How to make money and make a difference – part 2 of 2

How to Make Money and Make a Difference – Part 2 of 2

Looking for a way to earn money from home while making a difference in the world? If your search turned up futile for a home-based business with a mission for global change, you could always find an easy-to-run business that frees up more of your personal time, allowing you to contribute to causes you support. Alternatively, you can start your own business with a mission to make a difference. Here are some ideas to consider.

The Big Picture: What kind of difference do you want to make?

You could either approach this from looking at the world’s most prevalent problems (hunger, shelter, environmental, etc.) or you can target something you personally are passionate about (helping children, troubled teens, sports, crafts, nature preservation, etc.) and work from there. First, get an overview idea of how you would like to make an impact.

Get Specific

Once you have a global idea of what you’d like to do, get specific about how you want to contribute. For example, if you chose “the environment,” you might get more specific and say “recycling.” Now we can begin to see what kind of business you could craft around this specific aim.

Start Local

Even if you have aspirations of global change, it pays to start local. Gather your local resources, including family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and branch out to community leaders and decision-makers. Identify the greatest local problems involving your issue and make a list of potential solutions. For example, if the biggest recycling problem in your neighborhood is that most people don’t recycle, then think of some potential solutions. You may choose to interview some people to gather pertinent information (for example, go door to door in your neighborhood on recycle day, knock on doors where the recycle bin isn’t outside, and ask people what would it take for them to recycle consistently? Make a note of the answers you get and find a way to solve that problem.


Next, look at your list of solutions and see which ones could be monetized. This step may require input from a colleague or associate, or a business-minded person. This step focuses your attention on which solutions could become profitable (since the purpose of your business is to make money and make a difference). It might involve crafting and selling products made from recycled or sustainable materials, or it might involve providing a service or creating a completely new concept.

Global Impact

Before launching your business, consider its potential for global impact. If you truly want to make a difference on a global level, it would be wise to consider this angle before choosing a business name, creating marketing materials, or developing a brand. Leave yourself room for global expansion. For example, “Sacramento Recycling Solutions” doesn’t necessarily fit for a global company in the same way that “Recycled Solutions” would.

Good luck with your entrepreneurial endeavors and congratulations on your decision to make a difference.

How to use the law of attraction to create a fun and exciting retirement

How To Use the Law of Attraction To Create A Fun and Exciting Retirement

One of my friends recently held a best-and-final inventory close-out sale for her fireplace shop. The economy hadn’t been kind to her over the last three years, and it was heartbreaking to watch her fears accumulate as she thought of how to continue to support herself when her business of 33 years was no longer there. She needed to find a job for retirees, something ideal as a part time job for herself that would be ideal for retirees.

Using the Law of Attraction

I know that using the Law of Attraction to create her next business opportunity would be a wise way to open herself up to the good that can happen to her. I think of this Law as the invisible power behind all that happens in our lives. I know that harnessing its power to create what you want, to have your own desires manifest in the way that you’d most like, is eminently doable. It’s simply a matter of observing and then governing the manner in which we think. And if you’d enjoy creating a Law of Attraction career, understanding how your thought makes this law work can be most important.

Defining the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is today’s name for The Law of Cause and Effect. It sometimes looks as if things, events, and people come into our life from the outside of ourselves, in. The truth is, that we are actually creating those things with our thinking and they are being expressed (or, pressed out) from inside of us with our thought process.

It’s true that “what you think is what you get.” The words may seem trite but they pack a wallop of a message, because they contain the meaning of the Law of Cause and Effect or today’s Law of Attraction. Each of us is a thinker. We have been from the get go. Our thoughts have evolved from a simple “I am alive” to the more complex processes we go through now as adults.

We think in a three-step process, and this is the reason you’ll find so many things in our earth experience appearing in a trinity. They’re manifesting from what is our nature, out into our daily lives. When this trinity of thinking begins, you have a desire that wells up from inside of you. Instantaneously, the second part of the trinity happens – you begin to think about your desire. As you think through the process, you eventually come to a conclusion and this is the third part of the trinity. It’s also the part where the “magic” of the Law of Attraction happens and what you wanted in your desire, plus what you thought about it and came to a decision about, actually appears in your life.

You Can Only Think One Thought At A Time

One of the nicest, easiest parts about the Law of Attraction is that you can only think one thought at a time. It is our nature for things to happen easily, and only having to think one thought surely is easy. But the next nicest thing is that we can choose which thought to think! We can choose to think happy thoughts, sad thoughts, loving thoughts, angry thoughts, etc. I realize that you may think those thoughts happen automatically, but if you look more closely, you’ll see how your choice is in there. And that’s one of the greatest parts about the Law of Attraction: you can choose which one thought you will think! So if, like my retiring friend, you want a part time job, you can choose to think “I am attracting the perfect part-time job for retirees right now.” There is no limit to what you can choose to think for or about yourself.

What You Resist, Persists

I know how doubt can insidiously snake it’s way through your heart and mind. I know how you can craft arguments as to why the Law of Attraction can’t possibly work for you. I want to share this with you: whatever you are absolutely convinced about is what you get in your life. So, if you think this Law won’t work for you, it works by not working! And if you think it will work for you, it works by working. I cannot imagine why you wouldn’t want to test this and see if I’m right about this. Why not use a tool that can make your life easier – find that new job, gain a group of clients whom you’ll love – rather than hunkering down and be fiercely determined this doesn’t work? If you are able to reason about your doubts, and if you can tell yourself that it is okay to be successful, you will be, and I would personally love that.

Be Appreciative Now

If you want a wonderfully practical way to test The Law of Attraction to see if it has any validity, I’ve got a great proposal for you. Begin today to meander through all the areas of your life and jot down some notes for things for which you are grateful. Go ahead. It’s painless! How about that nice toaster that made you toast for breakfast? Aren’t you grateful for it? And the convenience of having a pantry in your kitchen? And the love of your pets when you feed them? What about the afghan you have on your leather chair so the shock of sitting down on these chilly mornings is eliminated?

Do you see what I mean? Just the everyday things that are there that you don’t normally think about, but you use them all the time. If you will make a list of all that you are grateful for, here’s what will really be happening:

* You’ll be thinking thoughts of gratitude.

* You’ll become convinced that you have a great deal to be grateful for.

* Your conviction will begin to formulate into more things for which you can then be grateful, and if my experience is anything to lean on, one of those things will be your new part time job for as a retiree.

If you follow my suggestions, you’ll be putting the Law of Attraction into use toward your career. Your business opportunities will blossom into that part time job for retirees you so desire, and I know that many other opportunities to use this law will occur to you in the process of your life itself.

Internet marketing tips to make money online

Internet Marketing Tips To Make Money Online

All is not lost… because practically anyone is able to make some kind of income online. Keep in mind, though, that we all started where you are right now. Please don’t buy into the hype and misinformation that you’ll make a ton with your very first website… anything’s possible, but that’s highly unlikely. You can, though, find any number of ways to make some cash online.

You can open an ecommerce store, consult, freelance, or make doodads in your basement during your spare hours – it’s really only limited to your imagination. Fine… now we’ll forge ahead and talk about some things new IM Learn Guitar Online marketers can think about and maybe use with online business.

Make your own products and sell them through sites like Etsy. If you’re good at crafts, then Etsy was created specifically to help you make money online. Sites like these were created to cater for those people who love crochet, knitting, scrapbooking, jewelry making and other craft-related hobbies. You might prefer to create your own website and sell your creations directly from there. With a site of your own, you won’t be paying commissions to a middle-man site. With a range of physical products like this, you can earn money offline as well as online.

Software can make you money. Software is an easy seller because it does work that usually has to be done manually. There are so many unique approaches that can be taken with developing software; just make sure it is something that people want first. You need a product and then you need to figure out how to sell it. With some e-mail marketing and some online promotions, you could earn quite a lot of money through your software and application sales. These are the projects that, when set up correctly, actually can make you money while you sleep. You can use third-party services that will automate your business by granting access to the buyer after the purchase is completed; this way you won’t spend hours on sending the product yourself.

Sell photographs. Digital photos is a hot commodity; so many people need fresh photographs for all types of things so sell yours to a stock photography site. Even amateur photographers can make money by uploading their photos to stock photography sites. Some sites make payouts when a user downloads your photo. If you ever thought about becoming a photographer then this can be a way to get your feet wet. If you are already a professional than this is a powerful technique to spread samples of your work all across the web. When you start looking into it, you’ll find that there are many ways to make money in internet marketing. The ones mentioned here are all good to start out with. Being a successful online Learn Guitar Online marketer takes a certain amount of creative and original thinking. Don’t limit yourself, but be open to trying as many ways to make money as you can think of. This way you stand a better chance of turning a profit!

Interior painting

Interior painting

Considering the painting the house is more horrible thing that going to dentist. But you can’t live with stark white walls. A lots of changing happened but the craftsmanship and the quality material has been changed. Since the tool of the painting remains the same like surface, texture and technique. But it’s the house that gives you pleasure of comfort and the sense of security from the hectic long stress work and traffic.

Research shows that there are few colors that effects our psychology, means give us some sense of coolness and some a kind of affection. So choosing the right mood for the painting with colors is very important which will add values to your home.

So choosing the right color is most important thing considering the color of the furniture, how that color you choose stands with the lights as day passes and at night time. When think of the color just think of the different you are living with them. There are different types of the paint which needed to be decided wisely such as Satin, Flat, Gloss, Flat Paints, and Semi-Gloss. Satin as name indicates are better then Flat paints because has quality of easy cleaning. While other tow Gloss and the Semi-Gloss are more resilient and durable.

Some people see plant and the brushes to paint walls most see them in depth and adding texture to the walls. Such a thing is done by doing Faux Painting, Wall Stenciling, Cloth Stamping, and Rubber Stamping. Seening thses techniques of painting seem to fun but living with them for long term is not so fun.

Home owner with the paint and brush is able to handle an interior painting with ease. Only the most complex and highly structured would have be advantage from the professional but as far as home interior is concern the painting techniques are not a lot of the one’s reach.

Jewelry box – a gift box for all

Jewelry Box – A Gift Box For All

Since then, jewelry boxes are used by early middle class people. The evolution of these items are crafted by skilled craftsmen and initiated by manufacturers to provide decorative items and accessories for people including other important commodities needed for everyday living. Today, the continuing growth of jewelry boxes are unstoppable. Designers created different styles and design for their pieces each year.

The luxurious appeal of jewelry box always captivate any attention, both men and women loved its exquisiteness. This accessory was typically bought with the purpose of keeping valuable jewelries safe and secure. You can find most women buying this items compared to men. Mostly, jewelry boxes can be found at jewelry stores and antique stores, however with each year’s growth of demand, even small store outlets flooded their offered boxes with variety of prices. Also, online stores are taking the lead when talking today’s shopping option trend. An advantage of shopping online is, online stores can offer wider variety of selection to choose from, from simple boxes to elegant ones. They are of different prices as well, but compared to local stores, online stores are far more better with cheaper price than them.

You can find lots of variety for these items, this is why gift giver are indulging with different appeal of when holidays or events are approaching. During weddings, a jewelry box can make an elegant gift for grooms and brides, as well as couple’s gift for their participants and parents. Other situation where these items can make a wonderful gift is during birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and can even make a special present to acknowledge someone’s achievement like gift for boss, for a colleague, co-employee and the like. The options for different choices are all yours, all you will need to do is to find what would be an ideal design or style of jewelry box for a certain receiver. Example, if your receiver is a business-minded person, therefore you should pick more classy and elegant look box. It obvious that professionals have this classy and elegant lifestyle, so it would be best if your gift can reflect to your receiver’s personality. After all, you want to give a gift to make him or her special, isn’t it.

If you opt for special kind of jewelry box, personalized choices are perfect to deal with. What makes a personalized jewelry box special is that, it can give a one of a kind appeal to your gift plus the idea of making it personalized can give a sense of deep sentiment to your receiver. You can find others with different personal touch of designs like photos . This gives reason for people to give personalized gifts for their friends and loved ones. Several personalized option are available worldwide. You may consider an Oval Jewelry Box, Photo Jewelry Box, Personalized Square Keepsake Box and other styles like jewelry roll, travel jewelry cases, valet trays and drawers.

These are all perfect to give as gifts for retirement, gifts for executive, special present for husband or wife, for kids and for others whom these boxes are intended to be given.

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