especially in today’s environment, is very challenging. Trucking companies, by their nature, are cash intensive. You have a continuous outflow of expenses. Fuel. Drivers. Maintenance and all the other expenses that must be constantly handled. Income, on the other hand, is more challenging. It tends to be irregular because more clients pay their invoices in 30 to 60 days.

In summary, you have regular expenses but irregular income. This creates a gap that is opened at expense time and closed once the income arrives. And unless you have enough funds to cover the gap, your trucking company will run into serious problems.

One way to cover the gap is to get clients to pay sooner. This can work sometimes, provided the client is willing to pay quickly. If they are not, your only alternative is to get business financing. This can be very challenging, especially in the current lending environment. Getting a business loan is a long complex process that has a lot of uncertainty. Fortunately, small business loans are not your only option.

If your biggest challenge is that you can’t afford to wait for your clients to pay, you should consider an alternate form of financing called freight factoring. In essence, freight factoring is the equivalent of getting a quick pay. But the quick pay does not come from your client, it comes from the factoring company.

The transaction is fairly simple. You sell your invoice/freight bill to the factoring company, who gives you an initial advance of 90% of the invoice. This advance can be higher in certain circumstances. You get the final advance of 10% (less the factoring fee) once your client actually pays the invoice.

One of the big advantages of freight factoring is that most factoring companies look at the credit quality of your invoices as your most valuable asset. This is very important – because small companies with a solid roster of clients can usually qualify. One further advantage is that a factoring program can be set up quickly – usually in about a week.

In conclusion, freight factoring can be an ideal solution for business owners that cannot afford to wait 30 to 60 days to get paid.

Is scan paper document important

Is Scan Paper Document Important?

For better understanding about why scan paper document, I want to narrate one real experience of my friend.

My friend is having a small company in New York City. He is very happy with scanning paper document. In one conversation, he said “I felt very depressed when I saw a huge bunch of paper file on my desk. Huge bunch of paper files on desk is something like; hitting hammer on the head. It also decreased my efficiency and productivity. My profit chart shown downward trend. All problems are solved through scanning paper document. Now scene is different; I can manage huge amount of work in very small place. I can deliver service with highest efficiency. And the profit chart shows upward trend.” So that’s how he gets benefited with scanning paper document.

Let’s check out why scan paper document:

Prevent Record Loss: Dye on paper degrades over period of time and paper becomes useless because you can’t read information clearly from the paper. There is high possibility of damaged or loss of paper document. If you scan paper document, it prevents record loss. You become secure about digital documents.

Easy Retrieval: Retrieval of paper document is not easy. You can take photocopy of paper document but it is one and the same thing. Ultimately it is paper. You can easily create backup/copy of digital paper without using much space. You can retrieve the information form backup very easily.

Highly Portability: If you want to carry large amount of paper files to your home, it is very difficult task. Digital records are very easy to carry. Just transfer the records to cd or flash drive and you are done with. You can carry huge amount of information in very small space.

Reduce Storage Space: One survey “paper document storage cabinets are utilizing nearly 70 to 85% of office space.” Through scanning paper document you can reduce storage space.

Improve Productivity: As there is no paper files on desk, it relaxes your mental condition. You can work very efficiently if there is not stress. Such efficient work improves your productivity.

At the end, your company becomes paperless through scanning paper document. Through digital document company can decrease stress of staff as well increase the productivity, that’s why your have to scan paper document.

Integration of shopping website with microsoft retail management system

Integration of Shopping Website with Microsoft Retail Management System

The every aspect of modern living is targeted towards competition, and about reaching the top. As a retailer you need to take care of your customer giving him the good service at a good price.

In order to stay at the top, Microsoft Retail Management System works the best and undoubtedly a number of users are benefiting from it. As a result the popularity of retail management systems is on the rise and businesses are either already using the system or are considering integrating their current practices with the system.

In case of Retail Management System, it is always advisable to ensure that your computer fulfills the basic software and hardware requirements to make sure that the system functions properly and results in increasing efficiency. Further when the system is installed, upgrading software and hardware capabilities would simply further enhance the performance.

Once the Retail Management System is in place, the next step comes to increase the profitability. And this would be to integrate this system with the online selling model. It now became imperative for a business to have an online presence which is actually tapping a huge share of the market. Other than this, online retailing offers the benefit of catering to your target audience beyond geographic boundaries. So for a retailer who is truly looking at optimizing profitability of the business, it is important to offer online services to customers. Microsoft RMS integration with eCommerce Store can offer a lot. This basically implies the benefits that arise from ensuring that your retail management system is extended to service your online retailing requirements as well by providing the requisite back end support.

Integration of shopping site with retail management system is a task which needs proper care and would be taken care of. This in turn would definitely enhance your business performance and would further help you to increase your profitability.

There is a powerful web store solution, called as RMScart. This RMS cart seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS). With a few clicks of your mouse, RMS cart creates web product pages directly from your RMS inventory. Just tick the products you want to see on the web and they will by synchronize with your RMS integrated web store automatically. RMS cart have come up with different features where few of them includes upgrading of one or more web stores from the same RMS database, Scheduled inventory updates to RMS, Orders downloaded automatically into RMS, Accept payments through any of over 50 payment gateways, Creates new customer records in RMS etc.

One of the best Dynamics RMS integrated software proved to be beneficial ecommerce solutions in the market today. The RMS cart consists of Administration / Backend Functionality, Product Functionality, Shipping Functionality, Tax Functionality, Search Engine Compatibility, Sales Analysis and Tracking and Customer Service which have made the work much easier.

Hypercalcemia therapy area pipeline report–aarkstore enterprise

Hypercalcemia Therapy Area Pipeline Report–Aarkstore Enterprise

Hypercalcemia Therapy Area Pipeline Report contains detailed information on the hypercalcemia drug pipeline. This report provides insight into the pipeline status of hypercalcemia drugs by company and by stage as well as a summary of the latest news and developments in this area.

Scope of the report:

Therapy Area Pipeline Report provides the user with real detail on drug pipelines, by company and by stage, for each specific therapy area. The latest news, by company, also ensures that each report is fresh and up-to-date.

In addition to new developments and disease specific pipeline projects, each report also contains extensive information in tabular format on a company’s full product pipeline and products by phase of development with regard to the therapy area.

Full pipeline details, by stage, are provided and include detailed product descriptions, information on partnering activity plus clinical trial intelligence. Each Therapy Area Pipeline Report also provides detail on the top 20 companies with products in the early stage of development and the top 20 companies with products in the late stage of development. Finally, each report also provides a comparison with other major indications in the disease hub based on Marketed Products vs. Pipeline Products.

Key benefits

• Understand a company’s strategic position by accessing detailed independent intelligence on its product pipeline for specific therapy areas.
• Keep track of your competitors and partners by better understanding their product pipeline.
• Monitor a company’s research effectiveness by determining pipeline depth and number of products in development by clinical phase for specific disease areas.
• Maintain a critical competitive advantage.

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