Know your focus: target audience

Know Your Focus: Target Audience

Consumers share numerous common interests and beliefs. Anything ranging from soccer to photographer and everything in between, the connection can be just about anything. The same interests that bond people are the same things that help connect them to businesses. Before a company can promote a product or service, they need to choose an appropriate target audience.

In marketing and advertising, target audience (also known as target group or target market) is the most important group of people that an advertising campaign is aimed at appealing to. Deciding on a target audience helps to establish a significant foundation for any business. Once it is understood who your target audience is, learning more about them will make easier for a company to market.

A target audience can be selected by collecting information that deals with either demographics or psychographics.

The more a business knows about their target audience, the more persuasive a business will become. It is best to understand the problems that they may have and the language they speak.

For example, if you are a social network website which allows your visitors to post blogs, videos, statuses, and comments, more than likely your target audience will consist of individuals who enjoy writing (bloggers; young or old), taking photos (professional and amateur photographers), and those who like to record their minute-by-minute life happenings (teens; adventurists). 

Examples of Different Target Audiences:

  • Web Designers
  • High School Freshmen
  • SUV Lovers
  • High-Income Families
  • Videographers
  • Tiger Woods Supporters
  • Time Warner Users
  • Mountain Bike Riders
  • Young Adults (Ages 21-24)

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How to have a kauai getaway – on a budget

How To Have A Kauai Getaway – On A Budget

So you want to visit Kauai, Hawaii, one of the most beautiful places on the earth, but it just doesn’t seem possible financially. I’ve been there and it is certainly worth the visit, so it is just a matter of figuring out how to make it happen.

As you plan your getaway to Kauai, Hawaii, it would be wise to think about the best times of year to travel. I’m not talking about the weather; I’m talking about traveling during the least expensive time of the year. Numerous people dream of taking a vacation in Hawaii, and while the location of the islands makes it a gorgeous spot all year, there are periods of the year to vacation that are significantly less costly than others. If you know when to travel and different opportunities to save money, you should be able to have an incredible Hawaiian getaway on a budget.

Here are some examples. During the fall, when school has just gone back, is a great moment to travel because typically, airfares and hotel is less expensive. The low-season in Kauai is mid September through mid December and January through May. During the high-season air, car rental and hotel tend to go up, especially in the summer months. Many times this period of time can be full months in advance. Because of this, you should getaway during the low-season when you can get a bigger savings. What are some of the other benefits of traveling “off-season”? Well, consider not having to share the small island with as many people or the exceptional weather that they have in Kauai year round. Seeing as Hawaii is one of the best locales for sunshine and vacation activities all year, there is not a compelling rationale not to visit in the off-season.

Beyond the considerable savings on your accommodations and airfare, here are a few other opportunities to keep the cash in your wallet.

More Ways to Save in Kauai

Rent a vacation home rental

Most people choose hotels in Kauai to enjoy for their vacation getaway. However, this is a more costly route and they don’t present the same comforts and privacy that a villa or condo could offer. In additional, hotels in Kauai are extremely costly, considerably more so than an equivalent cost of renting a condo or home for a week or more. There are a tremendous amount of villas, homes and condos to rent on Kauai with amenities like ocean front view, tons of extra’s, luxury kitchens, and so much more. in addition, there are villas, cottages and homes you could rent with anywhere from one to 8 bedrooms or more, accomadating just about any size group that you can bring with you.

Should you have an interest in renting a Kauai vacation home or villa, there are many places online that you can search to find a tremendous amount of options offered. This will allow you to locate the options that are the perfect size, with all the options you would like, without destroying that pocketbook. Don’t forget that when you take your vacation will be key in how expensive, or inexpensive, it will be. Try to figure out a time to visit in the off-season when it will cost less than if you go in the middle of the primary travel season for Kauai.

Finally, consider other options while preparing and taking you Kauai vacation. Don’t eat out every meal if you don’t have it in the budget as that can get expensive. When you get to the island, visit the grocery store, pick up the items that you need to help keep you and the family fed for however long you are going to be on the island. Eating out 3 times a day gets expensive. The beauty of a vacation home rental is that you typically have a kitchen and a full size refrigerator. Eating out only one time every one to two days can save you hundreds of dollars over a week’s time. Other ideas for cost savings are searching the web for travel discounts, being careful not to get the shopping bug while on the island and maybe just find a few keepsakes of your vacation.

If you put these things into practice for your Kauai getaway, it can potentially save you thousands of dollars over just a 7-14 day trip.

How to become a successful artist

How To Become A Successful Artist

There are a number of people who have the talent to be able to draw a portrait of somebody or to paint a beautiful picture of the landscape. Having this gift is not always enough to make a career out of it. You need to have the passion and the smarts required for business. Luckily these are things that you can learn through experience and some helpful advice.

The best way to create a name for yourself is to have your own artwork that is unique to you. Everybody has talent – but frequently we should heighten that raw gift and expand upon it. Search for universities that are in your region and go for an undergraduate program in art. You need to be taking studio classes and cover any technical info that will aid you to understand new techniques.

Try to accumulate slides of your best artwork. Try to provide a assortment of paintings, drawings, and pictures if you have them. A number of undergraduate programs will want you to provide a portfolio along with the application to the school.

While you are in school attempt to make yourself well-known and look at other more popular artworks. Visit art galleries and look at what people love the most. Look at the colors, patterns, and landscape paintings. Apply this to your work – but make it unique to you.

Along with art classes you must also apply for a business class. This will assist you to understand how to manage a business of your own. It also helps to put this on your resume when you are looking for a job in an art gallery or other places. Be sure that you supply any job with your artwork portfolio.

How to make money online honestly and avoid the scams

How to Make Money Online Honestly and Avoid the Scams

Make Money Online With Integrity

Wouldn’t it be great to have an extra income? A few hundred dollars a month extra could make all the difference. What if you could make money online, sufficient to replace your present income and improve your standard of living considerably. Is making money online in a decent and honest way just a dream? Are there any people in the online marketing industry with integrity? I can tell you with absolute certainty that there are.

Sure there are plenty of scammers out there, to be avoided at all costs (I have fallen prey to a few of these over the years in my search for making money online programs that work). However if you take reasonable care and don’t put your common sense on hold whenever you’re faced with a well crafted sales letter, you will be okay.

How To Begin Making Money Online

One school of thought is to choose a subject that you are familiar with and have a keen interest and understanding, to form the basis of your first niche in which to market. This is alright providing there is sufficient interest in that subject. However a lot of research will still be necessary.

I prefer the copycat method. Find a program that is a proven success and copy it. (Think McDonalds/Burger King) you get the idea.

Affiliate Marketing A Good Place To Start

To make money online quickly and without a web site or technical knowledge is possible using affiliate marketing. It costs nothing to register with the various affiliate companies and you can start earning fairly quickly, depending on your marketing methods.

Most people start with “Clickbank” because it is free to register and there are no fees to marketers. You can set up an account very easily and they pay very good commissions up to 75% of the sale price. Of course if it was all so easy, everyone would be doing it. Well to make money online using Clickbank or any of the other affiliate programs requires knowledge. It really is no different to setting up a bricks and mortar business but without the huge costs involved.

Other popular affiliate programs are “Amazon” and Paydotcom. You will be amazed at just how many companies and some really well known brands have an affiliate program. However, for these you will at least need your own web site and some marketing skills. This is all easily learned if you have a desire to succeed and are willing to learn.

The best advice I can give you is not to fooled by the very flash websites promising you riches on “Autopilot” no knowledge needed. This is all pure hype but thousands fall for these snake oil sales pitches every day.

How To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing.

The reality is that making money online is not that difficult. As long as you have a good grasp of the basic concept, it is possible to get started with very little capital investment. The important thing is to get a good mentor or invest a little in a good make money online training course. I have reviewed most of the good stuff available and can steer you in the right direction.

How to be confident during the mba interview

How To Be Confident During The MBA Interview

How To Be Confident During The MBA Interview

In this installment of MBA Interview tips, I’m going to tackle a tricky subject…how not to appear desperate.

There is a very fine line between cockiness and desperation. When you’re having your interview, how well you walk that line can mean the difference between getting accepted or having to accept second best.

The advice I am going to give you in this installment is not going to be easy to follow because it reaches the very heart of our souls and existence. In other words…you can’t con a con.

The people who will interview you are pros. They have seen it all. They can tell the posers from the real thing. If you go in there and try to BS them, they’ll know it…and ultimately…you’ll get nowhere in the process.

Probably the most important thing is not to appear desperate. This is actually not too hard to pull off, even if you have to drink some herbal tea before going for your interview. There are several keys to doing this.

First, don’t talk too fast. Too many students try to get in as much information about themselves in record time in order to impress the interviewer. This is one of the fist signs of desperation and it will doom you right from the start. Speak slowly and clearly.

Second, don’t try to cram every little thing you’ve ever done into your interview and don’t tell the interviewer that you’ve dreamt of getting into this school since you’ve been in diapers. It’s not going to wash. They will see right through this.

Third, and I no this sounds like it should be obvious, but don’t beg and don’t get all emotional saying that if you don’t get into this school your life is over. It isn’t over, they know it, and you’ll only come off as being desperate.

You want to speak with confidence but not too cocky. This is the hard one for young people to pull off. They usually go to one extreme or the other. Either they’re too humble or they come off as a total jerk. Find a balance. If you have to, do a mock interview with an older person.

Like it or not, how you handle yourself during the interview in this area is going to make a big difference. So practice your interview skills.

It will prepare you better than anything I know for that big step…getting into the school of your dreams.

To YOUR MBA Success!!!

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