Legal translation service – what you need to know

Legal translation service – what you need to know

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When it comes to translating a document, you have two choices: You may go to a self-proclaimed talented freelancer or you may approach a reputable company that follows industry standards. Costs of working with a freelancer may be less, but the risks are proportionally higher. A sad experience of Coors illustrated this, when their ‘Turn it loose’ slogan ended up as ‘Suffer from Diarrhea’. Talk about being lost in translation!

However, when it comes to legal documents, there is only one smart choice, and that is working with certified and experienced translators. Since law is very much dependent on the culture of the land and on the particular subject that is dealt with by the document, inaccurate or wrong translation may have dire consequences. That is why businesses invariably turn to reputable translation companies that work with certified and experienced translators.

Legal translation services may be required by any business or individual, though they are most commonly required by law offices and courts, especially for court proceedings on an international level. So, when lawyers deal with foreign documents, legal translation services are a must. What’s more, if the translated document is to be legally valid in another country, it has to be translated and certified by a “sworn translator”.

A sworn translator is a person who has been certified by his or her country’s government with the power to execute a sworn translation. This is different from a certified translation. In the latter case, the translator is highly competent and is a member of an association or club (like the American Translators Association in the US). While this offers a guarantee of the quality of work, it is not legally binding. The document may be well translated, but it will not have any legal validity. A legal translation service will provide you with a translated document that bears the seal of a local civil court which identifies the translator as being a sworn translator. Any translation that is produced by a sworn translator may be deemed as being a legal document when it bears the official seal and signature. Every page of such a document will be signed and sealed in this manner.

Most businesses documents need legal translation services only for certain documents that require legal validity in a foreign language. For instance, a translated birth certificate, degree certificate, patent certificate, proof of identity, official documents or a company’s articles of association require legal translation services when they are rendered into a foreign language. Only then will such documents be accepted as being legally valid in the foreign country.

As businesses grow, the demand for corporate documents to be legally translated is on the rise. Sworn translations may be more expensive but it is the very nature of accuracy and legal validity that make them costly. And smart businesses are happy to shell out the extra price. Better safe than sorry, especially for legal documents.

Italian translation into english of the seasons

Italian Translation Into English Of The Seasons

I have a great love for all things Italian. I work in a translation agency dealing with Italian English language combination projects, I am getting fat on Italian food and I am even marrying a fantastic Italian girl, who is also a translator.

So I hope to bring to you in this article not only an Italian English translation of the text. But also, a feel of the Italian culture and way of life.

Italian Names for the Seasons – la primavera, l’estate, l’autunno, l’inverno

The English Translations are:


la primavera—Spring




In Italian the names of seasons (i stagioni) are not capitalized.

Now lets add some culture and lifestyle to this translation;

la primavera—Spring

The scent of flowers arrives in your house. The days start to get longer. The fog in Bolgna will start to decrease and you will be less neccessary to have extra clothes when you walk (caminare) in the evening to get an icecream (gelato).

Already, the whole of Italy is getting ready for the summer. In the south they may already be getting on the beach some weekends.

Another funny side I have discovered is that some of the Italians I know (boys and girls) are already planning on getting rid of their girlfriends / boyfriends so that they won’t be restricted from the pleasures of summer.

When I think of an English Spring I remember a saying my mother as always said ‘March comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lion’ Meaning it will start nice, but end with the roar of storms.


In the summer the Italians are all heading for the beach. Italy is long and narrow looking like a ladies boot. As such, you are genereally no more then 45 minutes from the beach.

Most Italian have a selection of beaches they use. The beach of the family, the beach where they meet their friends and the beach where they go to see and be seen!


Autumn is generally a little depressing in most countries. The days are becoming shorter and the days on the beach are less and less inviting.

However, Italians love to party and the harvests create a cause for many regional celebrations. So I actually love this Italian season. Its cooler so you get to catch up on what you have put off through the heat of summer.


Well……again Italy is long and narrow and shaped like a boot as it has been formed by the merging of tetonic plates. This has resulted in a country that has mountains down its middle.

So the Italians, like many English, are generally off to the ski slopes. But unlike the English most Italians are only an hour from the slopes so they are able to go skiing most weekends.

I do hope you have enjoyed my article on the Italian seasons and the translation provided.

How corporate relocation services help your staff

How Corporate Relocation Services Help Your Staff

With the expansion of the global economy and more businesses competing for the international market, corporate relocation is becoming commonplace profit-making strategy. Major corporations have branched their products and services throughout the world and in places located in the southern portions of England, Kent being one that stands out. Companies may also relocate to various parts of the UK – that’s easier, as it’s within the same country, but there is still an awful lot to be considered in any such move. That’s why corporate relocation services can become an invaluable help to you.

Corporate relocation services offer a wide range of national and international move packages to accommodate practically every relocation need. For example, some corporate relocation services will assist your company in the acquisition of and office and/or building space. These corporate relocation services have extensive experience in the negotiation processes of purchase agreements throughout the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.

Another concern for many corporations considering an international move is the issue of re-establishing their IT systems in the new location. Many corporate relocation services will provide IT managers to assist your company in establishing its IT network. These technicians are highly skilled in the packing, unpacking and reconnection of your information systems and are generally assigned exclusively to your company until your transition is complete. That way there are no competing needs and everything can be tailored towards your deadline. If there are any problems or difficulties, staff can be on hand to deal with them quickly and efficiently.

Anytime a company makes an international move they will need to consider hiring new employees from the community to which they are moving into. Some corporate relocation companies have specialized departments just for this purpose. The staff members of these departments are skilled employment recruiters and will be able to advertise available positions, interview potential candidates, and make referrals to the human resource personnel of your company.

Of course, often when a company relocates some of the key staff and personnel must move with the company. When this happens it becomes necessary for the company to consider not only the transporting of these individuals, but also their housing needs must be addressed. Corporate relocation services can help with this concern by locating and establishing temporary or permanent housing arrangements for all of your personnel. They will also coordinate the packing and storage of household goods from the departure point, and the unpacking at your destination.

Schooling for children of employees can be another consideration for top management to address when making the preparations for a corporate relocation. Addressing family needs and related issues can help retain quality employees who might otherwise be undecided about making such a major change in their lives. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that corporate relocation services can be of tremendous assistance in this area. Some relocation firms will assign staff members to your transition specifically to ensure a smooth transition for your employees and their families, to include locating schools for the children of your employees.

Sometimes when a business moves any number of employees to a new location, especially if that move entails relocating to a foreign land, the employees of that company will need some education and training about the people and culture of the area to which the company is moving to. Many international corporate relocation companies provide programs and training workshops just for this purpose. They can teach your employees some of the basic language, introduce the types of currency used, and provide history and cultural information about the area to which your company is moving.

Land for sale

Land for Sale

When it comes to buying land for your dream home or for recreational purpose, there are some great tracts of land, which can really convince you to buy them and if not buying, at least checking them out. To know more about these beautiful tracts of land, read the article below.

You might be confused about which real estate we are talking about in these recessionary times, then we must let you know about the land in Oklahoma. If you are planning of buying a piece of land for your new home or for recreational purpose, then Oklahoma is well suited for you. Oklahoma is the best place, known for its natural resources and land on sale.

Oklahoma has a diverse and rich history, with various different resources and cultures which converged together years ago.

The “all-in-one” city deals mainly in oil, petroleum and natural gas. It is popularly known as a recession free city in America as here the US government provides pretty good jobs to people who are unemployed. Moving forward from these serious details, there are some interesting things to do in the city, as well.

Even if you have come to Oklahoma for an official purpose, the city will make your official trips very lively. One feels lucky to stay in Oklahoma as it has a lot to give, from recreational activities to wildlife hunting, mountain trekking, fishing which give immense peace and fun while staying there. One can have a broader information about the various beautiful landscapes in Oklahoma by putting in simple keywords land for sale in Oklahoma.

Well, it is an interesting fact that when one starts staying in Oklahoma, his nights can never go boring. A place called ” Danny’s Blues Saloon” is one of the most exciting places to chill out at night since it has a pert ambiance with soft music playing all the time, one can enjoy his time and can really make it a successful night out. Besides the night spots, it also has very beautiful parks and gardens.

But yes, apart from these entertaining things, one must check out for the local utilities as well. Like electricity, water and other necessary things. And, this should be checked out whether these utilities are accessible from the area one is likely to buy. As if there are no basic facilities around the area where one is staying then there is no point of being there at all.

And if one does not find the appropriate land he needs, then he may switch to a land for sale in Missouri. Well, Missouri is undoubtedly a rich and wonderful place to visit or for buying a tract of land.

A home in Missouri that is overlooking a river, sounds great, right? Then why not try it out too. Missouri is a blend of natural resources and civic facilities and to enjoy the pleasing valleys, rivers and wildlife in Missouri, one can really invest his money here without any qualms.

But for this, one needs to be selective of his preferences like county, price, acreage, property type and other important utilities. The types of properties include large tracts of land, lots, farms and ranches, which accommodate everything from investments to agricultural use.

Hence, while making a choice about buying a land in any area, one must know the type of land he needs and the utilities related to it.

Is it time to quit, or are you simply afraid

Is it Time to Quit, or are You Simply Afraid?

Copyright (c) 2008

“You give up too easily,” is what my 10-year old next door neighbor, Mike, told me in 1972 or so when I wanted to quit playing our game of chase. I couldn’t seem to tag him “out” as the last player the game, despite my best efforts of 10 minutes of trying. Of course, I vigorously denied that accusation, but have been given cause to think about what he told more than once, especially recently.

In my teens and early 20s, I was the most goal-driven, type A personality of anyone that I knew. Whatever I wanted, I set a goal to achieve it, no matter what. And, to my credit, that determination helped me a great deal. It helped me find a way to pay for 2 college degrees without any help or support from my parents, who thought college was a complete waste of time. It gave me the courage to move to take my first professional job in the northeast U.S., a “foreign country,” as I thought of it at the time, since I’d never stepped foot out of southern culture. That move that opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking and of doing things. At that time in my life, failure wasn’t an option. And, I most certainly viewed quitting as failure.

And, through the school of hard knocks in the subsequent years, I became intimately acquainted with failure. I “quit” both of my college degrees, as I discovered too late that I was bored out of my mind with my choice of my bachelor’s degrees (Speech Pathology/Audiology), and then stayed in a job too long and suffered from severe burnout so that I “quit” my career afforded me by my master’s degree in higher education administration and completely left the field. I then started a business in the crafts industry but “quit” that when it was no longer fun, and I realized that I didn’t really have the skills to pull it off.

My life was in shambles at the time, as I desperately searched for what I wanted to do when I grew up, and when I finally latched onto the notion of starting my own business as a virtual assistant, my marriage couldn’t take the strain of that decision. So, I decided to “quit” my marriage and ask for a divorce and move back to my home state of Texas and reinvent myself. A few years later, after successfully launching my business, I decided to relocate to Arkansas in pursuit of another business opportunity, which turned out to be yet another failure, and I “quit” that as well.

I spent much of this time second-guessing myself and my decisions, wondering if I was quitting too soon because the going got rough and I was afraid, or if it was just really time to quit and move on. I discovered that I wasn’t alone in my thinking when I recently read Seth Godin’s book, The Dip. He defines the dip as a temporary setback that you will overcome if you keep pushing. So starting a new business venture is fun and thrilling in the beginning, but after two or three years, it can become very hard and not much fun at all. But, on the other side starting a successful business, most people can see that they are changed for the better, have learned much along the way, and are hopefully making money from the venture.

So, how do you decide if you’re simply in a dip, or if you really need to quit? Godin says you need to make two considerations: 1. Do you have the resources to get through it? and 2. Is it worth what it will take?

As I evaluated my “quitting” as described above, it occurred to me that the answer in all cases to both questions was a loud and clear “No!” Why? Because I’d been secretly settling for mediocrity all along. It was time to quit when the things I was measuring weren’t improving, and I simply couldn’t find anything better to measure. Most importantly, the sick feeling in my gut that I experienced at the time at the thought of continuing wouldn’t let me continue.

I’ve had moments of panic and fear along my journey, as well, and trying to distinguish between the fear and when I’m at a dead-end has been difficult. What have I discovered? The difference between a dead-end and a dip. The dead-end won’t get better, no matter how much I try, and the dip makes me feel panicked and scared because I know that I will be great at something and that scares the hell out of me because it pushes me completely outside my comfort zone. More importantly, in a dip, I’ve realized that the end justifies the means.

I’m currently involved in moving a business venture extensively outside my comfort zone, and it scares me to death. I often wake up in the middle of the night thinking, “What, are you crazy? You have no idea about what you’re doing. Everyone is going to figure out that you’re completely clueless — a complete fake.”

And that tells me that I’m right on course for success.

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