How to make $250,000 a year

How to Make $250,000 a Year

Wanna know how to make $250,000+/year? If you read this article and use the methods I describe below, I’ll show you how. First, let me describe the free home business SFI. SFI stands for “Strong Future International” and was founded by Gery Carson back in 1998. SFI supplies everything you would need to get started including: a free website, free money making course ($295 value) and 100′s of different products to choose from.

You can even sign up with SFI for free. I have been a SFI member for a little over a year now and have seen my monthly income increase every month as I remain an active Executive Affiliate. You can become an Executive Affiliate by either purchasing products for yourself, selling products to people you know, or checking out the SFI Affiliate Center for tons of different ways to market this opportunity online or offline.

The best part of SFI is it’s Network Builder Program, where you join a team of highly committed Executive Affiliates, all team members using teamwork and cooperating with each other, each member of the team focusing on a plan to help each other make money.

Step 1) First, set up a Standing Order for yourself to SFI’s amazingly helpful and highly useful marketing and information resource IAHBE. This subscription costs you just $29.95 each month. It also makes you an Executive Affiliate. It locks in your position in SFI’s company Powerline. You get an Executive Bonus which makes your effective cost for IAHBE only about $20. Most importantly, becoming EA makes you eligible for a possible monthly income of $25,000 or more by this time in 2 years.

2) Second, join SFI’s EyeEarn Advertising Co-op. This costs you just $20.00 one-time for life. EyeEarn causes new affiliates, sponsored by you, to be deposited into your ever-increasing downline every month. These people, having become exposed to SFI and this plan that you share with them, will follow your example and become EA, if you and they do what the plan is asking you each to do.

3) Lastly, share this document with every affiliate you’ve personally sponsored, your PSAs. It is recommended that you do this on at least a weekly basis. This is quite easy to do by using the group email facility you can find at your Genealogy webpage to email them this document or the link to it.

Now, a very attainable goal, achieved by using and showing this plan, is a minimum of 10 EAs sponsored by you each month, at least 10 new EAs coming to work with you on your ever-growing team.

Immediately you’ll be a Team Leader earning lucrative Executive Matches and Team Matches, in addition to your guaranteed commission, your monthly Executive Bonus for being EA.

The following figures come from SFI’s Earnings Calculator which you can see and use for yourself on the Comp Plans webpage, near the bottom of the page, at the SFI Affiliate Center.

T-NET 2.0 Compensation Plan Earnings Calculator (10×10)

Based on the information you entered, your estimated commissions will be:

$279.00 per month after 6 months ($3,348.00/yr)
$5,301.00 per month after 12 months ($63,612.00/yr)

How to do better business

How To Do Better Business

“When you desire to perform a establishment, study to how to communicate and take a pleasant bond with the others”. From many famous businessmen, business leader, I got this advice. Together with this advice, I collected many constructive tips instead of liability a better establishment. Share them at this juncture:

Tip individual: Networking is very influential as soon as you build up your establishment. This is an actual way to promote your sales or service. Find as many likelihood as you can to develop your association. So long as you take occasion, take part in the parties, meetings, exhibitions, expositions and the like, all the activities connected to your establishment.

Tip two: Learn to supervise your team well, and build a strong team with a skilled team spirit. Team spirit is the soul of a team, which makes it alive. Otherwise, the team will be like a walking corpse.

Tip three: Learn to employ the authentic person to perform the authentic machine. It seems to it is connected to recruitment. However, it is really having something to perform a better establishment. On the individual supply, you can save money, on the other supply, you can persuade the jobs completed well, and to your satisfaction.

Tip four: Learn to praise your employees, while law your company with strict rules. Let the rules punish the ones who offend the rules, and refusal need to scold them. Help them to investigate the problems, and praise folks who are liability a pleasant job.

Tip five: You need to drudgery even harder to rigid an case to your team. You may possibly tag along you if you are working at the same time with them. It is pitiless to keep this kind of rapport with them. If you are too close to them, they will not respect you. If you are far away from them, you will know fewer on them. So, keep a distance but be friendly with them for the most part of the calculate.

Tip six: It is compulsory in support of you to gain the evaluation coordination amenable to them, exposition and place.

Evaluation coordination goes well and installation like a supervisor. Let the employees know on them, and they will make it to them the ruler in support of them to check if they are responsibility fine.

Many more tips may possibly be untaken by the other links. The more than mentioned are from me. Wish they can be nifty to you.

Hp will build the software outsourcing center in suzhou

Hp Will Build The Software Outsourcing Center In Suzhou

Hewlett-Packard Company and Suzhou Municipal Government signed a memorandum of understanding on July 16, 2009. Under the MOU, one of the world’s largest IT companies, the world’s leading outsourcing companies – Hewlett-Packard, will be invested in Suzhou, China and around the world for the world-class software outsourcing centers in China and overseas customer service, help Suzhou become a leading city of service outsourcing and speed up service outsourcing in Suzhou industrial and regional economic growth.

Of Suzhou Municipal Committee, deputy secretary, Mayor Yan Li, said: “Through the cooperation with HP, Suzhou, continued innovation will be able to maintain the leading position in the field of outsourcing services. But will the Suzhou Industrial Park to create a ‘Digital Park’ co-operation, will through information technology to further enhance the city’s comprehensive competitiveness. ”

HP’s software outsourcing center in Suzhou will be dedicated to domestic and international clients providing application consulting, design, development, testing, implementation and management services. HP’s presence is expected to further boost to HP partners and other service outsourcing enterprises have settled down in Suzhou, the formation of a multiplier effect in order to strengthen the field of service outsourcing in Suzhou in the leadership.

Hewlett-Packard’s vice president of China Hewlett-Packard Co., HP’s CEO & China Enterprise Computing and professional services group, Foo Piau Phang, General Manager, said: “HP is confident and Suzhou City to work together to build the software outsourcing center in China’s leading outsourcing service center 1. “He pointed out that HP’s software outsourcing center will also recruit and train local talents to equip them with the same people and the developed countries the same IT skills in order to promote sustainable development outsourcing center in Suzhou.

How to develop and stick to an agenda for your meetings

How To Develop And Stick To An Agenda For Your Meetings

Excerpted from The Truth About Getting your Point Across…And Nothing But the Truth

A colleague of mine was responsible for running a bi-weekly two-hour team meeting. He took great care to develop a very full, detailed agenda. As we would get into the meeting, it would only take us getting to agenda item one before the meeting was behind schedule. During the entire time that my colleague ran these meetings, we never got more than halfway through the agenda before adjourning. The team got so used to not making it through the agenda that there wasn’t even an attempt to try to stay on schedule. The agenda and associated times were completely unrealistic and were worthless as a meeting management tool.

An effective agenda goes beyond start time, location, topics, and durations. Effective agendas do the following:

* Support the meeting purpose

* Set the expectations of attendees as to what will be discussed

* Inform attendees of any preparation that will be required prior to the meeting

* Give the meeting leader a roadmap for driving the agenda

* Permit adequate time to cover each item

* Allow the meeting leader to adjust the agenda easily if the meeting gets behind schedule

Having said all this, there is a guiding principle the meeting owner needs to follow: The meeting owner drives the agenda, not the other way around. There are times where you may have a concise meeting purpose and specific agenda items to address the meeting purpose, but the actual meeting deviates from the agenda. Be open to the agenda change; just make sure the meeting purpose is still being met. Doing this requires the meeting owner be very in-tune to what is going on in the meeting and footing it back to what is happening on the agenda. If the actual meeting is deviating from the agenda, the meeting owner needs to consciously decide if the deviation is appropriate or if it needs to be nipped in the bud. There’s no secret sauce on this; it means keeping the original meeting’s purpose in mind, observing what is actually happening in the meeting, and continually assessing whether the meeting’s purpose is being met.

So, what are some good tips to developing effective agenda? Consider these next time you have to plan a meeting:

* Have a tight, focused meeting purpose – You’ve called the meeting for a reason; make sure that the purpose is explicit and achievable. A good sanity check on this is that you should be able to complete this sentence: “At the end of this meeting we should be able to _______.”

* Cross-foot your agenda items with the meeting purpose – As you’re crafting your agenda items, make sure that each item is doing something to support the meeting purpose. If the items don’t support the meeting purpose either change the agenda item or change the purpose. Don’t confuse the attendees by having agenda items that don’t support the meeting purpose

* Be realistic with allocated agenda item times – Don’t put overly aggressive times on the agenda that you in your heart know you’re not going to achieve. Planning 90 minutes worth of meeting in 60 minutes means you’ll only get through 2/3 of the meeting or the meeting will run over by at least 30 minutes. Don’t wish for best case; put reality down.

* Distribute the agenda at least one day before the meeting – Meeting attendees want to know what is going to be discussed and if there is preparation that is needed prior to the meeting. Give them a day if possible to review the agenda and get mentally prepared for the meeting.

* Put the most important agenda items at the front of the meeting – Cover your top items first. There are two reasons for this: first, you’ll ensure that the most important items get covered. Second, you’ll keep attendee attention better by covering the most important items earlier. If they are put later in the agenda then you’ll see some chomping at the bit as you go through lesser important agenda items first.

* Have as your last agenda item an “action items review” section – I’ve seen way too many meetings happen in my career where the end of the meeting comes, everyone leaves, but there is no agreement on what actions need to be taken out of the meeting. In your action items review, indicate what the action items are, who is responsible for each action item, and when the action item needs to be completed by.

* Have a contingency plan in place for when agenda items run over – Even with the best-planned meetings, sometimes agenda items take longer than expected. Have a plan for how you are going to accommodate the change, which could mean shortening some other agenda items or eliminating an agenda item completely

Build tight, realistic, achievable agendas. You’ll get more done, reduce attendee frustration, and make the best use of everyone’s time. Just don’t be a slave to the agenda if you see the agenda won’t accomplish the meeting’s purpose.

How can an executive office chair improve my office

How Can an Executive Office Chair Improve My Office?

When you assume the duties of an executive, you gain the perk of having your own office. However, the office by itself does not represent a finished product. In other words, you need to pick the proper furnishing for the office. Such selections need to be made wisely. You do not want to present a less than desirable office chair in the mix because this will not exactly create the best impression on those that visit the office. Rather, you will want to make the office look the best it can be through the inclusion of the proper desk chair needed to make the office look impressive.

A basic swivel chair may not be enough to instill the confidence of executive leadership one needs to present. Instead, the chair will need to look professional and elegant. Yes, function is fine but you need to integrate form into the selection of your executive office chair. This will make for the perfect impression on those that enter into the office. And yes, impressions do mean something important. You want to impress. If not your ability to present yourself as an executive will be marred. And seriously, executives that do not present themselves properly will not be able to effectively lead.

Can an executive office chair truly make such an impression on those that enter an office? Perhaps it cannot do so on its own but it can contribute to an overall impression significantly. This is why one should never ignore the value that such a chair can provide for an executive.

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