How to become an independent sales rep

How to Become an Independent Sales Rep

1. Two key questions. If you are interested in becoming an Independent Sales Representative, there are two key questions that you need to ask yourself:

a. Do I have the financial stability to go 2 – 3 months without receiving a commission check? When a principal is looking to outsource their sales functions, they are either looking to enter into other territories or need assistance to service and improve existing client relationships. Question 1 is of particular importance for a new and untapped market. The reality is that there is a sales cycle associated with all products which, most often, span weeks or even months. Principals will rarely pay commissions based on unfulfilled orders. Payment schedules can also typically range from COD up to Net 45 days. Including the time to make the first sale, delivery, payment to principal, and commission check mailed, it can be several months before you receive your first commission check.

b. What Industries Do I Have Experience In? Principals expect prior experience with a certain product range or industry type. This holds true in virtually all industries. To start out successfully, it is important for you to have contacts to make initial presentations. Principals may be willing to give you a line but without experience, it can take a significant amount of time to develop sales.

2. Start Your Business. As an independent rep, you should start your own business (LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, etc.). There are many advantages ranging from tax benefits to liability protection. It is suggested that you speak with an accountant to determine what the best option is for you. Most accountants or lawyers can help set up the business for you. There are also many online sites that can perform this function (depending on services provided, typical pricing ranges from $100 – $500). Example:

3. Business Plan. Rather than sending out a Resume, principals will be impressed if you have put together a business plan which will detail your goals and objectives. The best thing about being an Independent Sales Rep is that there are only two primary functions: Sales and Customer Service. The principal takes care of all other aspects which include manufacturing, research and development, quotations, invoicing, shipping, and quality control. The business plan doesn’t need to be long but should detail simple points such as:

a. Industries Covered

b. Territories Willing to Cover

c. Revenue Sources

d. Preferred market segment

e. Sales focus (OEM’s, end users, distributors, resellers, etc)

f. Product/Service focus

g. Organization structure – Will you be alone or do you plan on having employees?

h. Facilities
* Will you be a home-based business or will you have an office?
* Will the office have storage for consignment or warehousing?

i. Policies and Procedures

4. Finding Lines Available. With steps 1 – 3 behind you, your objective now is to find product lines. A few sources include:

a. Trade publications and trade web sites.

b. Trade Shows

c. at

5. Landing that Line. After you have identified several lines available, it is important to research the company and get a good understanding of their products and needs. Fundamental needs include the following:

a. Principals are looking for reps to help develop a relationship between themselves and the client. The basic focus is building strong relationships.

b. Principals want their reps to be professional and prepared. For new reps, a marketing plan can really be a big advantage.

c. Principals need to know that you will be giving their products time and that you are prepared to cover the required territory.

d. In the absence of an established revenue stream, principals need to know that you are financially stable. The last thing they want to do is spend time and money over several weeks to wind up having their rep drop them for financial reasons. By conveying your goals to meet these needs, you will stand a better chance of landing that line to represent.

6. The Sales Process We break down sales into two primary functions:

a. Getting Appointments. We consider the process of getting good face to face sales time with a new customer as 50 percent of the sales effort. For many businesses, the purchasing power can fall on one of several positions. In a manufacturing facility, for example, purchasing can be the responsibility of Purchasing, Maintenance, Engineering, Plant Managers, Store Room managers, Inventory Control, Office Managers, etc. One of the hardest things to do in a complex business environment is to get the right people to listen to your presentation.

b. The Sales Pitch. At the start, this is an area where the tools available to you become most valuable. For any new rep, the absolute best resource to help you become successful is to bring in your principal’s sales manager. While this method may not be practical for all cases, it should be considered where applicable. Long term, it will be your responsibility to perform sales presentations. For the first few months, however, the principals will be very happy if you can set up sales presentations which will maximize their time and efforts. It serves as an excellent method of training and will show your principal that you have the ability to get to the right people. Having your sales manager make some initial presentations will also help improve closing rates and shrink the overall sales cycle. The other advantage includes credibility.

7. Set up a web site. It’s easy and a great way to promote your new business.

8. Keep your new principals happy. The best way is to make sure they know you are actively promoting their products include:

a. Write Call Reports.

b. Get quotation requests.

c. Ask lots of questions.

d. Request travel time with your sales manager, if applicable.

How starting your own ‘country club’ can skyrocket your revenues

How Starting Your Own ‘Country Club’ Can Skyrocket Your Revenues !

My mom was visiting recently and during our mother-daughter shopping time I noticed something interesting. Almost all of the stores I made a purchase at asked me if I’d like to get on their mailing list. That’s very smart.

However, the WAY in which they did this made a big difference in my answer. I said NO to almost all of them because they simply did not make it enticing for me. I mean, who WANTS more junk mail? So if you simply ask me if I’d like to be on your mailing list, the answer will usually be NO.

But one store in particular got me. First of all, it was a designer clothing store I loved. Second of all, they didn’t ask me if I wanted to be on their mailing list. They invited me to become a “VIP Client”.

Say the words “VIP” to me and my ears perk up. It of course stands for “very important person”. And in general it indicates a level of advantage and prestige. Suddenly I WANTED to be on that mailing list, especially when the salesman explained to me it came with certain benefits, such as early notice on new arrivals, a personal shopping service, and private trunk shows.

And you know what? I would have even paid to be part of that – to be regarded as a VIP.

You see, people WANT to be part of something special like ezine writing. The example above was free. But don’t underestimate how much your clients or customers will PAY to do that, either.

Example: A friend of mine recently shared he pays $15,000.00 a year to belong to the President’s Club of a local playhouse, even though he and his wife could attend each show there for just $150.00. Why would even a loyal attendee want to pay 100 times more? Special treatment like preferred seating, valet parking, invites to VIP functions, private restaurant for members only, networking with a higher level of people, etc.

Another friend of mine pays for membership at a private nightclub here in Los Angeles up on Sunset Blvd. for many of the same reasons (but more so, I believe, because it impresses his dates ; )).

My marketing mentor Dan Kennedy taught me there is a segment of virtually EVERY customer or client group or market who will happily pay FAR above standard prices for convenience, status, and special treatment.

I call it “country clubbing” your business. Why be the driving range with an hourly charge when you can be the classy six-figure membership club down the street? You can offer both of course, but look at what will skyrocket your business FASTER, with less transactions and higher quality clients.

One example of this is my private Platinum Mastermind program, which I launched in 2006 due to overwhelming demand for my personal coaching. This group of 15 serious small business owners each pay $15,000.00 a year to have greater access to me than anyone else, and in a small group setting where we meet 3 times a year at luxurious 4- and 5-star hotels and resorts.

My Platinums are, essentially, VIPs in my world! And because I maintain a bit of mystique about the group, people seem to want “in” even more. (One of my members got cornered in the ladies room at my last Online Success Blueprint Workshop by several attendees who demanded to know how they could get into Platinum!)

I share this not to impress you, but to impress upon you that in YOUR market (yes, *yours*) there IS a percentage of folks who will gladly pay MORE – much more – for a higher level of service or treatment. Remember, you’re not trying to please EVERYBODY, just the select few who can afford that level of service.

So now, take a minute or two and consider how YOU can start your own “country club” for your clients and customers. Whether it’s a VIP level of service or a private client group that meets a few times a year.

To get your wheels turning, imagine this… if you can get 10 people to commit to some type of program that is just $10,000.00 a year, that’s an extra $100,000.00 this year for YOU!

Interviewing techniques for construction jobs

Interviewing techniques for construction jobs

When you already passed the CV screening test and finally got that initial interview you’ve always wanted for one of your short list of construction jobs, the next thing you need to do is prepare for the interview to ensure that you answer all the interviewer’s questions accordingly.
Interview Preparation
•    The first thing you need to do is find out everything about the company either through their company website and other online sources to make it easier.
•    Plan your route whether by car or public transport and if possible, familiarise yourself on the area where the interview will be conducted to avoid being late on the day of your interview.
•    Make sure that you arrive on time, ideally 10 minutes before your scheduled interview so you’ll have time to calm and compose yourself before the interview proper.
•    Dress appropriately and in a professional manner to leave a good impression with your prospective employer.
•    Get the name and position of the interviewer.
•    It is important to exude a proper and positive attitude throughout the whole interview.
•    If you’ll be having a panel interview, ensure that you maintain eye contact with all the people in the room and don’t forget to prepare questions to ask to show your interest in the job and the company itself.
Some of the usual job interview questions include:
•    Reason why you applied for that specific construction job
•    The things you can offer to the position
•    Relevant experience you’ve had that you can bring to the company
•    Your strengths and weaknesses
•    The things that you’ve enjoyed doing on your previous construction jobs (if applicable)
Keep in mind that you have two goals during your interview- convince the employer that you’re a competent individual that is a perfect fit with their team and that you can make a positive contribution to their organisation.
Finally, don’t forget to do the cardinal rule after each interview- thank the interviewer for his/her time and ultimately, that you’ll look forward on hearing from them soon.

Inventive sheer lingerie

Inventive Sheer Lingerie

Many different people are searching for their own slice of heaven, and it’s interesting to see that many stores are now offering more sheer lingerie than ever before. The rise in nice undergarments and sexy clothing is interesting to say the least. It has really gotten a negative stigma in years past, but not any longer. There are great new things booming in the internet that are not video, audio, or news related. It’s funny to see that no one is covering information technology in regards to clothing, specifically that type of clothing that might inspire people to make their love life a little more than usual.

If you are one of the millions of people that are looking for good quality sheer lingerie, you need to remember that the only world has a lot to offer now. The online world is not the wild west any longer, and it is not going to frustrate you at all. These new sites are offering a plethora of brands, and options online for women of all ages and sizes. We’re talking about sizes from petite to extra large and beyond. It really allows people to stay in the privacy of their own home without having people look at them trying different products in the small, and sometimes smelly fitting rooms.

The fitting rooms aside, if you are looking for good sheer lingerie, you have one stop shop out there. You can go online and find some great options online for a low introductory cost. The costs involved are not something that you should be afraid of, because the sellers on these websites are promoting overall good quality undergarments and amazing examples of sexy clothing at a low price.

If you do some bargain shopping or compare different things, you will be blessed to know that the sites are offering free shipping and great incentives if you are willing to be a customer of their stores. These stores are definitely trying to push themselves into the mainstream a little better than usual. You should try to push things a little more if you are looking to get the best sheer lingerie in the industry.
You could go to a lot of different stores, whether mainstream, or underground and find less of a selection. There is a lot of selection out there, if you are looking to get an online store to purchase your goods. A good clothing store online would offer great sheer lingerie. That’s the best thing online, for many different reasons, from a price standpoint these stores are offering great things for consumers that are willing to spend their hard earned dollars on them. While you sit in the comfort of your own home, you can enjoy the amazing world of sexy lingerie without spending all your cash on it. The internet has given us so many great things, and the latest ecommerce world is something that you can not really deny is great in a lot of regards. You can not miss out on good quality sexy clothes, especially with the ease of use these days.

How to save money with rentals apartments in amsterdam

How to Save Money with Rentals Apartments in Amsterdam

  1. The following article will explain this further and will give you some more good tips on being able to afford a vacation in Amsterdam.


The first thing that you want to do when you are trying to take a vacation to Amsterdam for less is to find a place where you can find rentals apartments  in Amsterdam on the Internet.  This is one of the best that you can save some money when you are vacationing in Amsterdam. Even though they may seem like they are more expensive at first look, there are plenty of reasons that it’s more affordable to lodge in rentals apartments in Amsterdam instead of a hotel. One of the reasons is the fact that there are going to be more people that can stay in one of the rentals apartments in Amsterdam instead of just a hotel.


  1. A lot of the money that people spend when they are on vacation is on food, and often it’s food that they don’t really care for. When people are staying in rentals apartments  in Amsterdam, they can make the food that they really enjoy and therefore save money that they would be spending in restaurants.

Large group

The third thing that you can do in order to afford a vacation in Amsterdam is to get a large group together to stay in rentals apartments in Amsterdam When you have a larger group, you are going to divide up the price of everything and therefore it will be less expensive individually.  People can share the price of the hotel room and the food, the only thing that they will have to pay for individually is the airfare there.

Free attractions

The final thing that you can do to help your Amsterdam vacation to be affordable is to look for inexpensive or completely free attractions. This, combined with staying in Amsterdam vacation apartments with a group of friends and making your own food will help you afford your vacation in Amsterdam.

People have used this information contained in this article to make their vacations to Amsterdam fun and affordable.  If you get together with a bunch of friends to go to Amsterdam and stay in one of the Amsterdam vacation apartments, you will find that it’s more affordable than you thought it would be.  A little ingenuity and fact finding is going to go a long way when trying to save money on a vacation.

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