Leather conference folders or e

Leather Conference Folders or E.Leather Conference Folders? The Facts and Figures

Leatherette could be a thing of the past once the amazing E.Leather fabric is more widely known throughout the Promotional Merchandise world. This article gives you all the facts you need to help you make a choice next time you are asked for Real Leather products.

1. Where does E.Leather come from?

E.Leather is a by-product of numerous manufacturing process where leather is used. The basic materils is extracted from excess trims of leather, split hides and leather shavings all of which were previouslyy discarded as general rubbish. An amazing 83% recycled leather content is created when these scraps of leather are intergrated with a textile core and most importantly no adhesives are used in the process.

2. Is the manufacturing process Environmentally Friendly?

The production process uses a state of the art Thermal Oxidiser that meets stringent EC regulations, this process recovers the solvents used as energy thereby reducing natural gas use by 50/70%. In addition the use of our air to air heat exchangers also recovers significant amounts of energy. Gas is used for drying heat which reduces CO2 emissions per KW by up to 50%. All the electric motors used in the process are low energy, high efficiency units and are rated at EFF1 where available. The resulting product is supplied on rolls which ensures minimal wastage with a very high cutting yield. Constant reviews of production processes are expected to shortly result in a closed loop recycling process.

3. How is E.Leather actually manufactured?

The shavings, trimmings and off cuts are collected and ground down to produce individual leather fibres. A strong textile core is laid between two webbed rolls- the top layer is formed of fibres from shavings and the bottom layer is formed of fibres from trimmings and hides. The leather fibre webs are interlinked with the textile core using the process of hydro-entanglement. This process excludes the use of any adhesives and helps in giving the fabric a natural feel. The fabric is then dyed and afterwards dried and colour coated.

4. What colours and Textures are available for E. Leather Conference Folders?

There is a standard stock range of colours that is wide enough to cater for 99% of all requirements however Pantone matching to corporate colours can be easily achieved subject to minimum quantities. Texture is very important with especially with leather and there will be different requirements depending upon the use that the E.Leather is put to. For example you are unlikely to want a very soft, light finish when making promotional drinks coasters whilst a fashion handbag would feel very uncomfortable manufactured from a firm unyielding finish. It is possible to create a number of different grain finished with this process which adds yet another dimension to this excellent fabric.

5. Give me some good reasons why E.Leather should be my preferred choice.Leather for my next order of Conference Folders

1. E.Leather is an Environmentally friendly product 2. The finish is totally consistent and has no marks or blemishes 3. Because it is made on rolls it is cost efficient in terms of cutting yield 4. It is very durable and has excellent fire retardant properties 5. E.Leather can be dyed to match any pantone colour. Designers can create endless variations of grain finish and colour 7. It’s easy to wipe surface makes cleaning it a simple task. The manufacturing process reduces is extremely Eco friendly 9. Manufacture is in the UK so minimising the associated Carbon Footprint 10. The fabric lends itself to numerous branding techniques

There is no doubt that E.Leather is here to stay and from an environmental point of view that is a very good thing. Buyers of Real Leather products should think seriously in future about making a preferred choice between both products. It’s not for me to make that choice for you but do please consider who you are buying these Leather Conference Folders for and what is their position in relation to the environment. If they are pro environment which they should be then by supplying them with an E.Leather product you will be demonstrating the fact that you are cognisant of their stance and are prepared to go out of your way to support it.

How to stay in business during a recession

How to Stay in Business During a Recession

Recession. If you read the papers or watch television, it’s everywhere. Bailouts and large scale layoffs have either happened already or are looming on the horizon. As a small business owner, you are probably wondering if there is a way to survive this downturn. Although there are some serious things we have to deal with in the economy, there are things that can be done to keep your business up and running.

Cut utilities

Straight up, something that every business can do is to reduce their energy usage. Be conscious of your energy output. Reduce your energy usage by turning off lights, changing to energy efficient light bulbs, buying energy efficient business machines, and installing good insulating window treatments to reduce overnight heating costs. It can really contribute to the bottom line of not just your business but the environment.

Do what worked when you first started

Once business people start to become successful, it’s not uncommon to stray from what made them successful in the first place. During a recession, it can be easy to get caught up in the panic of doom and gloom. However, if you remember what worked to create revenue when you first started then that can make a huge difference. I remember hearing a story about a Boston business man that had a huge company that generated a lot of income with a lot of employees. He was the president. However, every morning for two hours he would make cold calls to new customers just like the rookies he hired. Why? Because it worked! That’s how he generated revenue when he was small and he HAD to get on the phone every day.

Make the Internet your friend

I know it’s convenient to be able to hire somebody to do all your technology for you, but it’s also a big expense. Learning how to use the Internet to boost up your business during a recession can likely save you some money! I know there are tons of you out there that have a fear of technology. I was no different than you. It can seem like a huge hurdle to simply navigate a website. But there is no need to fear this. You don’t have to be a technology wizard to get benefit from the Internet. There are reputable sites like Linked In that can increase your business connections. Yahoo! Groups has a variety of different groups that can possibly connect your business to new clients. The benefit of these sites is two fold: it will increase your exposure as a business and it’s FREE! Not to mention that you will increase your knowledge of technology by getting on these sites.

These are only three of many things that you can do to make your business get more exposure and survive through the down times in an economy. If you think about being careful with your energy expenditures, sticking to the basics of what worked when you first started your business and getting hooked up with online communities, you may increase your chances of staying afloat through a recession.

John moore can provide houston window replacement

John Moore Can Provide Houston Window Replacement

Thinking about ways to reduce those high energy bills? Consider John Moore Services’ Houston window replacement. Using new vinyl double pane Energy Star qualified windows and doors, John Moore can provide Houston window replacement that will highlight the beauty of your home and help lower bills, too. With heating and cooling in Houston costing so much, anything that can help relieve the strain of high bills is a blessing. With our Houston window replacement, we use Energy Star windows with Low E coating. This will absorb the heat and reflect UV rays resulting in you having to use less energy to heat your home or cool it off. Also, with our Houston window replacement, your furniture can stop fading thanks to Energy Star windows protecting them up to 75 percent. Window replacement in Houston is easy with John Moore Services. It is a wise choice for those who are looking for ways to save money, have a beautiful home and protect the environment all in one. Having your windows replaced can do so much for your home. Try our Houston window replacement today and start lowering those high energy bills.

Reduce Energy Bills by 15 Percent
There are lots of benefits to using our Houston window replacement service. By installing vinyl double pane windows and doors with Low E glass, you energy bills can go own by as much as 15 percent. This can result in huge savings for you especially during a tight economy. Houston window replacement with John Moore Services can be just the thing to help lower bills and make your home more comfortable than you ever imagined. Another aspect to our Houston window replacement is the fact our windows come with multi-chambered vinyl frames that insulate your home from unwanted noise. Our windows are also security laminated for better protection. Our Houston window replacement service is geared toward keeping your home comfortable, lowering your bills and looking great as well. Try our Houston window replacement service today.

Expert Installers Will Do the Job
When you decide to get Houston window replacement from John Moore, our expert installers will arrive at your home to do a free in-home consultation. Then, they will see what you need, inspect the current doors and windows, give an estimate and clean up when they are finished. There are lots of good things about our Houston window replacement. If you would like to try our window replacement in Houston, call us today. For more on our Houston window replacement, just browse through our web site.

How to get your money worth: choose the right energy provider

How To Get Your Money Worth: Choose The Right Energy Provider

Energy has become one of the basic requirements of life, in lieu with a good home, a good job and a good car. When every electronic appliances and gadget needs energy, you should be ready to find the ways to save money while choosing the right energy provider.

Texas is one such state in USA, where the government has de-regularized the energy sector. In layman terms, this means that the consumer, that is you, have myriad options to choose your Texas energy provider. This selection of the right energy provider will mean that you are getting the best services, at the best cost, and the best part of all this is that you are going to choose it!

At present, there are numerous Texas energy providers, vying for a place in your home. Most of them are attractive with the lowest rates and as assurance of the best services. However, you need to be very judicial while choosing one among them, as your selection will not only bring that energy provider right to your home, but also you are going to pay them the monthly bills and going to use their services for most of the crucial tasks. There are many instances wherein you did your part of choosing the best provider, but the first bill brought in with itself a lot of surprise charges, which you were unaware of . Popularly called hidden charges, these are a nuance in the energy sector. So, why not select the right energy provider to have a hassle free and economical transaction for days to come.

To assist the consumer in selecting the right energy provider, there are many energy aggregators and agents, which guide you and show you the correct path. These act like a negotiator between you and the energy provider, and help you to find the best among the lot. Texas energy rates are constantly observed by the negotiators, and based on that you are provided the right information while making the final choice. Besides this, you are also assured that there are no hidden charges, and that you always get the best services.

Is it possible to balance money with ethics

Is it Possible to balance Money with Ethics

If you thought ethics and money can never go hand in hand, think again. With terms like sustainable food and ethical consumption gaining worldwide attention, millions of investors across the world are making investment decisions that will reflect their values. They are supporting business organizations that have been able to strike a balance between profit making and social responsibility. The fact that the financial bottom line is no more the sole criteria to measure the success of investment decisions, the concept of ethical investment has gained tremendous popularity in the last few years.

Ethical investment has resulted in a “triple bottom line” under which economic, social and environmental consequences are taken into serious consideration in the process of investment. Sustainable investment is all about knowing what your money is doing. It goes beyond the sole objective of expecting a reasonable return on the money being invested.

Religious organizations making moral based investment is a thing of the past.  Sustainable investment may have reached the common investor after a long time but it seems this concept is now here to stay. Number of individual stocks and collective funds are available out there for people who want to invest with a conscience. However, experts recommend investors to determine their attitude to risk before putting money into companies with high risk factor such as renewable energy. Every ethical fund has different goals and policies and it is essential to conduct a research and choose the one which meets your requirements.

Environmental and government laws target business activities that are exploiting and polluting natural resources but what about the mutual funds, pension plans and banks that are providing finance to such companies? Integrating ethics and investment together is not as hard as projected by many companies. Its time investors realize the impact of funding businesses that are adding up to climate change and carbon footprint. Worse might follow if financial institutions fail to exercise any reforms in saving the economy from the climate crisis. More investment needs to be directed towards good work and making a positive difference to the environment and communities.

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