Ice cream franchising is the hot new franchising trend

Ice Cream Franchising is the Hot New Franchising Trend

Even though the grocery store carries a wide variety of ice cream flavors, nothing can ever replace the experience of standing at the counter of your local ice cream franchise and being handed a fresh cone of your favorite flavor. Owning an ice cream franchise is not only a lucrative business, but also a fun way to be your own boss.

In the U.S. today, ice cream is a $20 billion-plus industry, with 90 percent market penetration. The industry is mature, meaning any gains from one competitor or segment will be scooped from another. It should come as no surprise, then, to learn that U.S. consumers spend up to one-third of their food and beverage budget on products consumed for pure enjoyment, rather than nutritional value, according to a July 2005 report

Dippin’ Dots Franchising, Inc., founded in 1988 and which began franchising in 2000, is another hot new concept, topping Franchise Times magazine’s Fast 55 list, and ranking #2 in Entrepreneur magazine’s Top 50 New Franchise Companies. Dippin’ Dots are tiny beads of ice cream, yogurt, sherbet, and flavored ice, cryogenically frozen, and are served at movie theaters, theme parks, and other entertainment venues nationwide.

Recently announcing a new s’mores flavor, Dippin’ Dots combine old favorites such as marshmallow, chocolate and graham crackers, to delight fans with more frozen goodness.

Become part of the Dippin’ Dots franchise and get onboard with this great ground floor opportunity. Dippin’ Dots has a loyal fan base, and who can blame them? You, too, can participate in providing the Dippin’ Dots loyal fan base with iced goodies! Market research shows Dippin’ Dots outperformed some of the top franchised ice cream brands 2:1 among kids and young adults.

What You Need to Know:

There are multiple product offerings (ice cream, yogurt, flavored ices, ice cream cakes, iced drinks, shakes and more!)

The store investment, labor costs, transaction time and cost of goods are all lower then the national average.

Gain international exposure and brand awareness from appearances on Oprah, The Travel Channel, and The Food Network.

Dippin’ Dots is one of the hottest franchises and is growing at an aggressive pace throughout the United States.

Don’t miss out! Become the first in your area to bring Dippin’ Dots to its loyal fan base!

Impact of newspaper advertising

Impact of newspaper advertising

Newspaper advertising works on the fundamental of building trust and confidence with the readers. According to Webwindows, a leading media agency in the UK, your choice of the newspaper, and the content and design of the advertisement should be such that it wins over the trust of the reader at the first go. Webwindows supports it case by stating that recent studies all point to the fact that a well drafted classified advertisement placed in the right newspaper opens up the doors to success. According to Webwindows, newspapers over a period have built a strong level of trust and confidence in the people which is unmatched by any other form of media. Webwindows further states that while online media has its use, for advertising newspaper is the best medium. Webwindows feels that online media can be used for making purchases simply because it gives the customers the opportunity to shop at any time of the day or night from the comforts of their homes. To advertise, Webwindows recommends people should use the offline media.

According to Webwindows people read newspapers for relaxation and when they do that, they love to browse through advertisements and if for nothing else but for the sake of curiosity. So even if they don’t want to buy a product at a particular point of time, Webwindows says that they encircle the ad or keep it for future reference. This according to Webwindows is the power of newspaper advertising. It is precisely because of this Webwindows is dedicated to serve online companies and provide them result-oriented and cost effective advertisement strategies. UK’s leading media agency, Webwindows, offers specialized services in ad design and placement strategies. Webwindows has a signature page, the Webwindows page that appears as a colored weekend supplement in seven newspapers and magazines of UK which helps online companies reach to a large readership base of 5 million readers.

Webwindows feels that newspapers provide you just the right platform to advertise your products and services and make a strong presence among the readers. Newspapers have a large readership and it is the preferred medium of acquainting oneself with information. Therefore Webwindows feels that newspapers have a great power to build brand awareness. Newspapers, according to Webwindows, can help you introduce your company in a positive light by making a prompt impact and a long lasting effect.

According to Webwindows, newspapers have the greatest impact because of the following reasons:

  1. Experts say the greater the exposure of the advertisement, the longer is the period of its impact among the readers. Therefore Webwindows feels if an advertisement stays in the memory of a consumer for a longer time, chances are quite probable that he might opt for purchasing or availing your services as and when required. This counts for higher sales and brand awareness.
  2. A newspaper reader is so involved in his reading that sometimes the content in the advertisements creates an emotional impact on him. It is this power of being able to evoke an emotional response with the reader that goes in favour of newspaper advertising.
  3. In other media, especially online media, people get perturbed by the distractions in the form of pop-ups and other advertisement forms that keep flashing on and off the screen. In fact Webwindows points out that instead of having any favourable impact, these ads serve to distract the readers. However newspapers, point out Webwindows, involves a focused reading where there are no disturbing and unwanted flashes of advertisements. As there is no distance between the reader and the story it seems that the reader actually undergoes all the emotions in the story himself, leading to increase in the trust factor. Taking advantage of this trust quotient, advertisers cash on newspapers to send their messages loud and clear among the readers.

It has been proved time and again that that the level of trust and confidence associated with the newspapers are much more than any other media. Basing their strategies on the same principal, Webwindows provide integrated and the most effective ad composition and placement strategies that assists businesses to develop a positive relationship with the readers. In fact Webwindows has a dedicated page, the Webwindows page that appears in seven leading newspapers in the UK. The advantage of advertising in the Webwindows page is that your ad is read by over five million people per week and these are the people who are looking to buy products and services online. The Webwindows page is extremely popular with the readers who now know that this is the best place to look for online companies offering products and services they are looking for. As already pointed out, the Webwindows page appears in seven leading newspapers. The Webwindows executives can guide you as to which newspaper would best meet your requirements.

Job search strategy and tips

Job Search Strategy and Tips

Jobs search Strategy and tips

In today’s fast moving and competitive market place employers and recruiters are constantly competing with one another to attract the most suitable candidates available.
With the advent of the fast growing online job board market which numbers over 1000 sites in the UK alone and growing daily, things can seem quite daunting and overwhelming in where to start looking and what to do.

Here are few tips to give you a starting point.

1.Decide what you want to do
There are 3 main types of work frequency, Temporary and Contract,shorter term flexible and easier to get yourself back out into the job market with certain benefits included, Part time, less than 36 hours a week or full time permanent,working within a employers contract of employment giving benefits to both employer and employee for set working hours and wages.

2.Decide on your job title.
When you search the internet for jobs, remember successful job board advertisers have learned to keep things brief and to the point.
When searching for a job under job title you should do the same,if you a sales manager Put sales manager not business development executive.

3.Decide on location and commuting distance
Common sense tells us that the further we spread our net when looking for work the more opportunities will be available, BUT remember to be realistic, if you are successful in getting a job that means commuting you will need to remember travelling costs and commuting time as the novelty can wear off .
Today’s employers will gladly consider 1 hours commute without disadvantage to your job prospects.

4.Decide on your salary band.
Use our pay scale for up to date going rates by trade and location.

Job Board search tips

There are 4 main types of job board,
Generic which means it will cover all job sectors and all locations and attract the highest number of Job adverts such as reed, recruitersite.
The industry specific or niche sites have fewer jobs but more relevant content for you skill sector such as Planet Recruit and GAAP.
Publication sites which tend to be offline magazines with an online job board such as theengineer and personneltoday and larger company / recruitment agency job boards which are more location specific.

1.Use a job board search engine.
When you have decided what basic job criteria you are looking for it will save you time to use a job board search engine or aggregator which is a job site that collects job adverts and information from all the top generic, niche, publication and recruitment job boards and will give you a far greater choice of jobs allot quicker than searching individual job sites every day examples are workhound and 1job and simplyhired

2.Start your search over a larger geographical area
This will make sure you don’t miss any vacancies on the fringe of your search area and you can always eliminate unsuitable vacancies.

3.Remember to keep search criteria basic
This is important as most job adverts will use straight forward and straight talking text,
you can always use elaborate search text if you have plenty of time.

4.Upload your CV.
If you want to maximise the effect of your CV on the job market, upload it and make it searchable on the larger generic sites and CV data bases for a free distribution option see
This will ensure that larger companies with personnel departments that have hidden vacancies to fill and often subscribe to search these data basis will see your CV.

Lead marketing mlm needs

Lead Marketing MLM Needs

No matter what is being sold and how great the products are, the success of any mlm business often comes down to lead marketing. MLM basic principles say that any product can be marketed as long as it fills some type of need in the marketing place. What an mlm marketer must do is to target specific leads and fill that need for them.

Lead marketing mlm tasks include identifying and targeting the right customers. Any product or product line has groups that will be more likely to purchase the products. Once these groups have been identified, whether it’s soccer moms, young urbanites, teenagers or any other group, the task is to get leads from that group. This will give the marketer the most efficient marketing and will provide the best return on the time and money spent on lead marketing mlm tasks.

Lead marketing doesn’t have to be expensive, but it can be time consuming. Once the demographics are identified, find out where large numbers of this group are gathering online. This can be done by visiting forums that are devoted to the demographic, joining in on chat discussions, and visiting popular social media sites making friends with people from that demographic. To keep the business name known to the demographic and to produce many leads, maintaining a web presence, this must be done consistently.

Finding leads can be actively done by pursuing the demographics, but by spending some money on advertising, it can also be done automatically. Advertising through Google’s AdWords program will allow Google to automatically place your ads on websites that are discussing the type of products you sell. This allows very targeted advertising for relatively reasonable rates.

Other ways to find leads and market to them include buying small advertisements on websites that cater to your demographics or buying sponsored posts. Online advertising is a good value over finding leads through print advertisements, and it allows a very targeted use of advertising expenses. To find a site that has the demographics you want, conduct a few simple searches and find sites that have a lot of traffic coming through. If you want to target blogs, look for ones that have lots of comments coming in. This indicates a lively community that spends time on the site.

A marketer can get leads by purchasing a sponsored post on the blog directly from the blogger or by going through a site like PayPerPost to do so. If the blogger doesn’t use sponsored posts, the marketer can choose to buy a small advertisement on the website. Ad rates are calculated either by the month or by the week, depending on the website. A well-placed advertisement can reach thousands of readers a week for very little money. When compared to finding leads in the newspaper or the back of a magazine, this represents a far better value for reaching the same number of potential buyers and members of a downline.

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Keynotes for a promising online selling

Keynotes for a Promising Online Selling

Technology these days is so fast-paced and thanks to man’s limitless innovation they were able to revolutionize communication through the form of blogs. A blog or “web log” is typically a website that has various contents depending on the person who primarily designed it. It could be about current affairs, events, history, and or any personal information about the blogger himself or herself. One can immediately inform the world of anything which may be happening at a certain time period by just simply updating it. Furthermore, the blogger can add more flavors unto the blog content by giving their personal take on it. If you are interested in current affairs and or fond of writing or making compositions then designing a news blog is definitely the best hobby for you. But then again, merely posting anything which comes to mind is not always advisable and a number of factors should be carefully taken into account before you even start your own. Creating a blog without sufficient preparation can potentially cause it to become stagnant and lose its value.

An important thing to remember when designing a news blog is that its content should be informative and up to current. The information’s sources should also be reliable because this will reflect on your credibility. And the success of your news blogging is highly dependent on your credibility. In addition to this, the sources of your information should stand out and have their own unique take on any issue. Setting your blog up to recieve any RSS feeds from them is a great way to keep you informed of updates which you could post on your blog. Consistently providing reliable information will eventually get you positive feedbacks and even referrals which you could profit from. Of course, gathering information is another story and could be difficult at first, especially if you do not know where to start. And the best way to have a good head start is to subscribe to other blogs as well which has similar information or content, and are up to date and also has lots of positive feedbacks. Simply utilizing the internet search engine is a great help and can reduce the time you spend looking for credible information. Getting recommendation from friends and or relatives can also be good sources of information. Looking up news websites like Digg, Reddit, and Mixx and other similar sites can also provide information you are looking for, the same with online journals, newspapers, magazines and media contacts.

Accessing these resources will give you an idea of what is currently in and out of the current global trend, which can affect your effectiveness when it comes to news blogging. To sum it all up, news blogging is a rewarding experience and you can learn a lot from it and it can potentially establish a healthy relationship with people across the globe, thanks to your up to date news and information.

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