Latinas help reduce rate of family members returning to prison

Latinas Help Reduce Rate of Family Members Returning to Prison

More than eight out of ten ex-convicts, leaving the Florida Department of Corrections, return within one year.  Latinas can make a tremendous difference in changing the rate of recidivism.  Keeping grandchildren or other family members from returning to a life a crime, only occurs when there is an honorable career path in advance of the release date.

Latinas are setting up companies that provide legal and income earning opportunities to their family members who happen to be Florida ex-convicts according to  Within six months of the release date, Latinas are starting entrepreneurial business so their family member can become a hardworking and coachable member of society earning at least $100,000 per year. 

The stigma of being a convicted felon is often met with societal judgment based on what happened, last week, last month, last year, or many years ago.  Traditional jobs are often out of the question for many Florida convicted felons. Background checks make it nearly impossible for many to get a good job with real income potential.

Latinas are building a strong team of consultants which allows Florida ex-convicts to earn residual income for life as well as a brand new Mercedes Benz vehicle within six months if truly dedicated.

According to

  • We don’t sell, we teach.
  • No Inventory, simply 8 sample tester kits for people to gain trust with entire  product line
  • 30 years of company history, not a start-up; not a pyramid; not paid on recruiting, just gross revenue 
  • Online University free to consultants 24/7
  • Product Knowledge Online 
  • Toll-free phone support
  • Best paying commission structure paid monthly 
  • Clients and fellow consultants order online and have product shipped directly from the company
  • Opportunity to earn a Mercedes Benz (Consultants can choose any model.)
  • No Meetings Required to Attend although available and suggested
  • Earn exotic vacations
  • Website Available to consultants
  • Healthy, Safe, Pure, Green products
  • Consumable Products that people will use for the rest of their lives creating a strong passive income
  • Unlimited earning potential regardless of background. 

There are few business opportunities without the stigma of a background check attached.  This prestigious organization has been around for thirty years and while Florida ex-convicts are in business for themselves, they are not by themselves.  Those who have strong family support tend to do better in this business opportunity and both men and women thrive in                                      this environment regardless of age, race, or orientation.       

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How the silent treatment creates customers

How the Silent Treatment Creates Customers

Sooner or later you will have to ask someone to buy something from you. Whether you have a retail store, and a couple has been admiring an expensive couch for the last 20 minutes, or you are a consultant or coach who has just finished an initial conversation with a potential client, the question is waiting to be asked. “So, are you ready to buy?”

I’ve found that this is a very sacred time, when a potential sale is approaching. Because it is so sacred, after you ask someone to purchase, the moment can feel very pregnant indeed. The air can suddenly seem so thick you could cut it with a knife.

As a business owner, the worst thing you can do is splash into this space with more words. It’s time to be silent and wait for their answer. After all, you asked a question, it’s their turn now. It’s best to be silent and wait.

But why is it so tempting to jump in?

When you ask the question, what you are really doing is painting a picture of the future. They don’t have a couch, and you’ve just painted a picture of the future where they suddenly have a couch. They also have less money than they did before (having spent it on the couch.) It’s a future they haven’t lived in yet.

But they’ve already been considering the purchase for at least 20 minutes, possibly much longer, why should your question add to the situation? Because they can’t create that future on their own: they need your help. When you show up and ask the question, all the pieces line up to make this potential future a reality. It helps them step towards the future they want.

Suddenly, it’s real.

Sufi teachings, as well as quantum physics, teach us that reality is being created anew in every moment. We’re all 99.9% empty space, with some charged particles bouncing around inside. The experience of our physical reality is constantly in motion, being given life again and again and again in every new version of the Now.

Mostly we live in oblivion of this (thankfully). It would be pretty hard to get through the day if you had to experience the utter nothingness and miracle of rebirth every time you sit down to eat your grapefruit.

I’m not going to suggest that every time someone considers buying from you you need to deliver an ecstatic moment :-) . But I do believe that whenever we consider taking an action that could significantly change our lives, strong emotions come to the surface.

Your question is the catalyst.

When you ask the question, you suddenly took a powerful potentiality and –boom– solidifed it. And your future is at stake too- in a few minutes you may no longer have a couch, and your business may be $2000 richer.

Once you ask the question, the most effective thing you can do is give your potential customer the silent treatment. Just be quiet. Shhh. Zip it. Don’t say anything.


Shush! :-)

Why it’s so hard to stay silent: Sympathy versus Empathy

Sympathy is “feelings of pity and sorrow for another’s misfortune.” Empathy is “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.” Most of us are trained, in challenging situations, to go into sympathy.

Example of sympathy: “I’m so sorry the garbage truck smashed your car.” Example of empathy: “I saw what that truck did to your car. I’m guessing you are pretty angry and upset.”

The difference? The sympathetic statement focused on you- how you felt about your friend’s car. The empathy focused a statement of witnessing “I saw what the truck did to your car,” and then your best reasonable, heart-felt guess on how your friend feels about their own car. In sympathy, you steal the spotlight. Empathy you give the other person centerstage.

So how can you keep silent? And what does it have to do with your business?

Keys to the Silent Treatment, and an example

Is now the time to buy a new home – are mortgage rates going up or down

Is now the time to buy a new home – Are mortgage rates going up or down

It is often difficult to determine when to buy a new home.  Are current mortgage interest rates going to continue to rise or will they fall?  Should you wait to buy or should you buy now?

Trends reveal that home mortgage interest rates are going to rise soon.  Many people have been waiting for rates to fall because they are hoping to be able to refinance their mortgage rates.  Unfortunately, many financial experts believe the rates to rise until they are over 6%.  For the last thirty years, the downtrend has been working to the current level.

Some experts are afraid that double digits may even be possible for some homebuyers that wait.  With the recession on everyone’s mind, it would seem that the rates should go down as there is an abundance of properties on the market and people can afford to shop around for the best prices.  While this is true, it will be much harder for rates to continue to drop and interest rates should climb as the market bottoms out.

Many investors are buying up the properties in hopes that when the market turns (and it always does), they will be able to profit from the increase in sales.  The US Government continues to devalue the US dollar and it floats more debt to deal with the financial crisis.  The Federal Reserve is buying up many of the mortgages that are failing with the hopes of stopping the losses.  If the dollar continues to be devalued, inflation will be impacted and interest rates will once again rise, perhaps very quickly.

Consult a financial advisor before you make any decision that will affect you for such a long period.  However, the mortgage interest rates should continue to rise and home buyers may wish to buy now while they can take advantage of the lower rates.

How the cloud is transforming business intelligence

How the Cloud is Transforming Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence has traditionally been delivered as a set of tools that required a complex IT infrastructure of data warehouse and related tools, middleware, ERP integration and professional services and consulting expertise to identify and define appropriate metrics and determine the source of the data lying in the maze of ERP tables. The complexity of the entire business intelligence food chain coupled with the difficulty in creating new metrics and analyzing information from a business perspective has kept the adoption rate for business intelligence low and a top priority for CIOs for the past five years, according to Gartner Research.

Cloud computing enables the delivery of business intelligence as a service with enormous business value. The following are some of the key aspects of the new model for delivering business intelligence and the unmatched customer value:

  1. Simplification of customer IT requirements for business intelligence – no additional software or IT changes needed on premise for BI. The entire BI infrastructure now is in the cloud. Data sources such as ERP may remain on premise or in the cloud and are accessed directly.
  2. Implementation and deployment of business intelligence in production for any customer may be completed in a few hours with access to ERP data and other sources without straining IT resources or requiring professional services.
  3. Customers have immediate access to not just tools but dashboards with pre-packaged, performance metrics, trends and projections based on their ERP data along with powerful analytics tools to customize and collaborate on new metrics.
  4. Improved quality of service with continuous, painless product maintenance and upgrades, scalability combined with a secure, higher level of service backed by a written service level agreement. Improved customer service combined with easy to use, integrated web business intelligence ensures a higher adoption of BI in the enterprise.
  5. All of the above at a far more affordable price point than any on-premise alternative.

To fulfill the needs of the business user, business intelligence solutions must be lightweight (not have a heavy IT footprint), deliver critical information, be easy to use and not extract a heavy price. On premise tools have always been a small part of the large business intelligence puzzle. The cloud brings together more powerful IT capability, combines this with business services at an affordable, subscription price to deliver compelling value.

India real estate – buildings that will cause thousands of deaths incase of an quake

India Real Estate – Buildings That Will Cause Thousands of Deaths Incase of an Quake

Last two years has seen an increased number of conferences and workshops on earthquake risk mitigation and this has resulted in valued interaction amongst members of the scientific/engineering community specializing in earthquake related issues. Most of these formal gatherings have aimed at better understanding of earthquake effects on the built environment and the mitigation techniques that need to be adopted.

The engineering fraternity has been unanimous in identifying the building category which is considered the most vulnerable amongst all of the engineered buildings in our country today – ‘Buildings on Stilts’. A simpler explanation would be buildings that have an open ground floor area and which on most occasions are used as car park.

Constructing multi storey buildings with open ground floor is a common practice in all cities as the ground floor car park area is not counted in the building FAR/FSI by the municipality while sanctioning the plans.

If not all majority of the buildings on stilts will collapse in the event of a major quake whether it is zone 3, 4 or 5. To make matters worse all of these buildings are multi storey and hence the casualty rate would be much higher when compared to a low rise building.

The fatal casualties due to collapse of this single building type would be in thousands. What happened to buildings in Ahmedabad when an earthquake struck Bhuj is a live testimony.

One may ask is the Government aware of this grave problem and if so what’s it doing about it? However the answer is not as simple as even though the Government is fully conversant with the problem the Frankenstein has become so large that most feel it is an issue easier brushed under the carpet rather than have to deal with it.

The irony of the matter is that even though we are not ready to deal with this issue which has the potential of becoming a nightmare just yet, with each passing day it keeps getting bigger as more of the similar unsafe building stock is getting added to our cities.

The problem isn’t insurmountable if one has the resolve and approaches it in a systematic and time bound manner. To start with the Government will have to generate awareness amongst the masses through print and electronic media that all buildings on stilts be prima-fascia considered unsafe until a safety certificate is issued by a structural consultant. In most Indian cities multistory buildings are constructed and continue to be constructed on 9 to 12 inch thick columns which are highly inadequate even by Zone 3 standards. These buildings will come crashing down in the event of a major quake.

The Government should then ensure that the owners/occupants are guided to having a structural audit done for their building so as to positively identify those at risk that will need structural retrofit to upgrade.

Based on the computer analysis the engineer can recommend a retrofit methodology which can then be handed over to the owners of the building for implementation. Once this process is completed the responsibility of making the building safe should rest with the owners. As an incentive the Government can evaluate the possibility of tax incentives on the amount spent on retrofit.

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