Is scan paper document important

Is Scan Paper Document Important?

For better understanding about why scan paper document, I want to narrate one real experience of my friend.

My friend is having a small company in New York City. He is very happy with scanning paper document. In one conversation, he said “I felt very depressed when I saw a huge bunch of paper file on my desk. Huge bunch of paper files on desk is something like; hitting hammer on the head. It also decreased my efficiency and productivity. My profit chart shown downward trend. All problems are solved through scanning paper document. Now scene is different; I can manage huge amount of work in very small place. I can deliver service with highest efficiency. And the profit chart shows upward trend.” So that’s how he gets benefited with scanning paper document.

Let’s check out why scan paper document:

Prevent Record Loss: Dye on paper degrades over period of time and paper becomes useless because you can’t read information clearly from the paper. There is high possibility of damaged or loss of paper document. If you scan paper document, it prevents record loss. You become secure about digital documents.

Easy Retrieval: Retrieval of paper document is not easy. You can take photocopy of paper document but it is one and the same thing. Ultimately it is paper. You can easily create backup/copy of digital paper without using much space. You can retrieve the information form backup very easily.

Highly Portability: If you want to carry large amount of paper files to your home, it is very difficult task. Digital records are very easy to carry. Just transfer the records to cd or flash drive and you are done with. You can carry huge amount of information in very small space.

Reduce Storage Space: One survey “paper document storage cabinets are utilizing nearly 70 to 85% of office space.” Through scanning paper document you can reduce storage space.

Improve Productivity: As there is no paper files on desk, it relaxes your mental condition. You can work very efficiently if there is not stress. Such efficient work improves your productivity.

At the end, your company becomes paperless through scanning paper document. Through digital document company can decrease stress of staff as well increase the productivity, that’s why your have to scan paper document.

How can small businesses squeeze more sales out of a lead generation funnel

How Can Small Businesses squeeze More Sales Out of a Lead Generation Funnel?

Solo entrepreneurs, home based businesses and small businesses are all faced with the uncertainty of these tough economic times. Despite all the doom and gloom, one thing that is for sure is that there will be survivors. But … “Who will they be?” “What are they going to do to make it happen?” Luck will not play the biggest part of getting through these times. It is probably safe to say that the ones who do get through this and actually grow will have taken very deliberate actions to make it so. What then will these businesses do?

The obvious first step is to streamline the costs of doing business without compromising quality to customers. This means that they will take the time to find vendors who are offering better prices, look for ways to streamline staffing costs (telecommuting, virtual assistants, cutting back hours), becoming more energy efficient (traveling less, lowering heating and cooling costs), find more affordable health insurance options and so forth. Once they have streamlined, smart businesses will continue to look for ways to get more for less while trying to increase the value that they provide to their customers.

The first place to get more for less is by finding more effective marketing strategies. It is crucial to note that the only type of marketing that should be cut is ineffective marketing. Existing marketing programs need to be evaluated for their effectiveness. Low ROI marketing strategies should be abandoned and replaced with those that have a high ROI. Effective marketing is essential for getting in front of potential customers as well as staying in front of existing ones. This is not the time to ignore your existing customer base. After all, it takes six times as much money to acquire a new lead as it does to market to an existing one. Smart businesses recognize that effective marketing is their lifeline to the future.

What is the best place to start? Systems that organize and automate essential processes for small business will create a high ROI. The best place to get started is by using a customer relationship management program (CRM).

CRM is much more than a contact management system although this is one of the functions that these programs can perform (sometimes they will coordinate with an existing one such as Outlook). CRM is the master organizer for so many different processes that a small business has. It provides a means to track and segment all customer information and then track what has been done and what needs to be done. It allows the various departments such as marketing, sales and customer service to be aware of the needs of any given prospect or customer and what needs to be done next.

What would this mean to a business that has a presence on line? It means that a prospect is able to fill out a contact form 24 hours a day/7 days a week. The prospect that fills out this form will now be tagged as a prospect in the CRM system. Depending upon the information that was checked on the form (e.g. newsletter request, product information desired etc.) the prospect will have additional tags that indicate the interests of these prospects. Depending on the type of form that was filled, the database may also now contain demographics such as age, location, occupation and so forth. All of these would be tags that help segment the list. The segmented lists will be connected to appropriate email follow up sequences that automatically send out information, education and marketing materials over a period of weeks, months or year.

This one capacity of CRM has enormous value. Consider that 80% of small businesses fail to follow up with prospects beyond three attempts and that it typically takes seven or more “touches” for a prospect to become a customer. The tragic end result for businesses that fail to follow up is that they are warming up their leads for their competition.

What else can a CRM system do? Automatically sending welcome messages, customer satisfaction surveys and promotional materials will create future sales opportunities.

It can also organize affiliate programs, billing and so much more.

A good CRM will be able to use multiple channels to communicate including: emails and newsletters, fax broadcasts, voice blasts, and direct mail post cards. An automated system is highly cost effective and efficient at generating new and repeat sales. CRM is also a time and energy saver and ultimately the best way to squeeze more sales out of any lead generation funnel.

Length of your business plan

Length of Your Business Plan

How long should a business plan be A business plan needs to be whatever length is required to excite the investor, prove that management truly understands the market, and detail the execution strategy. From surveys of investor needs, Growthink has found that 15 to 25 pages of text is the optimum length in which to accomplish this. Anymore and the time constrained investor will be forced to skim certain sections of the plan, even if they are generally interested, which could lead them to miss essential elements. Any less and the investor will think that the business has not been fully thought through, or will simply not have enough information to make an investment decision.

Many management teams feel that their company is too complex to describe in 15 to 25 pages. While this is sometimes true, the business plan is not meant to tell the whole story. Rather, the company must be boiled down into its essential elements. If the investor is interested, there will be plenty of additional time to tell the whole story.

Business plans, like other marketing communications documents, should be visually appealing and easy to read. This can be accomplished by using charts and graphics and by formatting the plan for readability. Effectively using these techniques will enable the investor to more quickly and easily understand the company s value proposition within fewer pages.

While the body of the business plan should be 15 to 25 pages, the Appendix can be used for supplemental information. The Appendix should include a full set of financial projections, and as appropriate, technical and or operational drawings, partnership and/or customer agreements, expanded competitor reviews, and lists of key customers among others.

If the Appendix is long, a divider should be used to separate it from the body of the plan, or a separate Appendix document should be prepared. These techniques ensure that the investor is not handed a thick business plan, which will make them queasy before even opening it up.

To summarize, the goal of the business plan is to create interest   not to have an investor write you a check. In creating interest, the full story of your company need not be told. Rather, the plan should include the essential elements regarding why an investor should invest and spend more time examining the business opportunity. The shorter length does not mean that your business plan should take less time to prepare. Rather, it will take more time. As Mark Twain once said, If I had more time, I would write a shorter story. Likewise, condensing your business plan to a concise, compelling document is challenging and time consuming. Fortunately the rewards are significant.

How to make easy money without leaving your neighborhood

How to Make Easy Money Without Leaving Your Neighborhood

Earning money is not a walk in the park. Even if you have a day job, sometimes it’s still not enough to sustain and meet your needs, right? So if you’ve been thinking of stealing and hoodwinking your friends, forget about it! Instead, go read on to learn more about how to make easy money.

Since everybody has access to the Internet nowadays, convert your leisure web time into moneymaking hour. Instead of browsing at photos you have already seen a million times, answer online surveys instead. It will not drain your brain out so it’s really a no sweat way to earn money. After filling out all the surveys you could, might as well hunt for websites that are looking for bloggers to review their product, write about a variety of topics, among other things.

Also, if you’re into the outdoors, then offer your hand to neighbors with their tedious yard work. If you know who you’re working for and you do a good job, they might even add an extra dollar to your payment. And if your attic is filled with items you don’t use anymore, then for crying out loud, bring them all out and hold a yard sale to convert your trash to cash.

The possibilities of job opportunities are endless on the Internet and around your area. The secret on how to make easy money is by capitalizing on your strength and talents. From then on, you can choose jobs that you know will work for you.

This article is all about The information above.

How britain shops footwear 2009–aarkstore enterprise

How Britain Shops Footwear 2009–Aarkstore Enterprise

Aarkstore announce a new report  “How Britain Shops Footwear 2009″ through its vast collection of market research report.

How Britain Shops Footwear provides a detailed overview of the shopping habits of consumers. It examines who shops for footwear, where they shop, whether they are satisfied with their current store and what stores should do to satisfy customers more.
*A thorough analysis of the way customer shop in the footwear sector, complete with profiles of the following 12 retailers:
*Asda, Barratts, Brantano, Clarks, JD Sports Fashion, JJB, M&S, New Look, Next, Shoe Zone, Sports Direct, TK Maxx.
*How Britain Shops reports include visitor and main user share data, conversion rates, customer loyalty rates and reasons for loyalty/disloyalty.
*Data is segmented regionally and by demographic and socio-economic group. Historic data are provided and can be analysed over a four year period.


A big rise in footwear shoppers this year is driven by men. The sector recorded its second highest share of shoppers in the 10 years of this research and of the 3m extra shoppers recorded this year 2.5m are male. This is likely to be a key factor in the increase in sports specialists’ visitors as men dominate their shopper profiles.
Conversion rates in footwear are consistently higher than in any other sector indicating that footwear shoppers are dedicated to one store, borne out by the low number of other stores used. Partly this may be due to closures leaving fewer places on the high street at which to shop for footwear.
Loyalty rates have improved. Loyalty scores have made significant improvements across all the retailers profiled, with the exception of Marks & Spencer which lost 5.6 points and dropped from being first on loyalty previously to ninth this time.
Reasons to Purchase
*How Britain Shops is one of the most comprehensive studies of its kind drawing on a nationwide survey of 6,000 shoppers.
*Use this report to understand what drives the loyalty of your customers and find out where they also shop.
*Channel investment for maximum return by knowing which aspects of your retail proposition most need improving in the opinion of your customers.

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